10 Best WWE Bromances Of All Time

[Applause] hey guys what's up it's Jules here for what culture comm joined by fellow egg Andy Murray bald man we're back and if you think it's yourself God why are these two very ugly pails man on ha screams we're doing another episode of a little show that we like to cool and hit that jingle we can't say that yeah that that's the name of the show I'm always do this it's less than a different way basically because instead of just sitting there and prattling off stuff we just have a bit of a discussion about it back and forth and I felt like in the previous first episode I cheated people up because I wore a hat and you can't really be yeah try again performative no awareness of this kind of physical resemblance when one of them is covered up with a hat so you know two eggs sitting on Cheers but to talk about some wrestling and because it is the month of love more more specifically the day of day of well the official corporate day of love we're talking about romances or more specifically about romances within the WWE so what we're gonna do today is list 10 of the best and we have some quite notable ones here in the office that we can draw examples from like and surely do by Josh Brown and his love of hairspray James Hunt and his five cars and also so I'm just saying you know just to put into context people like Matt riddle and his bromance with their not cigarettes anyway our bromance is so strong we can do this and it's only slightly painful it's not even weird but let's kick this list off then you're gonna do the evens I'm gonna be very odds so let's crack on with that gang member so stay in the number 10 we have one from NXT from back in the day Jason Jordan remember him and Chad Gable of course American alpha the tag team they were brilliant of course they came together in a story like diamond NXT where Jason Jordan his tight team of Ty Dillon George kind of gone the way of the dodo he was a good for any partner and he spent weeks weeks looking for the right guy and eventually this annoying little twat named Chad gable started pestering himself backstage with his goofy little towel and being ready willing and able and he was just the most endearing little snot I have seen him wrestling any long time very very early Yura Kurt Angle vibes very strong from cable not just because he's an Olympian he was just a lovely boy it's almost like he should have been his son in the angle yeah it's kind of weird that isn't it's almost like that was a setup and then dropped and changed and then all of a sudden Jason Jordan took on all of the negative qualities of being an annoying little sort of suck-up yeah ed been quite bad at it by elevated yeah American alphas formation one of the best storylines in NXT history I think like the way they eventually bonded and then the build-up to them winning the tag team title and having all these great matches with the revival and then they got to the main roster and they kind of died but the dynamic between them was always bags of fun yeah very very true very great icon can I not to disagree with that in the slightest but let's talk about people who did have a big big disagreement to start with and that is Vince McMahon good old mini Mac the walnut chested mad pole biter that is the chairman of the Debbie W E and the one the only stone cold' also bold Steve Austin number nine number nine yes basically this died of like you know at WrestleMania x-seven DX WrestleMania except well the way omen team the way that they call that that is very very strange kind of silly yeah but anyway norcia is the fact that you're gonna take somebody who is a homegrown ass-kicking redneck cyborg redneck after only be the bionic read Bionic redneck and and partner him with the guy that he was feuding with but most of the Attitude Era in fact for many the feud between him and Vince McMahon kicked off the Attitude Era did occur so to see them pairing up was incredibly strange especially when you had to Tim the singing and and his wife yeah the white stuff the whole Vince McMahon Steve Austin coming together thing was that yes in the moment it was terrible because it preceded a huge downturn in business you know wrestling was never the same after that well that admittedly had more to do with kind of like the destruction of competition with WCW now business but I digress it was a big slap in the face seeing the kind of everyman badass antihero guy who do reads that you did oh really with this McMann program joining forces and shaking hands with a devil Bop that therein lies the brilliance really in them exactly and if you go back and watch it know some of those comedy backstage gifts with Vince and guys like korangal are absolutely tremendous like they're just hilarious very definition of a bromance I will go back and watch the stone-cold singing to him with the acoustic guitar yeah you can own it again it is it is so so good great stuff like it really is and really something that perhaps should be rewashed and reappraise while seeing as they like to pretend that Becky Lynch is the new stone-cold by even giving her the same catchphrases and mannerisms I mean it's probably it's gone over most of the heads isn't never most people number eight number II and this is a big one Kevin Nash and Scott Hall oh hey Kevin hall avinash of course the second-best big man in wrestling history if you know you know know well can you possibly say about the outsiders