10 Former WWE Stars Who Deserve Another Shot

oh here let's get this over with nice and early CM Punk is not on this list now that's not because we don't want to see him back because let's face it we definitely do but no matter how much the universe would accept a Punk retain the plethora of legal issues between him and the company feel too great at the moment for that to materialize not to mention the fact that he's also just about to begin his career into the world of MMA a common tree with kids fury Fighting Championships but while this list may not have any chick magnets what it does have are a collection of other wrestlers who perhaps have some unfinished business with Derby debris as well as a hunger and an interest to actually do something about it I am an analyst from what culture Wrestling and this is 10 former WBA stars who deserve another shot number 10 rich Swan last year rich Swan parted ways with debris debris amidst domestic abuse allegations that have been made against the former cruiserweight champion despite the case being dropped and Swan protesting his innocence throughout WV have a zero-tolerance policy for domestic abuse cases and it seemed to be enough of a negative situation that the company sought to distance themselves from Swan and the allegations as a result Swan almost retired from wrestling entirely following the ordeal but after some time away to reflect and move past the whole situation the former 205 live star returned to wrestling signed with impact and is currently tearing it up as their X Division champion swans have a new lease of life since his return and when he's producing the kind of quality we saw from him during his time in NXT the cruiserweight classic and two or five live you cannot but think he'd have so much more to offer a second time around number name Caitlyn things are a lot different now and Derby degree than they were when Caitlyn first arrived in the company back in 2010 originally a well muscled bodybuilder given a generic romance angle with biggie and the tide was already turning towards the women's revolution albeit fairly slowly on top of that Caitlyn had joined the company during the early laughable days of NXT and that stigma was one that proved to be a hindrance when it came to being taken seriously by the WWE Universe fast forward and the landscape for women's wrestling has improved dramatically and Caitlyn got her first taste of that change during the second installment of the Miriam classic last year and during a time away from wrestling Caitlyn's also managed to show her entrepreneurial skills launching her own fitness clothing company and acting as a spokesperson for her husband nutrition group and I'm out with the proof that she can still go between the ropes she feels like a much more complete prospect that double degree would be very interested in whether it would be adding to the NXT Women's Division or having another spell on the main roster a second one with a few notable matches against competitors from any of the incredibly talented women's rosters would be enough to right the wrongs of Kaitlyn's previous run with the company no Morea Tennille - would a woman who is horrendously misused during her previous six years in WBA Tennille - would was repeatedly overlooked in favor of others during her time as Emma and found herself stuck in comedy spots and treated as a glorified job over the stars after a while fans became conditioned not to care about her matches which is a real shame for a wrestler as talented as Dashwood is it's a talent she's since proven with their work in Ring of Honor despite the fact that's been slightly limited due to injury and at the age of 29 you feel she still has plenty more to offer if she can keep her self injury free as Emma in to be debris Dashwood was doomed spinner wheels throughout her tenure and let's not even get started with the hall emilina shenanigans but with all that said there must be a part of the Australian that would love to return one day and sure what she can really do in the promotion when used properly number 7 Trent Barreta Hey look it's one half of the dude Buster's remember them now you've got a feel of her Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft with this one because who on earth is pitching the dude boosters indubitably creative and thinking now that's a solid idea well it's probably the same person who thought that putting them in a feud with Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer on superstars was the key to stardom spoiler alert it wasn't and the experience was so bad that it actually led to killing Croft retiring from professional wrestling altogether but from the rubble of that tag team turned Enhancement talent nightmare Trent Barreta has managed to successfully relaunch his career import Ring of Honor pwg and most notably New Japan in the Lada he's become a four-time IWGP junior heavyweight tag chump as part of Roppongi Vice and if you've watched as much as it's clear to see the talent that Beretta has a talent which to be degree never really allowed him ashore kis Parata looks like a man who's very much enjoying his wrestling once again and you could argue that he may not be in any immediate rush to return the Derby debris and change that however if Trent was to opt for a return to the company then perhaps the styles and skills he's developed would be more tailored to fit the bill on either NXT or two or five live where the focus would be much more on his in-ring ability rather than his dude posting of these on the main roster number six Matt Sidell when he surprisingly pinned Costa Rica at Derby degrees fatal 4-way pay-per-view in June 2010 the future looked so very bright for the Evan Bourne character that Matt Sidell was portraying on Dibby Dibby TV that win was supposed to elevate the high flyer but in fact it ended up being a bit of a false dawn the next four years were all over the place for Seidel in between Wellness Policy suspensions and injuries he formed the air boom tag team with Kofi Kingston then spent a year on the sidelines before being released from his contract in 2014 Seidel would return to the independent scene enjoying stints at Ring of Honor for Cinderella and New Japan before eventually returning the Impact Wrestling in 2017 there's never been a question of Outsiders ability as much as rarely disappoint but perhaps there could still be question marks over his fitness and potential Wellness Policy hurdles so Adele's latest injury came as recently as this year picking up a knee injury at the start of January and just under two and a half years prior he was arrested in Japan and convicted on a suspicion of marijuana smuggling which as I'm sure you can probably imagine is the type of bad publicity that just