10 Gimmicks WWE Refuse To Give Up On

[Applause] we've all been there you think of a great joke or an awesome idea and yet you're met with a lackluster response like this hey guys guess what biscuit I'd be if I was a biscuit it's gonna be your plane what biscuit would you be if you were a biscuit a will ball bomb [Music] like a Borbon now imagine if you had a platform to keep attempting to push that joke or idea on your audience until they eventually submitted to your vision through sheer exhaustion welcome to Vince McMahon's WWE I'm Adam wheel born from what culture and these are 10 gimmicks WWE refused to give up on number 10 the cuckold 2 for the price of one sucks to be you Mike Kanellis and rusev does Vince just really enjoy watching men get ridiculed by their partners on TV yes yes he does this sadistic bastard thinks this whole thing is funnier than being pushed into a pool fully clothed which is bloody funny Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins and Charlotte Flair and Andrade you have been warned number 9 King insert mid-quarter the King of the Ring tournament is a fantastic concept by beating a host of top name stars a wrestler can establish themselves as a serious threat in the company just look at Stone Cold's the often an edge god I miss you too therefore you think that WWE would copy and paste that approach not fabricate a gimmick based only on the fact that the tournament has the word King in it yet here we are in 2019 after Baron Corbin bantered his way to victory although it was pretty mint to be honest we now live in the genius era of King Corbin the frustrating thing is that having a dude walk around WWE with a crap looking crown in Cape in 2019 takes a wrestler from potential main event star to real star cannon fodder random kings don't work in the modern era Vince just let it go mate although let's just watch Corbin's throne collapse to cheer ourselves off a bit that's better number 8 the fun merchants do you know what's fun being told the wrestler is having loads of fun and said wrestler then being instructed to dedicate their entire persona having fun in 2019 we have been reminding almost every time that the lucha house party of gray starscream that the trio like to have fun they bounce around the ring wave their hands in the air and of colorful masks fun fun fun fun fun kill me some talents have made fun work in their favor the new day have used their own brand of hilarity to add some much-needed levity to the company whilst not losing any of their competitive spirit when the moment calls for it the key difference here though is that the new day made us laugh on their own terms and we need to be told how much fun they were having because we could see it number seven the big immovable monster big bad monsters in WWE have been a part of the furniture for as long as anyone can remember the reason if you need to generate sympathy for a plucky babyface and give them an obstacle that is unrealistically insurmountable there's nothing better than throwing a Goliath wrecking ball into the path of your soon-to-be hero also the big immovable monster offers a level of spectacle that will never not be cool that's right big is cool I'm big and look at me here cool try and convince yourself that you weren't in all of Andre the Giant Big Show Kane or the second coming of braun strowman - pissy trousers when you first saw them you can see why Vince McMahon has returned to this well on numerous occasions although that doesn't mean it's a guarantee that a monster will get with a live audience just think of last Sullivan a great colleague and foot botherer gene Snitsky if there's not enough talent behind the performer of freakish stature the gimmick falls flat and McMahon will move on to his next plaything number 6 glamour equals better you'd think given WWE runs an actual anti-bullying be a star program the days of incessant name-calling and juvenile fat shaming would be over nope nyeh Jax found herself tangled up in a feud with one-time best bud Alexa bliss in which the latter began to body shame and bully the former on the road to her raw Women's Championship match at WrestleMania 30 for almost ten years earlier WWE didn't exactly have quite the same tact in handling the issue Mickie James were subjected to jarring insults of piggy James by Michelle McCool and Layla that felt lazy and irresponsibly executed Plus look at Mickie James WWE haven't fully learned from their mistakes of a decade ago either in September 2019 Manny rose resorted to calling out Nikki cross as ugly in comparison to the fire and desire team member surely WWE can think of a better future emulous for these talented women than immature aesthetic put-downs but for whatever reason they insist on using this trope as a limp attempt to elicit heat number 5 Brock Lesnar the final boss in recent years he's played WWE's resident Thanos