10 Best 1 And 2 Entrants In WWE Royal Rumble History

[Applause] if wrestling were real you'd want to be number 30 in the raw rumble of course you would it gives you the best chance of winning and you could book your spot in the main event of Wrestlemania then your parents would be proud finally all coming together as it's a work though you actually want to be nowhere near it aside from the Undertaker John Cena and Triple H no one in history as of me saying these words has entered last and picked up the victory for screw that you want to make an impression in WWE's best stipulation match what you really want to do is come in first or second carrying with it a certain amount of excitement and magic many a wrestler have picked up this on paper nightmare and ensured they were still part of the conversation long after the event went off the air it does still suck to be number two a little bit because you start at the exact same time as number one and yet nobody remembers you as much but now well what are you gonna do now I'm summing from what culture in this is the ten best number one and number two entrants in WWE Royal Rumble history number ten CM Punk and Daniel Bryan just so it's established the title of each entry will fit to the first entrant first and the second entrance second naturally but in 2011 it was indeed CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in the opening spots the second largest rumble in history after the greatest roar Rumble trumped it last year 40 people were squeezed in here without Berto Dario coming out the winner it was a time where so-called indeed darlings were all the rage which led WWE to put in this soiree together beginning with Punk having his ass kicked by the core which did make things somewhat exciting it got going properly when Bryan arrived to enter into a back-and-forth with Punk complete with smooth exchanges nice wrestling and an audience who were pleased to see it Matt Striker did ruin things art aired by shouting the internet loves this right now which makes no sense at all when you break it down but his sentiment was correct it was like Ring of Honor being showcased on a big stage and the performance from each man both here and throughout was nothing short of Awesome I'm an iron axe and smash I will never get bored of the tagline every man for himself and never was that truer than in 1989 when demolition found themselves at odds with one another I proper Shaka back in the late 90s where two baby faces smacking each other about was rare this was pushed even higher because the pair would tag team champions they surely can come to blow could they it's moments like this that really cemented the rhumba is a great concept because it proved it could and would deliver things you rarely saw on top of that it showed that everybody involved wanted to win axes smash didn't think twice about having a fight because they knew what was at stake see how easy it could be sometimes commentators didn't even need to scream that into our faces we were only a year into all of this before WWE began to pour incredible ideas out of their hat and you have to include this as one of them let people excited stunned and ready for more which is exactly what would happen from this point onwards number eight Shawn Michaels in the British bulldog the 1995 rumble is very well booked even though the roster at the time wasn't anywhere near the WWE's peak one simple idea carried the whole thing throughout could Shawn Michaels actually make it to the end after entering at number one on top of that could the bulldog do it from number two I've mentioned that anymore neither do we it was HP case night however throwing himself around like there was no tomorrow and making Davey Boy Smith look like a true powerhouse in the process it tied in to the story - how on earth could Michael's overcome the odds when he had that staring down it it's the finish that we all remember so lovingly mind both men did manage to scrape through to the end with Bulldog think you need one after hurling Shawn over the top rope Michael's holding on and skinning the cat was one thing but playing off the hole both feet must touch the raw rule was even better only one of Michael's is ever did mainly he was well within his rights to smash Bulldog from behind as he was celebrating on the ropes 1995 may have not been the best for WWE but this was and is still damn good all because of who came in at number one and who came in at number two number seven Triple H of Rey Mysterio the 2006 Rumble had eyebrows raised everywhere straight away because Triple H came out to kick it off no one thought that was gonna happen and the first reaction was that it was down to the game wanted to repeat the feat we just talked about if Shawn had done it from number one Hunter wanted to do it to the fact that Rey Mysterio was number two seed in consequence at the time even if the whole Eddie Guerrero fallout was still very much at its pomp any worries or apprehensions vanished pretty quickly though as both men went nuts on each other there was a sense of urgency that one of the other had to be eliminated sooner rather than later and it felt like the rumble exploded into life within seconds the real tension came in how close Mysterio kept coming to being pushed to the floor and we had plenty of narrative to instantly enjoy this was pushed even higher in the aftermath because ready to go on to win the whole thing his WrestleMania 22 outing on the other side has been well documented but here everything just went swimmingly didn't hurt the Triple H was the penultimate of elimination either just tied into everything that had happened an hour or so beforehand wonderful stuff number six Chris Benoit on Randy Orton clearly setup to invoke some sort of meta storyline in 2004 WWE paid Randy on to square off against Chris Benoit to begin that year's Rumble it seemed as if this was the coming together of two different ideals the one hand was a dude who had gone through a very slow difficult cruel to the peak of his profession and on the other was a third-generation star who had been handpicked from day one the contrast worked and he just rallied the fans behind Benoit even more than they probably would have been anyway the