10 Best Endings In WWE Royal Rumble History

[Applause] the ending to the Royal Rumble is so important that if you do it well people will forget about what else happened they'll be too buzzed about what they've just seen to worry about the rest that can work the other way too the wrong winner leaves people livid but it's better to be positive and that's why we shall focus on the former the best of the best the cream of the crop the highest of the highs and other such cliches I'm sure you can come up with hopefully we're in for plenty more of these as the years go on but for now we can jump back in time and relive memories that made us jump for joy and feel all warm and fuzzy inside I'm Simon from what culture this is the 10 best endings in Royal Rumble history number 10 Lex Luger and Bret Hart in 1994 new ideas will always break fresh ground and subsequently make an impact and that's exactly what happened in 1994's rumble mesh never before had two men tumbled over the top rope to become joint winners that's what happened here hearten Lucca went flying together and no one could work out whose feet hit the floor first it was a smart decision to is it tied into thoughts at the time the hit man had a legit claim to win it as he chased his lost WWE championship whereas the flames from Lugar's babyface push was still in the air if WWE had gone in the direction it wouldn't have been a huge surprise the only issue was Vince McMahon could have make up his mind about which direction he wanted to go in so instead he did it he just had them chuck each other out but there was a method to the madness rumor has it McMahon did this to see whose music would get a better reaction during the confusion it was easily Bret's and that was that the future was set so the record books will show this is a draw but the winner was definitely Bret who carried on back up the card as Luger stagnated before heading over to WCW number nine Stone Cold Steve Austin in The Rock in 1998 the 1998 Raw Rumble is not the best ever but it does have a special place in Attitude Era fans hearts much like the time it took place with just an absolute war with the amount of chaos increasing minute by minute but that was at the point everyone in the arena and at home just wanted to see Stone Cold Steve Austin erupting when he did arrive and the rattlesnake didn't disappoint Austin threw people have a thing like they were garbage and spent most of the time looking like a madman it was widely expected that stone cold would be the victor but that expectation didn't hurt that oh he just made the audience will their wants on even more it was a well booked match two as a faction heavy rumble drew to a close with the rock still standing after being in there for over 50 minutes when the pair lock dies at the end it was wonderful foreshadowing between two wrestlers who would not only be long-standing foes but also two of the biggest stars wrestling has ever seen Austin would eliminate the rock to head towards WrestleMania 14 but it was by no means the end that just makes it even more fun to watch in hindsight number 8 Chris Benoit and the big show in 2004 when Chris Benoit was named as the number one entrant weeks before the event itself it seemed obvious that he was going to win the thing wasn't bad it would be a good story but there was just something in the air the difference came and that while he was given the Iron Man spot Benoit was a constant throughout involved in almost everything from start to finish it kicked things off against Randy on which is a nice callback to their feud the year prior eventually however it came down to been war against the big show and the story was simple after so long trying to scrape it out how would he throw someone that size over the top rope the answer was to beat the crap out of him then why have to do that - because in 2004 Big Show was still a threat he was the United States Champion and it wouldn't have been a complete 180 if he had won the rumble everybody would have been pleased but he had credibility that wasn't a planned here because it was Benoit's night after wearing show out following a crossface he then basically submitted the giant over the top rope and that doesn't make any sense when said out loud but after applying a chokehold he used a 500 pound as a way to basically pivot him over the top rope it was one of the most unique eliminations yet seen the rumble and of course set Ben Warren to the main event at WrestleMania 20 number 7 Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kane in 2001 the 2001 Raw Rumble is an oddity from Haku just turning up for no reason and the fact drew Carey is in it it was also when Kane got super pissed and broke the record for most eliminations in one Rumble match that now belongs to Roman reigns in case you like to keep track raven parry sand crash Holly Albert even the rock Kane was unstoppable throughout regardless what you're standing wasn't the card was what made the Big Red Machine so great the narrative soon became who could stop that momentum and the answer was one Stone Cold Steve Austin who entered at number 27 with the exception of Armageddon 2000 austan have been removed from the WWE championship picture after coming back from his knee rending neck injury and all of this was pitched as the rattlesnakes last chance to try and get back among the elite to compete at that year's WrestleMania the two went at it with Kane nearly knocking out Austin with a steel chair but it wasn't enough stone cold battled back with a number of chair shots of his own a stunner and finally a clothesline over the top rope sending came to the floor it marked Stone Cold's third Rumble victory a feat that is yet to be matched today and yes that's the love snap for you all about them steps number six Oscar in the Bellas in 2018 awesome for a number of reasons not least because it proved that having to Rumbles wasn't overkill in the slightest both the men's and women's versions in 2018 with therapeutic because of who won seeing Shinsegae Nakamura out the old guard and fan favorite Oscar have their hands raised was just entertaining where the latter was concerned too there was a meta storyline to boot it was almost like the new idea of women's wrestling taken on Nikki and Brie who had been synonymous with the Divas era given how the Bellas had been booked ever since that time you couldn't completely bet against them coming away with something if nothing else made for a good total divas episode which is still very watchable by the way it didn't work out though and asked a silver dramatic win that was met with smiles from the Philly crowd they had wanted to see it and they got to see it a far cry from the Roman reigns can't reverse