wouldn't fly and WWE still if Matt can keep himself fit and avoid any further legal discrepancies you could see him being a perfect fit for the 205 live roster now yes that might not sound like a good thing but with Mustafa Ali graduating to the main roster and the overall stigma of the brand slowly but surely changing you can't tell me you wouldn't enjoy watching Seidel tear it off against WBA cruiserweight champion bode Murphy number 5 John Morrison now listen this ain't no make-believe here might be a tough sell for w/e to try and lure John Morrison nitro Mundell impact back into the mix in 2019 but they should damn well try currently the reigning impact world champion Morrison is still as athletic as ever and continues to maintain some name value in the wrestling world after his 2011 departure from WWE in this particular situation however any chance of a return would hinge on Morrison's own interest not strictly that of WWE Morrison's poor stupid every life has been kind to him and alongside successful runs in lucha underground and impact the man of a million surnames has also doubled in the world of acting to deal on ordeal perhaps John Morrison might be all too happy to entertain his 40s without the rigors of a full-time schedule but for a man with such star potential he may well always have that question in his head what if number 4 deuce Robinson the laid-back hippie CJ Parker is a not in NXT history and the gimmick was so hardest to make for hardcore NXT fans that the brand actually had to turn him heel during his first run when that didn't work either Parker grew tired of the monotony and requested his release in 2015 but as luck would have it his calling was waiting for him in Japan there as part of New Japan Pro Wrestling he renamed himself to Robinson and has gradually managed to develop into one of the most over gaijin baby faces in the company in his new rule juice has finally found the platform to excel his promos are incredible and his new character uses the type of personality and charisma that he showed limps us off during his run in NXT but was ultimately smothered by the restraints of the eco-warrior gimmick his still in Japan has also been a huge success with juice becoming a two-time IWGP United States Champion a belt which he currently holds after defeating Corey at Wrestle Kingdom 13 earlier this year now as you can imagine impressed by juices evolution away from the company the Wrestling Observer claimed late last year that Robinson was back on WB's radar and as he bloody should be because his improvement and development have come as the result of tremendous hard work but if juices promos are anything to go by like for example I don't know the one where he certainly mentioned that's in the rear view mirror now and guess what I ain't going back I ain't ever going back then you might just get the very ever so slight impression that he doesn't really have any plans to head back to WB any time soon number three weird Barrett when a company manages to take a great gimmick like bad news Barrett and turn it into a terrible gimmick like King Barrett it really is no wonder that's stupid it decided that enough was enough and elected to leave the following year despite taking time away from in-ring wrestling Bennett has popped up in the industry multiple times featuring his GM for both define wrestling and ITV's world of sport revival and in both roles he's reminded everybody just how excellent a promo man he really is not only that put his skills as a color commentator are hard to argue with and while of a 10 w very as a wrestler would be interesting a return as a commentator I could be just as rewarding well he may have made the biggest impact being the bearer of bad news any form of return force to Bennett and W brie could surely only be good news number two karma the once-proud run of Awesome Kong in TNA give way to the promises of more when debris debris picked ki s demons up and renamed her karma in 2010 sadly her Correa was never quite the same again shortly after debuting is a dominating heal Stevens fell pregnant take significant time off from resting she would return briefly at the 2012 Royal Rumble but then left the company not too long after that while stints in Japan and a retainer impact would follow Stephens struggle have replicated her red hot run from before and eventually ended up moving away from full-time wrestling to pursue other avenues fortunately one of those avenues just so happened to be the Netflix series Klaw where she plays the welfare queen in a role that allows her to showcase her acting abilities while also making use of a vast wrestling experience now the combination of those two elements could be the real selling point for any potential retain - double degree and if karma could be coaxed out of semi-retirement to go back to wrestling here quality is a more well-rounded performer could see here be the perfect opponent for any beer be fierce looking for a challenge Ronda Rousey anybody and number one Bautista now if there's one person I'd personally want to see yet another running to be debris then it's this guy how the hell can you not love dear god damn Batista well over to you 2014 because at the Royal Rumble that yeah that was exactly the kiss it was a return that had promised so much but was ultimately tarred with negativity and booty stir chance although admittedly that was mostly as a byproduct of day of simply not being Daniel Bryan and winning the 2014 Royal Rumble sadly the experience that year left a bitter theist in Batista's mouth and one that would take a good four years to wash out as the animal wouldn't be seen on WWE TV until his return for Smackdown 1000 last year / teesta used his appearance to air some of his grievances to some extent but one hugely notable thing was hearing and seeing how different the reaction was from the fans this time around maybe he'd earned their respect for his more serious roles in the likes of Spectre or played Verner 2049 maybe he'd earned their love for his portrayal of Drax in guardians of the galaxy or maybe it was just the fact that dear Batista is one of life's all round swell guys but whatever the reason the dubby dubby universe showered the animal with love and you could see just how much it meant to him not to mention the fact that he teased a match with Triple H that I didn't even know I wanted to see until I saw the two squaring off Batista has expressed an interest in returning to the ring but also stated they would have to be the right match and that he'd want to go all-in with it if he did which means no part-time and all full-time and what better way to purge the nightmare of five years ago then delivering one last successful WB run to prove that the animal can still get it done