10 Dick Moves Promoters Used To Improve Wrestlers Performances

[Applause] all elite wrestling have promised vast change within Pro Wrestling no more of this this or whatever the hell this is basically and though the product has to be judged on itself rather than the platitude so far spouted by Cody Rhodes a towel this list will feature practices the aew crew have to steer a million miles away from and I don't just mean doing the opposite of whatever TNA were doing in 2010 wrestlers have always been at the whims of promoters and though it's perhaps the biggest actual difference IEW could possibly proffer it'll prove one of the hardest to push through bosses being battles has often brought the best out of competitive contenders sober sleep breathing that an acceptable level of abuse in Pro Wrestling is somehow an acceptable way to behave personally I wanted to call this list ten times Vince was a dick but apparently that's not allowed instead I'm Adam will born from what culture and he's attending moose promoters used to improve wrestlers performances number ten never supporting Kevin Owens the WWE Network 365 special on AJ stars last year was a rather pleasant stroll along a very hard road it was substantially different for Kevin Owens during the pilot edition of the show Owens 365 felt an awful lot closer to the assumed life of a frustrated performer as he navigated the choppy waters of Vince McMahon's mind never sure if he was in favor or out of fashion with his boss including when he was ruddy Universal champion the prizefighter tried and often failed to figure out his footing in a company that dished out and withdrew autonomy and creative control okay then the Goldberg squash that cost him the title McMahon in particular was an unapologetic prick to him for so long it had to be hugely cathartic for Owens when he got to stick his knot on him in a memorable Smackdown live segments later that year that's better number nine threatening and insulting Chris Jericho two notable tales from less cordial times between these two best bloody buddies reflect a chairman keen to neg y2j into proving himself or leaving the company altogether depending on how he takes the heat Jericho went on record with McMahon's harshest 1999 volley apparently he said your greenest grass and your contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on which is coincidentally when I got told when I first joined what culture two years later Vincent formed the first-ever undisputed champion that he'd be winning with some barbarous Berber banter that wasn't even behind his back to Undertaker but deliberately within earshot of Jericho McMahon allegedly joked that the business has to be going to because they were putting the title on Jericho number eight burying Triple H speaking of doodoo Triple H was told to eat platefuls of it and learn to like the taste of it after three of his best mates buggered off to WCW and his other one commanded headline spots up and down the country but his long overstated berry alt served as the metal testing exercise that transformed his career all right this might have helped too he barely won on television and pay-per-view and the Greenwich snob gimmick was left for dead by the bosses although that persona needed bidding before he could get anywhere anyway hunter recovered quickly and clearly massaged his reputation as the ultimate company man before he became the literal one in the process number seven over pushing Lex Luger poor Lex Luger now available to view in painstaking detail on the WWE Network his Lex Express boss tour between July 4th 1993 and August the 30th SummerSlam was irrefutable one of Vince McMahon's biggest waste of money during a financial nadir for his organization oh I'm just gonna leave this here too fitting that a campaign boss was the chosen method of transport to cart Luger around it was that McMahon threw him under when the attempted elevation had profoundly failed just three months later despite Luger putting on his best fake smile night after night McMahon didn't drape Luger in yellow but he did everything else to help audiences forget about Hulk Hogan an embrace a man that had literally been narcissistic to a fault just days before slamming Yokozuna on an aircraft carrier number six refusing to let Randy Savage wrestle Randy Savage had allegedly made no secret of wanting to wrestle rather than announce but McMahon's ill-conceived new generation branding apparently froze him out you see he had to make room for stars like Max moon Fantasia and mantle Savage was only a few years beyond some of the other top stars and even younger than Bob Backlund a man who'd win the WWE Championship just weeks after his departure far from just taking WCW money and running Ronny instead revved his engines and shoved his ability back in his old gaffers face reborn as a wrestler throughout 1995 and a draw in 1996 savage had one of his best ever years in 97 as a heel against great WCW babyface Hope Diamond Dallas Page oh and who could forget that classic match he had with spider-man in 2002 number