with all who stepped before him being swatted like flies AJ Styles Daniel Bryan and Finn Balor all didn't have enough to topple the Beast incarnate so when someone actually did it would mean something Goldberg Roman reigns and Seth Rollins have all received the letter conquering rob in recent years and with him now reigning as your current WWE Champion at time of recording you can bet your ass that WWE will squeeze a few more programs involving a tyrannical Lesnar being overthrown on a big stage out before his run with the company is over number 4 the slapstick looser heel it does make sense in the grand scheme of things for a heel to get their comeuppance it also makes sense to ramp up a character's downfall to the degree of slapstick hilarity in order to provoke a joyful response from the audience what doesn't make sense is for that downfall to come over every single sodding week that character never coming good on any threat or becoming a glorified Jabba that is the position that Sami Zayn dolph ziggler and at one point the miss have all found themselves in McMahon obviously has a fondness for silly slapstick and that has been prevalent in WWE for decades but to diminish her character to the point of them being a guaranteed loser surely doesn't do anything for the talent or the company in the long run they do look silly though don't know number three cult leader it feels as though it's been quite some time since we had our last cult leader lay waste to WWE's landscape with the help of some devoted followers but rest assured it will be only a matter of time before McMahon decides to band a group of meandering entities together to follow a star he's got big plans for there was Bray Wyatt and his entrusted Wyatt family CM Punk's Straight Edge Society and of course the brood featuring friend of the channel Gangrel love you big guy Coley does have a tendency to elevate all who follow them so you can see why WWE aren't quick to give this one a rest just yet who knows AJ Styles could transform the OSI into his own personal terror cult before 2019 is up number two the enforcer in one of the most perplexing notions ever to tumble out of Vince McMahon's mind and think what that means one day he decided that some wrestlers those people who fight in the ring over who's the better individual needed protection better yet a full-blown enforcer to the amazement of the paying public it actually worked - over the years many Heels have used this silent bodyguard character to help gain an upper hand in their feuds everyone from Batista to Ezekiel Jackson has played the part as Vince McMahon indulges in his big dude fantasies on a generational basis in recent times drew McIntyre renounced himself on the main roster in a similar role protecting his protege Dolph Ziggler in 2019 he was hired as Shane McMahon's personal hit goon - well brutalize if you want to get your big guy over as a powerhouse that isn't to be messed with this gimmick works a treat if you want them to be considered as a serious world tile contender a personality has to lie beneath the broad in fact WWE have learned time and time again it's only a matter of time before Walter becomes Sami Zayn's new silent muscle just you wait number Warner pissed-off veteran in 1997 Bret Hart had been quite vocal about his disliking of the company's Attitude Era seeds being planted and this ill feeling was pushed on screen as he started to lambast the fans for their love of all things attitude go on then what about the Attitude Era what about the Attitude Era what about the Attitude Era it led to one of the most controversial moments in wrestling history when Hart left this new frontier to join WCW after they came clear that the Chairman wouldn't be able to afford to fulfill his 20-year contracts that he signed a year prior yet some good came from that toxic Screwjob ending a new gimmick v entitled pissed off old veteran was born and the likes of Randy Orton and Batista have turned on the fans that once cheered them in an act of frustration over how they've been unappreciated in the company in the last year Orton and Chris Jericho admittedly outside of WWE have taken it upon themselves to exact revenge on the current crop of stars as a way of finding retribution for their lack of support or respect from the fans and higher-ups the gimmick helps extract a couple more competitive years out of aging superstars and also gives younger performers a chance to share the stage with bonafide Big Tymers hence why WWE continues to reuse it and that's all list did we miss any out let us know in the comments section below and don't forget to Like share and subscribe and subscribe to what cool dressing on either iTunes Spotify or ever get your podcasts from for daily wrestling podcast to blush you can check out more recent videos here thanks for watching I've been Adam from what culture and I'll see you soon