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hello everyone today we live in a world of digital technologies and we cannot avoid using all kinds of gadgets every day just think where would we be without them nowhere of course because we are surrounded by technology some of these devices make our life easier some are tiny others are pretty big but their ultimate goal is the same to make our life better in today's video we will show you 10 great inventions that you will love ahead Clocky this elusive alarm clock is a dream for those who have trouble waking up when the time comes to get up the device starts to sound stridently it is possible to turn off the alarm for a minute but if you don't wake up in that time the device will start to sound like a siren and it'll run away from its place the alarm clock will hit the walls and changes direction to turn it off you'll have to get out of bed and reach for it we're sure that after so much hustle and bustle you will not go back to sleep especially after having done some exercise fortunately this extreme function can be disabled this watch can jump from a height of 1 meter on a carpet or 1/2 meter on a hard floor like tile or laminate this is the perfect gadget for the sleepiest people out there Empire if you miss some of the possibilities of computer games in your paintball battles such as a mini-map or the visualization of enemies this device is perfect for you it's a mask with ventilation protected against physical damage and sun rays which also functions as augmented reality glasses navigate through the menu using a special bracelet the glasses have an accelerometer a gyroscope Bluetooth Wi-Fi and GPS this mask can withstand direct hits from pressure weapons and survive a paintball battle the mask indicators will display information relevant to the game such as the number of remaining ammunition a mini battlefield map and the position of enemies and allies the device works with Android and has a dual-core processor with a frequency of 1 gigahertz GPS Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi the device has a double glass resistant to hits sweat and the painting of paintball ammunition a true invention for real players family hub how should the best refrigerator in the world look like this this device is the best of its kind its main feature is that it's the world's first intelligent refrigerator ready to make your life easier in addition to a large number of spaces compartments and functions to conserve products this refrigerator has an information panel similar to a mini computer thanks to it your refrigerator can be synchronized with any mobile device with its help you can control other gadgets surf the internet buy products and do many other things the only and logical defect of this product is its considerable price especially for this class of products $6,000 for that price food should come out of the refrigerator already cooked right [Music] nan-oh leaf Aurora what would become of us without beauty this is what the creators of this particular lamp thought it is a bit difficult to call this device a lamp but you'll see nano leaf Aurora is a series of triangular LED panels capable of distilling lights of different colors the panels can be attached to the wall the ceiling the furniture or the floor or any surface the basic set has 30 segments the owner can create with them the design they prefer lamps are controlled and configured with a mobile device the diversity of modes of this device is incredible and allows to create great designs this device will decorate any room creating an unrepeatable atmosphere of light and more than 16,000 colors with the help of a mobile application you can control the light brightness and contrast of each panel if you're looking for a gift for a close person this is a great choice equal what can be better than comfort when studying that's why this smart set of marker and magnetic boards has been created for the board to work it's necessary to install and turn on a sensor and put a special case with a calculation device on the marker and that's it the board is ready to be used everything you write or draw will be sent via Wi-Fi to any tablets or mobile devices in the classroom the necessary information is stored in the database of the board and can be transferred to a USB memory stick comfortable right thanks to this device you will no longer have to write notes in a notebook or take pictures of the board the creators are sure that this device allows a more effective work than when using paper and pencil and we agree smart bed the mood of a person during the day depends largely on the quality of their sleep the night before so to get up feeling great this original bet has been created it's able to register your position during sleep and changes form to give you the greatest comfort no matter the pose this smart bed is also indispensable for people who snore if you start to snore the bed raises your head to a seven degree angle so that the sound will stop the bed also warms the region of the feet to help you fall asleep this device also has an alarm that will wake you up in time the bed is divided into two separate parts so it can watch not only your sleep and dreams but the sleep and dreams of the cat sleeping next to you all the information collected as well as tips for improving sleep are sent to your smartphone music angel now a little magic their singular speaker is floating in the air and is really impressive and amazing it flies thanks to a magnetic levitation system this device consists of a platform and a balloon-like speaker that rotates when used the device connects via bluetooth to a distance of up to 20 meters the device can run for six hours without being recharged so you can enjoy your favorite songs for a long time the loudspeaker is compact and ideal for any decor remind e is it possible to make music without some musical instruments in your hands it is now possible thanks to a special digital glove to start using it you need to configure the necessary mode using a control located in the wrist region after which you can simulate that you're playing any instrument this device has been developed not only for musicians and DJs but for all who want to access this art the glove comes with a controller that allows combining all kinds of sounds for the fingers palms and forearms the gadget has eight sensors three of the palms of the hands and one on each finger it's possible to configure each sensor separately which offers great possibilities for your art happy Fork we all like to eat well but often we do not have the time to enjoy a plate quietly and end up stuffing everything into our mouths at the same time but did you know that eating too fast is bad for metabolism and one of the causes of being overweight don't worry happy fork is here to help you monitor and control the habits of eating well the device uses a sensor to tell you if you're eating too fast this fork measures the time between the moment you take the food from the plate and the moment you put it in your mouth this function is called portions in addition this instrument measures the amount of time you spend at lunch all the time it takes for you to finish off a plate so if you're on a diet or want to eat well this gadget is just what you need print this unique case turns your Smartphone into a Polaroid camera this invention is based on a system that avoids the use of ink the case is a construction that can be used along with these samsung galaxy s4 galaxy s5 iPhone 5 5 s 5c and 6 through a USB port thanks to which the developers reduce the print time by 30 seconds the printer case has an integrated accumulator that is challenged with a micro USB cable included a basic cartridge has 10 sheets of special paper the charge of the accumulator is enough for 20 photographs in addition the developers created a mobile application that allows you to record videos from 5 to 7 seconds during the creation of frame amazing gadgets upcoming 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