five dismissing AJ Styles as wrestling ability AJ Styles revealed that Vince McMahon implied he was nothing special between the ropes when they first met yeah it's only AJ bloody styles this was patently absurd of course but the Chairman was chasing something else from the phenomenal one and just think about that for a second he's coming in with that nickname and the first thing you do is tell him he's crap in the ring yet it worked it always does I hate admitting this but Vince is the greatest worker of them all stars took Vince's words and took to them as if he was being told the earth was flat that's gonna make the comments from more than happy to prove himself all over again anyway AJ searched for edges in his game still to be smoothed out and evidently found them quickly enough to convince his boss that he was a sound and safe choice for WWE championship glory number four mocking Dusty Rhodes Dusty Rhodes was twice a victim of Vince McMahon's vindictiveness in the late 1980s but only when the joke was literally on him was he able to turn it back around on the wily promoter McMahon had christened Ted DiBiase's manservant Virgil as a rib on dusty real name Virgil Reilly Runnels jr. during his time as a Booker and wrestler for Jim Crockett Promotions but that's nothing compared to when he actually convinced Rhodes to join up with him in 1989 taking the American Dream and attempting to turn him into some sort of July 4th parade in human form Dusty's working man shtick was instead repurposed as a polka sporting common man murk man logic regardless it mattered not that his polka dot fascination was never explained looked good all that he's dancing didn't exactly jive with the working-class hero he'd portrayed so believably he was simply as good at doing one thing as he was others and audiences fell in love with him all over again number three ignoring and neglecting Neville it wasn't just Neville's Twitter game that improved when he returned as a well batted heel in late 2016 after a long long layoff Neverland just miss out on months of action during his spell on the shelf he missed out on multiple moments he was desperate to own WrestleMania the company's critically acclaimed cruiserweight classic and the inaugural UK Championship Tournament all could and would have benefited from his presence and the anger stored within him was smartly channeled into a king of the cruiserweights moniker he wore well for most of 2017 despite an incredible run of pay-per-view matches and a character that basically carried 205 live WWE still didn't seem to care booking him thoughtlessly against Akira Tazawa Enzo amore that's aged well and others when their job should have been to preserve the divisions one genuine star the Newcastle star protested his position by simply stepping away entirely but WWE refusing to release him early left him in contractual limbo for nearly a full year fortunately the work he'd done despite the relentless dissent had made yearning hearts fonder during his absence his return to Dragon Gate select independent appearances like our very own to find wrestling and confirmation of his signing with all elite wrestling were met with thunderous enthusiasm forget the Neville level pack is back number 2 bear CM Punk CM Punk's enraged pipe-bomb promo was if you believe it a last act of catharsis before he splits like everyone else had done but even if it was all part of a grand work to sell a pay-per-view and he was always intending to sign a new deal it took him being off about well just about everything to inspire a speech that rousing it's a wonder the microphone wasn't burned to a crisp so violent with a flame spewed forth by punk he was in his mind wronged by a profoundly failing system and you Nexis anyone the straightedge superstar was becoming the voice of the voiceless by finally careering off the rails but it's honestly tough to imagine how else things would have gone for the unpredictable star had WWE actually afforded him a modicum of respect and no I'm not just talking about people power McMahon got three more years have what sounded like pretty petty mistreatment and the two made more money together from fighting than they ever would have as friends number one screwing Bret Hart Vince McMahon may have totally destroyed one of the decades biggest stars when he screwed Bret Hart at Survivor Series 1997 but he made himself an even bigger one in the process and freed space for a hungry young roster to occupy it was by far the most commercially stupendous bit of powdery in the history of the industry few saw a way out for him post Montreal too but in finally finding the perfect villainous foil for Stone Cold Steve Austin as he inadvertently had the sky was again the limit for the man that discovered new heights in the industry a full decade earlier his business was in rude health his mind unaffected by a decision that had broken others and his body never more prepared to be donated to the cause of getting his new stars over even when he was an utter utter bastard's McMahon back door into brilliance you