of course there they were the guys who jumped to WCW they kick-started helped kickstart that promotions whole rise towards actually competing with WWE they formed the NWO Hulk Hogan was the third man and they have been basically attached to the hip since the early to mid 90s they were in the clique yeah well I mean a lot of people who seem to forget that they were the sort of like the prototype for the NWO which coke and then came and then they came and bailed on just basically came and became the face of it a third man maybe did push the other two back into the wings a little bit but you could always tell that out of the three of them the chemistry really did lie between NASA who like they were brothers until the end into that there's been so many personal stories outside of the ring where you've seen them come to each other's help especially when who was battling sort of his alcohol problem yes like Nash was obviously there for him throughout that set ya know there are a lot Halle - like unabashedly votes oh no it's yeah except without man-eating yeah that was one of their songs wasn't it oh it was yeah it was actually good I mean I make that just because it was thing I didn't actually know a couple of bucks these politicians of course Harlan - but they work the business for every last drop I'd the outsized banner their such chemistry there were a couple of cheeky little scamp's indeed they were and speaking of two cheeky little scamp's I mean the next pair at number seven yeah those is billy and chuck palumbo billy and charlie and chuck now this is the thing Billy Gunn he was kind of floundering for relevancy back in the early 2000s I wouldn't have even known about had he not formed this this group with Billy but what they did was they basically formed a bromance that was so deep that you almost saw the be getting a raised because it was a very much romance heavy anger with billion chuck and recall of course and rico their stylist who was actually surprisingly good in the room yeah he was my comedy got other stuff stuff like these big colorful characters so when they do when they joined up everyone wasn't entirely sure what they were they did a lot of allusions to the fact that they might be that one of the very first sort of out Ranaut homosexual tithing process and they even went so far as to have the commitment ceremony which they then bailed out of impossibly what is one of the most funny and weird segments of the entire angle he gets there they get up there their bats do their vows and then Billy just goes wait a minute we're not actually gay I never asked booing because you would because you feel like okay and they just get and then he chose in the same breath age because we're going to think it's gay people and people start cheering that is how you win over a crowd so we really enjoy yeah I mean it gave Billy got a new lease of life like he had the whole the one Billy Gunn fees which was gone Chuck Palumbo upon he was a product of the WCW power plant he didn't really do anything after joining the promotion like when everyone else got so he was just kind of like this big muscly dude like so here in mark Jindrak in all these yeah like they were just interchangeable and this at least gave him something to do well in nice haircut blonde book that very very true and it also meant that because they worked well together they had just good chemistry in the ring they actually were voted I think it was I pw's best tag team of 2002 okay and when you consider I mean yeah the division was in a bit of a stay at that time but the the winning line in 2002 after like the Dudley's in the Hardee's agent Christian hey they but about another one here at number six another tag team they only held the tag titles for 22 days at Booker T and Goldust number six oh that was brilliant quality absolutely brilliant like some of the funniest backstage stuff that WWE have ever produced and it was kind of like it came together in kind of a similar way to Jordan Gable except this was more ring base like Goldust would accidentally cost Booker T a bunch of matches and then these weirdos just kind of ended up really liking each other and getting along and forming this little novelty fun tag team and it was so enjoyable so entertaining it shows that sometimes you don't need to be the best in ring athletes to get a tag team off the ground and especially when you could tell these guys just genuinely liked each other that was it was very very clear like with Booker playing the straight man and Goldust just basically riding around yeah it goes down it goes down to one of my many many reasons why it's simply impossible to hate Goldust like he's the best you can put him with anyone he appeared in a goddamn scooby-doo movie in which he raced the race of cars around the track with Stardust and still he was the funniest thing and it was great buddy managed Mandy rose and was with Mandy Rhodes in the mix MassChallenge like great as well sorry two years ago my love Goldust won in 100 guys of all time a tremendous entertainer and I hope we see him back and you can't you can't talk about that with that Booker T as well King oh yeah look yeah I'm glad you did that but know this was something that really helped build Booker T's popularity in work back towards like world title contendership obviously it took a bit of a pounding from the rock yeah and the invasion angle and stuff but this was great stuff really entertaining