Maglev audio the most distinctive feature of this turntable is its special vinyl record platter unlike other turntables in the market this one literally floats in the air levitating and leaving enough space between the record and the turntable to put your whole hand in when the device is on the record is supported by three moveable legs and in case the light goes off the developers added a special uninterruptible power supply system a precise technology allows the record to levitate in the air and spin with the proper speed to play your favorite music according to the developers this is possible thanks to the use of magnetic fields and special movement sensors the device also comes with the tone arm the system is semi-automatic and the device automatically lifts the tone arm at the end of your record but to play the record you have to place the needle by hand the space under the record as a cool looking orange illumination the device comes in four different colors and the price is around $1000 blue this isn't on the go cooling device similar to a portable ventilator which you can place on your clothes or even under them with the help of a clip it's unusual not only for its size but also because the larger round part where the fan is located is actually the air intake if you want to is a special built-in compartment that allows you to add some essential oil to fight against insects to improve your smell or simply to strengthen the cooling effect for example the developers are sure that a hint of mint oil can make the air even cooler the device has three different modes depending on the needed intensity to cool off and depending on the mode the battery can last from three to eight hours to fully charge the battery you need to plug it in for an hour and 15 minutes this portable ventilator comes in four colors black purple pink and blue and the most basic version without any extra accessories will cost you $40 vai Vai this small control box can react to any music and create led beating drawings it's an ideal companion for a bright concert or simply to light in a place to have a party the developers state the device is three times more efficient than similar products basically because vai Vai has three unique outputs which can be configured separately and work by themselves creating not only different colors but different animations as well that means you have one gadget that works like three allowing you to control twelve different LED strips a special mobile app is used to control and change the configuration of the device the size of the device is 61 by 95 by 25 millimeters and it weighs 56 grams buy it for 349 dollars now press o Australian developers have presented an ideal coffee maker for people who are really into coffee and don't want to say no to their favorite drink even when traveling it's ideal to take to your trips given that it can easily fit in your backpack or your handbag the device isn't bigger than a usual thermos nine point nine by three point two by three inches and it weighs only one point nine four pounds to boil the cold water for the coffee the device needs from eight to ten minutes if you use hot water you can use the now press o to make more than a hundred cups of coffee but if you use cold water you can enjoy only three cups before having to recharge the device the battery gets fully charged in two and a half hours this coffee maker is made of good grade plastic and you can charge it using a car charger and it also comes with a small cup for your drink you can use this coffee maker while travelling but also at home especially for this the developers created a stands that allows you to enjoy a perfect espresso shot at home and to prepare a drink you can use ground coffee or special Nespresso capsules you can buy this portable device for a hundred and sixty eight dollars more fur carrying around a bike helmets in a big city is usually not very comfortable given the size of it but this device is about to change that the more first stands out because it can be folded easily and it fits in any backpack or bag so you can take it with you everywhere this new patented technology satisfies the international security requirements moreover the helmet is ecologically clean given that it's made of recycled materials the developers are sure that the helmet is ideal not only for bike lovers but also for skiers skaters snowboarders hockey players and people who play sports in the open thanks to its compact size people can carry their helmets everywhere but there's also the possibility to sell them in vending machines next to bike rentals and ski resorts the price of the helmet is a hundred and fifty dollars lumen key a group of American developers have created a smart key putting an end to the times of searching for your key in the dark using your phone's flashlight this device has a small plastic head with a chip that allows it to connect to your home or office Wi-Fi network it also has a small LED indicator just in case using a special mobile app you can change the configuration of the key connecting it to new networks or changing the color of the flashing light on top of that the device is waterproof its measurements are 24 by five by twenty two point six millimeters and it uses a CR 2012 watch battery enough for three months at work the smart key is compatible with both iOS and Android phones and you can buy this key for ten dollars on their page on IndieGoGo bat band although it might seem weird here we have a pair of wireless headphones which oddly enough are not placed inside your ears they work by sending signals through the bones of the skull one of the advantages of such a gadget is the fact that the users not isolated from the world while listening to his favorite music the user is open to the world and we're of all kinds of sounds around them this allows the user to move around the city with no problems and avoiding all kinds of accidents these wireless headphones sends sound waves at a special frequency which allows the sound to travel through the skull the developers are sure that this unusual method guarantees you a high quality sound by adding clear you can buy a pair of these for two hundred and thirty dollars Mars yes another musical device that uses levitation this is a modern wireless speaker that comes in black and white colors the gadget has two main elements a bass that works as a control panel and a subwoofer and a small flying plate which can float at a height of two to four inches over the bass and can play 3d sound through a built-in loudspeaker when the user turns on the speaker using a special mobile app for both iOS and Android the upper part automatically ascends and starts to flows in the air revolving around its axis and activating some lights at the rhythm of the music given that the upper part of the device does not touch the lower part of it the sound is cleaner than in a one-element loudspeaker the Mars speaker might be too weak to be used on the street but on the other hand it has a tracking volume system if the smartphone moves away from the speaker it plays the music louder you can buy this device for three hundred and twenty nine dollars Club this simple plastic gadget has a built-in Bluetooth module and can easily turn any headphones into a wireless system so you won't need to plug your earphones to your phone it weighs only 10 grams and it's measurements are 12 by 12 by 48 millimeters one charge is enough for five hours of continuous work the gadget has an audio chip and a special codec the guarantees high quality sound but keep in mind this is not a speaker or a music player it's merely a special adapter the plug has a 3.5 millimeter audio jack which is used by most headphones in the market the developers also offer a special neck band to carry the headphones easily around your head and you can even control the length that the cables but you can simply use this device with no neck band the device comes in three colors and will cost you $28 LED masks this showy led mask was a unique project developed by a group of enthusiasts meaning that it's not available on the market nevertheless you can find similar products on the Internet not less spectacular the developers of this unusual gadget use special LED RGB pixels which can be used to show more than 16 million colors the pixels stay in place thanks to a series of round printing boards the LEDs change according to the melodies speed of the music and each of the draws were programmed by the author himself the price of this mask remains unknown but you can find similar gadgets for three hundred and seventy-five dollars and more depending on the complexity of the light system and the size of the device [Music] [Music]