see a few years prior it was also topped off by the introduction of Ronda Rousey meaning the first-ever women's Royal Rumble will be a top of most people's lists for quite a while number five Batista and John Cena in 2005 the first question you'll have is how can the botched version of the 1994 finish rank higher than the original especially when the original was meant to happen well for one the 2005 Rumble was better as a whole and the conclusion accident or not was just damn fun to watch and that is kind of the point before you even get to what happened with John Cena and Batista the final four also consisted of Rey Mysterio and edge and that's doubly cool because in hindsight this stage almost acted like a lifting off point for everybody involved when Mysterio and the rated-r superstar were out the ring it also meant that we were going to see Cena versus Batista 14 years ago that wasn't a sight that was often seen and that alone made it fascinating if you need something else it was also tough to pick an actual winner from the pairings so when both tumbled and hit the floor at the exact same time there was some in the air about what was going to happen as we now know Big Dave wasn't meant to fall over the rope with WWE going into improvised mode which included an irate Vince McMahon storming to ringside and tearing both his quads we got Matt shot of him barking like a child was sat on his backside but again can't say it wasn't fun after the restart it was made clear what was meant to happen as Batista sent Cena flying to take his spot in the main event of WrestleMania 21 just to draw a line under what we talked about a second ago these two wouldn't tangle in singles action again for three and a half years all of that in the pot and that's why it's number five now before John Cena and Triple H in 2008 WWE always tells us that anyone can win the rumble and that's not entirely true I don't think sun'll Singh is going to go the distance anytime soon but there is some stock in that saying because you just never know who's gonna walk through that curtain this is why when in 2008 John Cena appeared and made a shocking return everybody lost their damn minds Madison Square Garden went crazy because it made no sense and as the number 30 entrant locked eyes with Triple H who was just as shocked in the ring you couldn't help but be taken in by it this got even better when the last three in there were the game Batista and Johnny boy the plot thickened once the animal was eliminated leaving Cena and Triple Eight as the last competitors standing they exchanged finishes and teased tossing the other one over the rope but it was only after an attitude adjustment the Cena was able to get the better of trips and throw him to the outside like him or hate him Cena winning the rumble in months removed from suffering a really nasty peck injury that was meant to keep him out for nearly a year was one of those moments that's hard to come by in wrestling these days it worked number three Rey Mysterio Randy Orton in 2006 just because Rey Mysterio had dedicated his performance at the 2006 Rumble to Eddie Guerrero didn't mean he was going to win it rumors of Randy on being the chosen one were everywhere and other murmurings had Triple H being in the main event at WrestleMania 22 so when it was the game the Viper and Mysterio at the end well not a lot of people believe the masked man would win from the start though it seemed as if Rey was in for at least a good showing he arrived at number two and what other individuals were eliminated he stood tall he was eventually in there for well over an hour with fans desperate to see him win whereas Orton had been earmarked to walk in at number 30 when Triple H was thrown out however all of a sudden there was more room to dream and such hosts became a reality when Mysteria reverse Orton's attempt to throw him over the top rope it was a good ending but the real joy was Mysterio's emotions afterwards he shed tears of happiness and paid the perfect tribute to his fallen friend number 2 Ric Flair and Sid justice in 1992 the 92 Rumble is probably the best one of all time you can argue that of course but with the amount of mid-match views that were fueled forward how it tied into that year's WrestleMania and of course the fact that world title was on the line well that's just so hard to top damn special all of this was helped thanks to Ric Flair's performance coming in at number three and going all the way to the end it was such a feat even the fans one of the Nature Boy to succeed despite the fact he was a heel this meant more than all of it especially because of Flair's allegiances to the NWA and WCW Hulk Hogan came close to clinching his third consecutive Rumble victory but was thoughted by that dastardly Sid justice that made the Hulkster so mad he then aided Flair in victory pulling Sid over the top rope to put the title in Rick's hands and yes that makes him a heel don't worry about it so while there may have been some assistance everything else was already in place Flair had set a new time record won the WWE title and snapped a claim to being the winner of one helluva roar Rumble it's quite the ticket number one Shawn Michaels at the Undertaker in 2007 it shouldn't be too surprising that as well as having one of the greatest WrestleMania matches in history Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker also tore out when they clashed at the end of the 2007 Rumble there was even more interest here as it been almost a decade since they last clashed that being the infamous casket match the 98 Rumble where Michaels also hurt his back you could have right this stuff even though WWE actually could if they wanted HBK and the dead man had been separated by brands after Michaels had returned in 2002 so when they stood nose to nose here that was something damn exciting about the whole thing oddly both men would go on to have title matches at WrestleMania 23 but still we didn't know that there was also a cool addition here whoever did win would have just done so in their home state if you need an abridged version this was basically a small preview of what they do at main here in a couple of years taker doing his sit up as HBK Kip that was one of those things just show your friends and my cause were so close to sending the Phenom to the outside you almost held your breath the momentum shifted between the two constantly until the Undertaker dodged Sweet Chin Music and dumped his longtime rival to the floor the rumble itself had been pretty decent at best but this conclusion sent it into the stratosphere you never really saw proper matches to conclude rumbles and yet here we had one and it also kicked this what could actually even top it