and there's nothing anywhere near as funny as bug dust well W my eyes would actually disagree because on next entry at number five it's Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho which not okay managed to be absolutely heartwarming and heartbreaking at the end but it was just genuinely funny when you've got to of potentially the quickest minds on the mike in Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho and Chris Jericho with his proven pedigree of being able to just control a room if whether or not he's a face or a heel it was a perfect pairing and it came about because of the fact that I was quizzing the Dudley Boyz about this and they were just like yeah but you realize that these two partnered up because they literally had nothing to do with them and they just got thrown together into a program at the end of 2016 it was the festival of friendship that came from that and the list of Jericho being used and talking about the best friends gimmick it was absolutely brilliant yeah it's one of the best examples of two performers getting the lemons and making lemonade and also probably one of the best storylines WWV told in the past five years maybe even ten like this stuff was so good the chemistry just dripped off them they were hilarious like mocking Tom Phillips oh yeah like they have so many little moments within segments that didn't really do anything where they were just battering back and forth from like rinsing on people and stuff and then of course the festival of friendship when Jericho gets the listing he's like why is my name on the list and the whole thing popping off people were saying that that was akin to the Shawn Michaels Marty Jannetty the barber shop the barber shop section and you can totally see that that is for this generation at least the most powerful yet rake up possibly since the shield so I I find it hard to argue without really like it was tremendous stuff the festival was awesome and the feud after it perhaps not I could have done without yeah to be honest actually it's another reason why I hate phaaze because there was only happen because the fact that you wanted to go on tour with them I told why I hate phaaze because they're very bad anyway number four Paul Heyman yeah and not Brock Lesnar Oh CM Punk oh okay yeah we actually Jenna was actually one of the things where it's easy to forget that they were that he was a poor name yeah Paul Heyman guy like for a long time yeah it's like well I think like younger fans certainly will just associate Paul Heyman with oh I've heard about this ECW thing or Brock Lesnar but like him and Punk are obviously kindred spirits that look at wrestling in the very same way they approach it in a very similar way Punk's rise to prominence in WWE was fruit ECW but let's not talk yeah about WWE ECW obviously they had a lot of great moments together and the time they mocked the Undertaker for pallbearers death but you know I mean I would say that it's a shocking thing to see the double Wu's death a cheap heat but it isn't at all the shop but now they were always great together him and punk like some of my favorite Punk years ever I think the only thing that I'd say is that the only reason this bromance worked so well for them is because both men are great at talking yeah where's you could never say that there is a good bromance between Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman like there is a distinct divide they may be like partnerships in but only on paper if you know what I mean there's no love in that I think like I I think I agree from you I agree with you from a kayfabe standpoint like you can't imagine those two sitting in a bar as characters you know outside of work those outside yeah yeah yeah but like no I loved pumpkin Heyman like I'm a Paul Heyman guy that's where care but fair enough and also speaking about people who are work real friends outside but you bloody well couldn't tell on the screen it right I'll put it this way if I took a chair and I smashed you in your perfectly spherical head 16 to 17 times in front of your crime family we probably wouldn't go for drinks afterwards probably not no wrestling don't try the so but the but that is exactly this sort of feud that began with the rock and mankind you know three and they became the rock n sock connection which is arguably one of the most enjoyable sections that was on TV at that time and the best thing about it was is that not only did it come from the ashes of pure vitriol it developed in the most natural way possible it wasn't just the rock just being like the rock is happy to be here with with mankind it was like the rock thinks you're a piece of crap yeah yeah and and it's a time and that's what the WB used to allow things to do they didn't just say this is a good guy they are together now you must like it and buy the merchandise they were just like look just go with what the crowd wants yeah exactly I'm rockin sock is like one of well probably the best odd couple tag team of all time oh there's a legend that there is no we'll see but ya know like it's not really much more you can say like two of the most beloved ww performers of all time - guys with awesome on-screen chemistry again obviously the chair shot match was very tough to watch especially today knowing what we know about concussions and stuff oh yeah and but though yeah rockin sock was fantastic it was like two guys who had absolutely no business being so great