[Music] rain go nature let it be Ranga [Music] ten habits of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that every human being should have every human being has to follow Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him his habits for not only spiritual benefits but also physical and physiological benefits to the lifestyle and teachings of our beloved holy prophet is a complete code of life it provides us a complete guidance on every step of life so here are the ten habits number ten healthy and fit fulfilling in three of the five pillars of Islam requires that Muslims sound healthy and fit the five times prayer in itself is a form of exercise that requires movement of your body's muscles and joints good health is also necessary if you intend to fast or participate in the pilgrimage Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him strongly encouraged physical exercise and told parents to encourage physical activity and their children to by saying teach your children swimming archery and horse riding in another narration he said practice archery and horseback riding number nine fasting studies shows that not just the food we eat but our eating timings and patterns also have a profound impact on our health fasting was a regular practice of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him his life not just during Ramadan he would fast until every Monday and Thursday and also on the 13th 14th and 15th of each Islamic month this is similar to the intermittent fasting practice which has been proven to balance hormone levels prevent oxidative stress and reduce overall inflammation when you think about it the less food you put into your body the less it focuses on digestion and the more it can focus on healing itself from certain ailments number eight drinking water in three gulps and sitting Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him was drinking water with the right hand drinking by sitting and start drinking by saying bismillah drinking water in three breaths after finishing was saying alhamdulillah science today proves that when the person drinks too much water in a short period of time they can experience headaches imbalance in blood electrolyte levels and sometimes dizziness to drinking slowly helps you actually absorb the fluid and get the most benefit out of it medical science has also proved the drinking water in three breaths improves heart rate and helps in improving blood flow number seven trustworthiness and reliability the Prophet peace be upon him was well known for his honesty the pagans of Makkah who were openly hostile towards them would leave their valuable things with him his honesty and reliability was tested when the pagans of Makkah abused him and tortured his companions and drove them out of their homes he ordered his cousin Holly of an ABI talib to postpone his migration for three days to return to people their valuable things being trustworthy in reliable makes our personality great and a respected person in the society number sex smiling pleasantly Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him used to smile at everyone's face a smile is a simple gesture to remove all the sorrows and intentions from one's life a companion said I have never seen a man who smiled as much as the Messenger of God peace be upon him Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said when you smile to your brother's face it's the charity so how awesome great and simple is the sect smile that with doing that you get rewarded it is an act of worship and also how nice and simple as the religion in which you were rewarded for justice smile to anyone number five eating less slowly and together eating less as Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him said the son of Adam does not fill any vessel worse than his stomach it is sufficient for the son of Adam to eat a few morsels to keep him alive if he must fill it then one-third for his food one-third for his drink and one-third for air the practice of eating less to prevent sickness and disease was emphasised by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and now bhakti believed by science much lighter heating slowly slow eating will help you eat less food and improve your digestion and it is a practice Muhammad peace be upon him did himself and strongly advocated we now know that it takes our body 20 minutes to send signals to our brain that is full heating together the Prophet peace be upon him stressed this heat together and not separately for the blessing is associated with the company and today sharing and enjoying food has been proven to reduce stress improve family and romantic relationships and build healthy eating habits within children number 4 truthfulness Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was always telling the truth even his enemies attested to his truthfulness hugly jung who was one of the harshest the enemies of islam said o muhammad i do not say that you are a liar i only deny what you permit and what you call people to when you always say the truth you will have inner peace and the people will trust you the most number 3 early Rizer prophet muhammad peace be upon him slept early and woke up with the Adam call of prayer a Phaedra the morning prayer each day being an early riser has scientifically been correlated with better productivity as well as better mental health in general number two using c-walk Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him he was see walk a lot and preferred to us also c-walk is known for both health benefits and medicinal uses it strengthens teeth it is good for teeth whitening and also prevents from toothache tooth decay and bad breath the World Health Organization whu-oh has also suggested the use of miss walking a report on oral hygiene published in 1986 and 2001 uttering Allah's name before starting anything Holy Prophet peace be upon him used to start every work by saying bismillah which means in the name of Allah God when a person begins everything by pronouncing Allah's name with sincerity in his heart he will surely enjoy all his support in his task and makes the man attentive to do the work correctly and towards uprightness [Music] [Music]