10 Best Wrestling Threats Of All Time

[Applause] ever since the rock told us that he was going to take various items turn them sideways and stick them up somebody's ass wrestling fans have enjoyed our threats it's all about delivery of course but it did spark a trend where jobs are more important than actually sounding as if you're going to hunt your opponent down and end them not in them just pin them in a ring but they're more believable it sounds the better this has happened throughout the years too with wrestlers throwing out lines that do make your question if what you're seeing is fake it's a tremendous way to get fans invested in a feud because it blurs the lines who on earth would sign off on someone saying something so violent aggressive big old though and gold is always what we're looking for it's worth a lot of money I'm Simon from what culture in this is the ten best wrestling threats of all time number 10 CM Punk punches upwards the rock was bigger than CM Punk both in size and status that was obvious and doubly so when you saw them go face to face dwayne johnson is not a small man and of course is a bonafide Hollywood superstar there aren't too many ways to take him down but Punk had one up his sleeve staring into Rocky's eyes punk used a line that has been doled out a few times in the world of wrestling but did it with so much gusto and conviction it felt like a knockout blow your arms are too short to box with God flew from Punk's mouth like a bullet and carried with it about 54 different meanings depend on how you wanted to interpret it somehow a Joe had uttered similar words in TNA around the same time but it was the kind of sentence punk needed to ensure he did indeed stand toe-to-toe with the biggest star WWE has ever produced and he did Punk held his own in a promo battle against the rock which both helped their feud and cm's overall standing in the company lemon I and Brock Lesnar shoot straight Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are a great pairing it helps the Beast no end because clearly he feels more comfortable is advocate doing half the work I just enjoy seeing them together however before they reunited Lesnar returned to the WWE in 2012 by himself and went straight after one John Cena there had to be some kind of explanation as to why this happened so in a backstage promo Brock let us know in no uncertain terms what he wanted to achieve and it was brilliant feeling a million miles away from the PG era we were used to It was as if Lesnar had marched back into town to remind everyone that he wasn't messing around when it came to wrestling that Sina was the reason the product was so stale here he barked the outside of his match the most important thing is what was gonna be running down John Cena's leg which could be pit and so on Brock sounded like he actually hated the man that can't be seen and stared into the camera the entire time as if he was ready to rip the lens cap off and shove it down someone's throat the threat came across as something very real and help build their match at Extreme Rules no wind nah man I Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins his face for a while those who knew pre WWE Dean Ambrose had wanted to see some of his trademark craziness and they got that after Seth Rollins had betrayed the shield feeling like he had a knife stabbed in his back Ambrose wanted to let everyone know what his plans for revenge were and did so by looking into the eyes of every audience member on the planet unleashing fire having quite the way with his wicked words Dean said when I get the opportunity to rearrange your face and I will your nose isn't gonna be here it's gonna be over there by your ear and I say because you're only gonna have one left when I rip it and your dirty stinking hair out by the roots and stuff it in your mouth there'll be plenty of room where your teeth used to be it sounds ridiculous when I say it but Ambrose knew exactly the right tone to strike allowing it to come across as something the set should actually be worried about as if in a few weeks Rollins may actually be missing an ear the first time many WWE fans got to see what Ambrose can do which is baffling while he's still not really allowed to do it now he's good at it so let him do it number seven jon moxley aims for bryan danielson this is of course Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan but happening at a time before they arrived in the WWE to stay shot for Dragon Gate USA moxie is barely visible as he hides out in the shadows while simultaneously throwing some pretty horrific lines at Danielson before their 2010 clash not a million miles away from Heath Ledger's Joker John threatens to beat the future WWE Champion up so badly that only would his independent legacy be ruined but no one will even be able to recognize him once he's finished coming across like a proper crazy person Moxley claims to only want one thing in wrestling which just so happened to be Bryan's head when he had it he was gonna put it on a stick it worked just because of how nuts Moxley came across especially when he claimed all the belts he happened to be carrying at the time meant dick to him they weren't as important as Danielson skull and that's why he was coming after it on September the twenty sic brilliantly crazy number six hardcore holly speaks the truth Junior had to apologize to viewers at home after hardcore holly swore during a post wrestlemania 2000 promo if we're talking about characterization this did the rest of the world of good holly had won the hardcore title by strange means to begin with thanks to a fox finish in the 24/7 rule but the new champ decided to make the best of his newfound situation and started right away getting mad or a matter as Michael Cole kept berating him with questions you could almost see the steam coming up hard causes before you drop the big one promising to prove any doubters wrong starting with Cole he simply said I will break your ass in half you little Sh head goodness Parker's words were foolish and old-fashioned