together being great together and that's the essence of an odd couple great men trademark anyway we got one two more we got two more baby I mean at number 2 we have Triple H and Shawn Michaels oh how can you have this list without those guys I mean they did inflict one of the worst match is a whole time upon us the Super Show yeah but we won't talk about that yeah these guys have been creating all kinds of chaos together for decades whether it's backstage in the ring then they're just attached to the hip they are I mean you can't have one more fight the other all these embarrassing dad's DX reunions and stuff doesn't matter like the stuff they were doing in their heyday is absolutely seminal like DX invading goddamn WCW all this fun stuff when they did the dress up where he dressed up as Vince McMahon and then Shawn dressed up as somebody else I can't member they did like Sheena burns that was like I was I was quite young when that was on yeah and I was just there like this is this is actually one of the few WVU segments time finding funny and if this is the fact that they were doing what most WWE fans want them to do with the product today which is just laughs is yeah stop taking everything so seriously you know which is quite weird given her Triple H his career as Pando since right no I know I was talking to Sidgwick actually earlier on about Triple H and just talking about how you could go from somebody who was so controlling and so desperate to protect his position and his friends position by any means possible to helping usher in the next generation of superstars in NXT like that is always there for his little Instagram for fools and he's able to example to change but speaking of snaps let's finish with a quick 5 second post because 1 2 3 or 5 because well it's done oh we do now oh yeah it should we do that one hey I always come at them in my mouth they're really good anyway Edge and Christian in no more my why's the bro man literally started with them as brothers and then there were cousins and their friends and men were dads and lads a bromance with you brother I I mean you can but there are wars against that thing in a j-stars redneck community sort of thing and the redneck community would put about in the beer anyway they were absolute gold because not only were they hilarious but they had the best possible start because we get to talk about your favorite boy my girl and the boo because obviously they were an instrumental part of the brood we got started kicking up and not only were the amazingly fluffy like loose-fitting just absolutely fires in training gimmick but the the heel turn as it were on them when he when they betrayed Gangrel left him to drown in the seeds of obscurity and also blood was here that kick-started their move up onto the main roster and the tag division to go against the Hardys Dudley's and you know basically ex their faces it Mount Rushmore of that division at the time I mean basically why I joined Christian did in separating from the brood was one much like myself in my teenage years they decided they didn't want to be smelly little gulfs anymore and they improved their lives they upgraded and they became one of the most charismatic jewels perhaps of all time I used to love these guys even though I was a kid when they were in their prompt and even though you were supposed to hate the devilish oh yeah there was just such preposterous balance that I love them I adored them the 5-second poses The Lost conquistadors face and if Jonas giant has kazoos just a bunch of idiots man but they were so entertaining and of course of course all those great matches were the Hardys and the Dudley's seminal stuff and of course they split and Christians doing this whole thing when edge winds came to the ring trying to hog all the glory and the feud wasn't perhaps quite why he should have been but together and now even today on their edge and Christian show on the network they're just I love these guys I hope they make content together for every every ever for every ever then now for every area but the thing is there couldn't have been a better way to sort of highlight their bromance as it were than by Christian inducting edge into the Hall of Fame like that was the best possible way that it could have the only possible way that it could have been could have been a handle eated like jagged cars yes and one day hopefully edge will induct Christian yeah fingers crossed well where's his peeps yeah yeah there we go those with ten of the best WWE bromances I'd like to thank you my bro and my manse is a Mansa thing I yeah romances sounds like somebody cast spells necromancer's terrible terrible enter this bizarrely we should have written a script you show definitely not going out hog next up anyway thank you thank you so much for joining us and I hope that you've enjoyed another episode of oh yeah that's asking a stick first yes yeah that's disgusting that already sick of it as all who's out home Jules and you can follow me at retro J with a zero over on Twitter and I'm Andy Marion you can follow me over at and eh sorry on Twitter let us know what you thought about this down in the comment section below is any other bromance is that we may have messed them up you've won developing on screen right now right in front of your noses so let us know about that down below and until next time you lovely lovely people than weekly how'd a vice pres is over anyway speak to you soon