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Are you ready kids aye aye captain Surely you remember these words when you understood what Carson we were talking about if you didn't know spongebob Fans are getting ready to celebrate the 19th anniversary Of their beloved show bus do you know how old this funny character is well not you're wrong actually Spongebob is over 30 years old But we're not going to reveal all the interesting information in the introduction Better watch our video where you'll discover many things. You didn't know before are you ready kids? SpongeBob's name have you noticed that all the spongebob characters always call him spongebob other characters in the program simply have their names and Patrick is just Patrick or Squidward is just Squidward. Well. You get the idea This is a very strange thing so we went into the depths of Google to discover the truth after making long and even dangerous Inquiries we have found the answer when creating this famous character Stephen Hillenburg the father of this cartoon was afraid that the children would mistake spongebob for a chunk of cheese or the cheese man It's quite logical Honestly because if you look at Spongebob you'll notice that he looks a lot like the chunk of cheese now You won't be able to unsee this amazing isn't it? the age of the characters In one of the episodes of the program when spongebob receives his driver's license we can see a secret document with very curious Information for example we discovered that spongebob as yellow hair and blue eyes Weighs a little over 28 grams and was born on July 14th 1986 wait a minute so in 2018 we'll be 32 years old by the way our beloved sponge was born on the same day as an important holiday in France dust they but it's still unlikely that this fact conceals any secrets of the creators while you imagine spongebob at the Barricades in Paris we have a couple of interesting facts boy mr. Krabs was born on November 30th 1942 which means that he's now 75 years old Squidward on the other hand was born on October 9th 1977 while Patrick was born on July 19 1984 which means that they are 40 and 33 years old respectively Although frankly it's not worth looking for some logic in these dates and numbers for example when the cartoon went on the air Spongebob must have been 13 years old a little young to be working But let's suppose that in the aquatic world the workplace rules are a little different but in 2004 and the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie a pitch it turned out the Spongebob had been the Employee of the Month and the Krusty crafts 374 times if we divide those 374 Awards into twelve months It means spongebob has been working for 31 years as you can see there's no logic at all there are only Krabby Patties My leg in this program We find another character who although not very famous has a very important role in many cases. We don't even see him We can only hear him shouting my leg in the distance my leg my leg This mysterious character appears in moments of chaos and so to speak sums up What's happening around him in most cases? He looks like a green and brown fish wearing tight pants for the belt However sometimes he changes color is purple or blue but surprise It's not just another character with a funny line in one episode We discovered that his name is fret and nuts among other things He has a son by the way this character and his famous leg appear in the episode for the unbearable smell Which became a famous meme on the internet? You haven't seen it Alice too bad Sponges and mops When spongebob was still in a state of development so no one could have imagined that it would become a very popular show Stephen Hillenburg decided that his character would be called sponge boy It was a great way to avoid association with a piece of cheese And it sounded great so Nickelodeon agreed however the harsh reality got in the way and more precisely Copyrights became a problem According to different versions the name sponge boy was already used by a cleaning product or a mop company But Helen Berg didn't do much to change this and named his character Sponge Bob while the surname SquarePants appeared because it referred to the character shape and it had a nice ring to it By the way Sponge Bob has a real name. Not just Bob. It's called Robert Harold SquarePants Can you live with that information in your head? Krusty Krabs You've probably heard of this famous underwater restaurant, which feeds as visitors with passion in return its owner mr. Krabs is willing to keep the money from the hungry customers But now we're not going to talk about the profits of this place or the greed of this character Have you ever seen what a lobster trap looks like we didn't know and we wouldn't have thought about it If it for this video now look at what a lobster trap looks like and now look at the shape of the krusty krab We don't wish the characters in this cartoon any harm, but Mr. Krabs's restaurant looks a lot like this trap now We can't stop thinking about the ingredients of the krabby patty. They're a secret. We don't want to assume anything so decide for yourself Family ties Surely, you know that Patrick is the most surprising and unpredictable character in this cartoon But in reality this funny little dummy hides many secrets including those of its family If you do a little research you can find out about Patrick's family tree on the internet and discover his relationship with all sorts of ancient kings and princess But the most interesting thing is that Patrick's first cousin is is Gary SpongeBob's past This isn't a joke they're cousins This is really strange, but what logic can there be in a cartoon about a talking sponge? We're serious snails drive underwater cars and Plankton's married to a computer woman dubbing actors Since we're talking about plankton and his electronic life Maybe it's time to talk about an interest in fact related to the computer lady the actress who gives Karen the voice Is Jill Talley a great professional on the other hand the actor who gives spongebob is voices Tom Kenny Another great dubbing actor But you know what brings them together no it's not the love for this cartoon although It is an important part of their relationship actually Jill and Tom have been married since 1995 which means that their marriage took place long before the appearance of SpongeBob's first series the couple currently have two children But we ask ourselves does poor plankton know about this squid and octopus Now it's time to unravel an incredible mystery watch this carefully. This is a squid This is also a squid and this one too, and this is squid would the most bitter person in Bikini Bottom? And he is not a squid It's not easy to accept this fact, but it is true squidward himself is happy to confuse the audience in some chapters He claims to be an octopus while in others. He presents himself as a squid maybe once claimed to be a lobster It is impossible to understand the logic of the creators according to the artists Squidward is a squid although He has six tentacles instead of eight yeah My hands count - believe it or not the decision to reduce the number of tentacles was made to facilitate The work of the animators, which is quite logical we're not going to criticize them another opinion of the creators Is that with eight tentacles Squidward looks much more brutal? Oh really a coupla tentacles and it becomes that Kraken? Radiation You've probably noticed that The Situation's We've seen SpongeBob's cartoon are a little insane so to speak or maybe to insane But all these things including the underwater fire the puddles at the bottom of the sea and the possibility of listening to music with your eyes have a logical but quite terrible Explanation the city where the characters in this cartoon live is known as the bikini bottom and is located on Bikini Atoll It's a series of coral islands that form a peninsula with a lagoon in the center There is nothing special about it and there are many similar places in the world But the Bikini Atoll was used to experiment with thermonuclear and atomic bombs In other words the radiation from this place complete any radiation guided cancer as a result of the explosions the few inhabitants of the region were affected by terrible diseases while the Inhabitants at the sea well now they can make burgers underwater water flowers and wear pants who knows if they're comfortable different mistakes Searching for errors in spongebob episodes is a pretty complicated task because they basically don't exist you heard it, right but even if there are no mistakes the unique style of this cartoon allows the Animators to pay more attention to the characters and the general madness Instead of worrying about the changes between the different plants something is always disappearing from the display Always watch carefully on the table we can see a ship in a bottle Now it's gone poof in front of spongebob. We can see a bottle of soap bubbles a second laser. It's gone sometimes It's the other way around And among the ingredients in the krabby patty are a couple of extra sources plankton can also change his size Here is a little bigger than a glass and then he becomes smaller than a fly But all this is part of the cartoon style you shouldn't criticize Cartoonists for being careless as they do their job very well some pickles may disappear, but the fun is guaranteed So what secrets of this cartoon? Do you know? Maybe you know the secret recipe for the krabby patty well make sure you don't give it to Plankton better share it with us in the comments and don't forget to give us a like Amazing gadgets upcoming technologies incredible inventions and other cool stuff Related to high tech on tech so subscribe you won't regret this the link is on the screen and in the description Thanks for watching. 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