but it only made it seem like he was going to take the belt seriously and anyone who did challenge him for it that's not so bad for a title that many saw as a joke obviously no one is gonna say she head on TV in 2019 when he can add an extra bang to your promo buck number five nails is one success nails made no sense in the early 90s and he makes no sense now an ex-convict to accuse the big boss men of brutality when he was behind bars we never found out what exactly the deal was was this true was nails innocent was he violent because of his false incarceration or was he just a massive tool no one knows because it never dived into that the point this was the cartoon era when everyone needed a gimmick of some sort but that didn't stop nails from trying to be as real as he could even before he took on the boss man in a nightstick on a pole match at Survivor Series after delivering one of the scariest beat downs the company had ever produced on a rival nail saved his most cutting remarks for his final promo promising revenge for the abuse he suffered nails had dark plans and none of them allowed the bossman to leave on his own speed as it turned out this was his last hurrah with WWE after a backstage blow-up with Vince McMahon over pay and what something when it came to his words he thought about them and tried to be as methodical as he could even though he was just a dude in some orange pants number 4 Arn Anderson's peak the end of you I was so dominant the 90s was hard to ever believe they were going to lose that sucked because it made things boring but then Arn Anderson came along and put a seed of doubt in everybody's mind by making you think the four horsemen could actually beat the New World Order set up magnificently by Mean Gene who noted that Anderson was arguably just as bad as his four been dishing out gang assaults on innocent victims mm presented a fire with firefighting solution as a way to ward off the invaders working in the always badass they send one of yours to the hospital so you send one of theirs to the morgue and doesn't continue to sound like a man who was on the verge of snapping his Ric Flair Kris Ben Warren Steve McMichael provided a fabulous backdrop by kicking the crap out of a defenseless booty man I'd always sounded in control when he spoke so why do bcw never let him do it more as a mystery well no it's not World Championship Wrestling always booked Hulk Hogan and his cohorts in the number one position meaning everyone else just have to try and take what they could still though smashed it number three minora Suzuki all the time when Oro suzuki is fear personified and genuinely comes across like a badass he tells you he's gonna brutalize you does it but then somehow that punishment is even worse than initially promised it's like knowing you're gonna be punched but then losing all your skin on impact Suzuki is simply a nasty man and an awesome 2018 offered the King countless opportunities to run down opponents they've been thrown in the ring against him even Tanner Hoshi was reduced to nothing after a submission stoppage loss at new beginning but it was the post match threat that highlighted just how relentless and ruthless the Suzuki gun leader was addressing a dumbstruck crowd Suzuki turned his attentions back on his fallen foe as he laid on a stretcher Tom ahah she was forced to absorb a verbal beatdown almost as cruel as the physical one he just endured Suzuki practically dared the ACE to try and put weight on the knee he'd just destroyed commenting that if he did he'd break him again is the equivalent of murdering someone and then hunting down their ghost chillin number two Ryan are the killer speaking of killing welcome Rhino to the list one of Paul Heyman's master strokes in the 2000s featured as a new heel and one with a huge upside the man-beast would shout and scream at anyone who even got close to him and some of his finest work came mere days before ECW itself imploded not content with mere violence rhino set his sights on the Sandman during the promotion's final ever pay-per-view after dropping f-bombs on the New York City natives as if they were gonna be banned the next day the television champ ran down his belt because as he rightfully said it was pointless given that the company didn't have any TV to air it on to this end he immediately challenged new ECW heavyweight champion The Sandman and threatened to murder his family if he refused reiner then noted that most folk were willing to die to get to the top whereas he was willing to kill for it good grief given that he had piledrive Sandman's wife Laurie through a table months earlier you knew deep down he meant every word to what a monster number one Suzuki again wrestle Kingdom thirteen was such a snack card that minora Suzuki and most of the Suzuki Gun group were left off the show entirely according to the man himself that was embarrassing because of this Suzuki cut another sinister promo following a December world tag league brawl with best friends beretta and Chucky T the latter had lost his patience with a post-match attack but had lost his mind down to step up to the most frightening fifty-year-old in all of wrestling in 2018 alone Suzuki and wished a serious accident on the entire crowd but nothing compared to the fate he promised Chucky should he spit his dummy out near him again I will absolutely kill you but where his words and it doesn't take a genius to figure out what he was saying Suzuki uses 30 years of reputation building as a maniac to give these six words all the sting they needed even though we all know the deal with Pro Wrestling nowadays here you'd be forgiven for worrying about the safety of one Chucky team as far as I know he's still okay for now know of any other amazing wrestling threats let us know in the comments below and don't forget to Like share and subscribe then head over to what coach common read yourself some articles and follow our culture on Twitter and what culture WWE my name is salmon from what culture thanks for listening and I will talk to you again soon