[Music] [Music] super sliders are the perfect product for moving furniture with ease simply tilt and place sliders under each leg then easily push or pull your furniture across carpet transition to hard surfaces by adding soft fabric socks they work great under sofas beds tables chairs - china cabinets washers dryers and more avoid damaging your floors by using super sliders to move your furniture spring-cleaning redecorating getting ready for the holidays everything is easy with super sliders with socks look for other super sliders products at a retailer near you [Music] hi I'm Jeff Segal Creek and this is the all-terrain money bill what makes the all-terrain money belt unique is that it functions just like a normal bell but on the inside you have a hidden zippered pocket or you can fold and hide your cash it's made of a heavy-duty nylon webbing that extends to a 42 inch waist and has no metal components so that you can wear it when going through security we sell a ton of these products because people love them it's backed by a lifetime warranty for all your travel necessities shop eagle creek [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] you may not have your entire life organized but with the drive car trunk organizer you can finally have your car organized a unique and practical idea the drive car trunk organizer is a simple way to ensure that all the items you need to keep in your trunk stay upright and in one place made from sturdy materials the drive car trunk organizer features 13 panels reinforced with stiff base plates no flimsy sides or bases that can cave in it's big enough for all your stuff but size just right for any vehicle perfect for storing a variety of essentials including travel coffee mugs water bottles cell phones work binders folders paperwork and even groceries with the drive car trunk organizer you never have to worry about your cargo organizer staying put the strong and adjustable straps lock on to anchor points located throughout your vehicle helping to prevent it from sliding around your trunk at every turn and stop or sliding off your seat the drive car trunk organizer can be placed in the front seat - it's the ideal storage solution for the business traveler or road warrior a place for everything and everything in its place [Music] can you imagine cleaning being this fun twisted shop mop is the newest award-winning spin mop that easily rings out with a gentle push on the handle the super absorbent microfiber mop head locks in dust and spills and claims three times better than cotton the swivel head allows it to easily clean under furniture around corners and even baseboards just toss the mop head in the washer when you're done and dance on Elly video series today we are going to introduce our impressive product there a rechargeable camping spotlight ok let's begin first of all the box comes with a fully charged spotlight USB to USB cable spotlight strap and a user manual the front spotlight has one crie t6 LED only one LED beep can provide 1000 lumens it will shine several hundred yards and has a clear beam of light the front light has two modes the first mode is 1000 lumens and works for 2 hours the second mode has four hundred lumens and can be used for up to five hours there are two buttons behind a spotlight the yellow button controls the sidelines this side light can power 130 lumens for six hours and 70 lumens for even 12 hours the side light can be used for area lighting it is useful when you look for your equipment in your tent then let's have a look at another button which is located on the bottom press it then the red light on the right starts flashing which indicates your location while in danger [Music] [Music] [Music]