10 Great Wrestling Careers Ruined By Bad Gimmicks

[Applause] you've always got to be ahead of the game no matter how well something is working if you don't make tweaks here and there you'll eventually run out of steam that's why I'm doing this naked right now keep them guessing wrestlers like the Undertaker and Chris Jericho have proven themselves masters at this time and time again and it's likely a reason for their longevity they saw what else was happening and ensured to move with the changing world it was awesome they were able to do that had the power to do so but this goes the other way too some performers just get told what's about to happen in terms of their character and it's not always what makes the most sense in fact sometimes it can be so bad it can wreck an individual's career entirely pull the rug out from underneath them and hurl it into the bin and I'm summing from what culture and this is ten great wrestling careers ruined by a bad gimmick number 10 John Bernard to Lord Tensai as Albert or a chain Matt blame never really got higher than WWE's mid curd he was reliable enough but mostly known as the guy who had a hairy back once he left though he found tremendous success in Japan winning many a title in new Japan and Pro Wrestling NOAH teaming with the likes of Carl Anderson and Tyson Tomko along the way when word got back to Vince McMahon that giant Bernard as he was known was kicking ass it was decided he should return to the Fed but in a bigger role doing so in March 2012 he ate Alex Riley alive and even beat CM Punk and John Cena everything seemed like he was in place apart from the fact he was Lord Tensai to this day I don't know what that was he had Japanese words written all over his head and was backed up by Sakamoto who was weird anyway but the worst part was all the fans knew this was Albert and weren't shy about shouting out loud WWE just tried to explain what's happening I think it would have been fine but they did not tense I was soon saddled with a losing streak broke up with his manager type guy before being thrown into a tag team with Brodus Clay known as tons of funk you know how that goes he was taken off TV and became a trainer in 2014 which doesn't mean in many ways this shift ruined his career nah man I'm Paul Burchill - a pirate I get why this was dumb but damn it if I didn't like Paul Burchill as a pirate I don't know why either but they just handed up so well plus he swung off the aisleway the thing is here we had a great talent who was underused in Dunn w/e and they're not allowed to show what he could do cuz he was just a Jack Sparrow knockoff they worked glimpses before this when he and regal tank together but in 2006 he embraced his in a peg leg by pirating it out it seems as if this was virtuals I did two telling people he had family ties the black bid and then turning up the Smackdown and full-on cosplay he even renamed his finisher to walk in the plank it only lasted a few months but during that period it was like we'd gone back to 1995 chance of pirate Paul would ever part of anything else he did in WWE which may have been why they let him go in 2010 today I think he works as a fireman so at least we know he's a damn good dude number eight smashed a repo man right breaking the fourth wall here but screw it over here on what culture wrestling I often go through top-10 lists over at what culture calm and adapt them for video purposes just make sense so imagine my rage my horror and my disgust when I was reading through and got to number eight only to read the words repo man are you kidding me easily the best gimmick in WWE history if not wrestling all together it took smash who was one half of demolition a legendary tag team and gave him gold following a very good run with the duo spit up in 1991 he donned a Zorro mask wore a grey coat and started to repossess people's things as repo man was genius how could anybody cheer for repo man you can't perfectly old smash acted a bit like the Riddler and even use his rope to tie opponents up so he could pin them really easily and at the 1992 rule Rumble he snuck into the ring to eliminate Nikolai Volkoff and Greg Valentine that ain't bad at all some folk also think it's weird that smash came up with this himself but that just means he's a smart smart dude he left WWE in 1993 and i genuinely longed for the day when repo man returns I am not kidding number 7 Cody Rhodes to Stardust well this one kicked WWE in the rear didn't it now one of the most important stars on the entire wrestling scene Cody Rhodes is a hot commodity ever since he went out on his own in May 2016 from there it's been an upward trend so it's fair to say Stardust didn't kill his career but did kill his run with the world's biggest promotion let's not get this wrong either Cody was great as Stardust and embraced the character as much as anybody could he flipped and danced around like a pro but it wasn't what he wanted to do understandably given how long it lasted - it started to get a bit dull by the end for the same reasons we've already touched upon it was time for a change with Cody wanted but he was told no roads was even willing to play this new gold dust on broaden a more realistic version of himself on Smackdown but even that wasn't given the green light it was a man to do in Cody's head it was leave WWE smashed the indie scene and then give birth to a new company that could challenge the biggest dog in the yard yeah let's go plan number six Perry Saturn - Perry Saturn and Muffy in hindsight the radicals really were a mixed bag in WWE - would go on to be world champions Dean Malenko did alright but wasn't ever really given a proper opportunity and Perry sand didn't even last more than a couple of years that's probably because at one point he was given a mop as a partner I don't know but after Saturn had legitimately attacked Jabba Mike Bell after a botch in the ring officials weren't too keen on old Perry so thought they'd have some fun with him as punishment from nowhere Saturn fell in love with a mop so much so that one angle even had the former WWE star choose the cleaning - all over Terri Runnels a