opening mini match was evidence of that to Benoit rocked Randy with his trademark chops before the then IC champion utilized his size and power advantage to assume control there's nothing pretty about Benoit's comeback either he had to submerge Orton with a standing cross face before decking him with a wincing lead to the gut in order to win the match he was gonna have to grit it out Benoit eventually won of course but this pairing made clear that WWE had a very particular plan no matter what public opinion thought number five Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit only a year prior Guerrero and Benoit had been celebrating world total wins while WWE played off their friendship and that moved all the way to 2005 where they opened up the rumble was good because of course it was they knew each other better than anybody and almost drew a line under their journeys at this point that was width they tried to do submission moves to each other as really it was a waste of time but ignoring that it was still top wrestlers having a top wrestling match they just also happened to be waiting for 28 other dudes to run down the aisle things took a downward turn when Daniel Puder entered at number three only to be hazed due to being in the doghouse Guerrero himself even winced as Benoit chopped the tough enough winner because it was absolutely ridiculous and he enjoyment you grab numbers 1 & 2 quickly banished away as you watched a real beatdown in front of your eyes wrestling number 4 Cactus Jack and chainsaw Charlie pretty simple this one but in 1998 most people did just want to see Cactus Jack and chainsaw Charlie beat each other up to start a rumble stood to reason it's hard to watch now as they crack each other with chairs for right in the head for two minutes but this was the way in the late 90s and worryingly yes what everybody wanted to see we shall file it under gruesome but fun if you were there it's a very specific category the real baffling nature is that it's mixed with Terry Funk standing there with a pair of tights over his head but still now on cells as well as he did seeing his knees fold and the eventual stag as he tries to keep his senses in tact made it look like he was actually about to collapse in a heap could be because he actually was I wouldn't have been surprised by pairing born out of plans more than anything else 1998 was also when Mick Foley pulled triple duty with the three faces off Foley creating a memorable moment and masking the limited roster at the time play to your strengths friends latest trends number three Ric Flair and Bob Backlund one year after Ric Flair had done the unthinkable the 1993 rule Rumble had a story before we even started good then Nature Boy out do his Ironman feat or had he just been screwed make it more fun WWE sent out 1980 superstar Bob Backlund to create a weird juxtaposition as if it was two old skool greats finally butting heads both guys wore the exact same ring gear which made this stranger still and after Flair had refused to shake Bob's hands sanity went out the window Rick was strangle and was pacing back and forth I only he can I'd love to know what someone thought they'd never seen wrestling before this it all worked though as to proper workers stalls for two minutes with the crowd in the palm of the hand knowing they had a marathon stint ahead of them and let's face it was more fun this by a mile I don't need to see flare and Backlund throw hands or tie - they're up in knots well I did need was wild facial expressions and erratic movements flowers out there within 20 minutes whereas Bob would go the full hour and to think it all started like two wild animals in a cage number two Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho when Shawn Michaels returned to the WWE in 2002 it caused a wave of fantasy booking like never before what he was going to do was on the edge of everyone's tongue and you couldn't go two feet without someone bringing up another WrestleMania idea since this went down Chris Jericho's name continued to appear especially as the inspiration was obvious that wasn't just the fans either WWE knew what was necessary as well when it turned out to be the pair kicking off the 2003 Rumble all of a sudden it seems as if dreams will become a reality instead of just being a cool concept mind it was done to build to a Wrestlemania program and deliver a proper swerve Christian cosplay does Chris Jericho and a glorious bait and switch allowing Jericho to slip into the ring and rock Michaels with a low blow y2j then flawed Michael's with a thudding chair shot this wasn't an athletic exhibition done by two men capable of it just because it was a great SAP angle unique to the context of the Rumble match that is what I'm talking about number one the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels the Royal Rumble is badass because of the situations it brings up that wouldn't be as cool if they happened elsewhere for example when the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels had an incredible ending to the 2007 entry no one thought WWE would start 2008 iteration off by rekindling just that they did though and they got it right happening in Madison Square Garden and picking right from where they left off the to set the bar stupidly high that no one really topped for the rest of the night in a proper hand-to-mouth a crap moment take a lunge that a rope crotch Michaels with HBK dodging the Phenom at the last possible moment the two legends perfectly grasp how the opening to the rubble should be pitched and they basically had a high quality match in the few minutes they had before somebody else join the fray hilariously that guy was Santino Marella and when you know it using his own unique brand of comedy he was more than able to hold his own smart man anyone else may have been boned before their music even hit know of any other number one and number two entrants that deserve praise in Royal Rumble history let us know in the comments below and don't forget to Like share and subscribe then head over to watchmojo.com and read yourself some articles and follow our culture on Twitter and what culture WWE my name is Simon from what culture thanks for listening and I'll talk to you again soon