real-life human female that annoyed miss Runnels who chucked moppy into a wood chipper ruining Saturn's life in the process also ruined his career because what was he meant to do after this fans actually quite enjoyed the whole thing while it lasted but he had nowhere else to go he's always gonna be the mop guy Perry would leave the WWE in 2002 and this is so bizarre it's all that people remember number five mr. Koda Sin Cara when mr. Koh sign with WWE it seemed like a no-brainer the company needed a new Rey Mysterio mr. ko was already one of Mexico's biggest stars Triple H's first hire as vice-president of talent relations was surely a homerun when he signed in 2011 was that likely keep the name and instead became Sin Cara and well it didn't go all that good debuting in April he was amazing at first it was also clear that he wasn't sitting in like expected he developed an unfortunate reputation for botching in big matches which happens of course but then fell foul of WWE's Wellness Policy the road to Mysterio greatness seemed a long way away WWE's patience was running thin by 2013 and after falling out with Alberto Del Rio during a match Mr ko was let go the former Hunico inherited the gimmick and mr. ko has since returned to Mexico as chorister ko confusing right doesn't seem like he'll ever head back that way so while the man behind the mask is back doing well in the south the gimmick didn't help him one bit I will admit first time I saw him fly over the ropes I didn't realize it was a trampoline helping him and was truly amazed number 4 Mike awesome to the fat chick thriller don't need to explain this one do I just say the name out loud to yourself a few times fat chick thriller if you like Vince Russo that is bad he ain't main event at Starrcade is he in short WCW had no idea what they had in Mike Awesome wildly regard is one of the most athletically impressive big men ever awesome was nicknamed a 300-pound luchador during his time in ECW his game wasn't perfect with the right manager or setup he could have been huge that's why when he signed for World Championship Wrestling in 2000 it seemed like his big break had arrived he made a promising start as the career killer by attacking champion Kevin Nash and famously through Chris Kanyon from the top of the cage anything he did have was burned though when awesome became obsessed with heavier women and the fat chick thriller was born it was genuinely terrible and any potential awesome had was undermine and he just had to be a comedy character for no good reason there were attempts to salvage him but the cure was worse than the disease as all create have was that seventies guy another gimmick you can figure out for yourself Awesome's career never truly recovered from this and he lasted just a year with WWE after eventually signing in 2001 number 3 typhoon to the Shockmaster bad at the time sure but isn't this what everybody wants a gimmick the last forever and will never be forgotten because that's what the Shockmaster is and always will be the best bit is even without the infamous trip on his debut the idea still sucks some dude in a sparkly store trooper helmet that's it that is as far as the whole thing goes it's worse that before this Fred Oakland was typhoon one half of a title winning natural disasters tag team and had a lot of respect in case you don't know on his very first appearance as the Shockmaster fred tripped up on the set and fell on his face as Davey Boy Smith loudly shouted that he fell on his arse WCW didn't take advantage of that it just carried on regardless but that was ignoring the obvious the fall was all anyone remembered or wanted to talk about and while Otteman did return to WWE for a brief run in 1994 we never really win but look the Shockmaster still makes him cash today and he seems like a happy dude that's literally all that matters go and watch it either way it's really good number two Terry Taylor to the red rooster wildly regarded as one of wrestling's hottest prospects in the 1980s his career took an unfortunate downturn with Jim Crockett sat position of the UWF in 1987 but it looked like Taylor was gonna reach his full potential after transitioning to the WWE the following year debuting a scary Terry Taylor Vince McMahon felt like that wasn't what he wanted in his company so repackaged him as the Red Rooster paired with the legendary Bobby Heenan Taylor's gimmick didn't quite reach gobbledygook or levels it wasn't far off he wore red tights a red coat and even starred his hair like he was a rooster to finish it off Terry would strut around the ring surprised he didn't develop a stutter I'll say I'll say you'll be shocked to hear he didn't work and Taylor almost hit a brick wall because ironically all of this was so hard to get over he had further spells with both the big two promotions but it's still this we remember him for Taylor retired from the ring in 2006 having become TNA's head of talent relations three years prior and he joined WWE as an NXT trainer in 2012 number one DDP - the stalker signing for WWE is awesome but that doesn't equal guaranteed success DDP was the man in WCW when seemingly excited to a move across the Vince McMahon's operation in 2001 following WWE's major purchase he saw what he could achieve and didn't want to waste any time in doing so amazingly paid was even going to go head to head with the Undertaker all we needed was this to be the DDP we remembered from Atlanta and forget about it after the races we would go you already know what happens instead someone decided Diamond Dallas should stalk takers wife Sarah in a bunch of videos before his debut before eventually revealing that yes it was the master of the diamond cutter behind it all WWE went all-in with his - meaning DDP came across like a creepy criminal which gave all the justification for the Phenom to destroy him in their feud Sarah even beat Page on one episode of Raw and that really was the end of his career he won the European title and had a memorable program with Christian before walking away in 2002 I think DDP cares given that he's not only another success but also the nicest man ever