10 NXT Wrestlers Too Good To Fail On WWEs Main Roster

[Applause] the WWE will inevitably ruin every single NXT favor when they hit the main roster is an earned slice of pessimism evidenced by the likes of oscar and finn bálor who let's be honest art half as compelling as they were in developmental many among the current group just won't translate either for a myriad of reasons it's easy to see the likes of Alistair black Velveteen dream Johnny gargano Tommaso Champa and even ricochet all struggling despite their obvious positive qualities but while fans are right to be worried about any call up these days some of our next E's biggest and brightest will hit the main roster with more encouraging prognosis now this isn't just a mere list of NXT x' best wrestlers it's a list of those best equipped for a bigger spotlight so with that in mind I'm Andy for walk culture wrestling and here are 10 NXT wrestlers too good to fail on WWE's main roster number 10 yo sure I looking at how Oscar was booked for large parts of 2018 predicting with a smaller less dangerous Japanese woman's wrestler can't fail on the main roster does kind of set me up for failure like some kind of big bald GIMP but we're currently witnessing a big change in how such performers get over WWE's women's division is currently the hottest thing in American professional wrestling an eyes primarily on account of good old-fashioned work great big matches like Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey vs well Charlotte Flair are the main reason for that and you sure I is more than capable of hitting the same standards between the ropes now as anyone who has ever seen her best work will attest sure I is one of the absolute best in the world she spent years lighting up the joshi scene before making the jump to WWE resuming the main roster style continues on his current course and WWE don't do something stupid like I don't know release her Cherie is destined to play a big role for years to come and her awesome in-ring ability will certainly be appreciated by many main roster fans number 9 Dominic died Djokovic if I can speak personally for a second I was a tad concerned when WWE rebranded former independent standout Donovan by Jack in 2018 but was already a pretty badass names why go to the bother of adding an extra couple of syllables throw in the fact that they largely kept this talented bugger on the sidelines for well over a year after signing him in 2017 and the initial signs didn't look all that great fortunately these were all blown away in the last few months of 2018 as Bhaiji Kovach's rebranding commenced of some awesome video packages before he was eventually reintroduced as this mental Ivan Drago exp all steely eyed stoic determination and hard-hitting impactful offense if he dies he dies this is a tremendous gimmick for a guy who has never been the most outwardly charismatic or flamboyant but can absolutely pull off the cold-blooded killer gimmick to perfection presenting him almost like a real combat sports athlete really works as well WWE have already created an aura around big DOM and the father he's an insane athlete well that doesn't exactly hurt things either here's to many many years of all-round domination from the big lot number 8 MIA him now she is only really just signed but yam is already one of the most well rounded and polished women's wrestlers in WWE prefer varied skillset experience and familiarity with the company following bold may young classics putting her in good stead for the future her Impact Wrestling run means she's already comfortable working for TV audiences she's pretty damn awesome at well everything really expect big things from the former TNA Knockouts champion who she'd become a divisional centerpiece for years to come regardless of where she lands number 7 Pete Dunn while he isn't a Performance Centre fool timer done as the WWE UK champion has already been positioned as the heart of the NXT UK brand and there's a semi-regular fixture on developmental television as well having starred in one of the black and gold brand's best matches at 2018 with ricochet and you know that wargames thing he's there so he qualifies now we already know that WWE's higher-ups are immensely fond of the bruiser wait more than any of his other British cohorts Don draws constant praise whenever his name crops up he's already starred in several of Triple H's weird Instagram mark pics since entering this world he's always presented strongly on TV regardless of whoever it is he's standing across the ring from an on top of this even WWE UK Champion for about 900 days now they clearly have the utmost faith in this young man now dawn is still in his mid-20s oh there's absolutely no need to rush him to the top still he could arrive on the main roster tomorrow and not Luke one bit out of place with his punishing wrestling style and impeccable heel work saving him from a pointless existence on 205 live and given that he just finished up on the UK indie scene that moment may come sooner than anyone thinks number 6 Bianca bel-air bel-air is far from the finished article and still lacks the in-ring polish needed for life on Raw or Smackdown but that's why she's in NXT to learn bel-air has several traits that just can't be taught charisma swagger presence and the ability to convey her cocky personality through her work hooter an extremely good standing for whatever happens going forward all very much still a work in progress Bel Air's inevitable Big Takeover feud and an XT Women's Title reign or perhaps reigns are going to be fantastic she's gonna absolutely kill it when she faces Shayna Baszler a takeover Phoenix in January and by that point this incredible prospect should be absolutely Vince proof number five chief Lee and all inspiring presence at 6:53 and well over three hundred pounds we not only unloads the expected array of power moves but an assortment of flips straight out of a cruiserweights playbook it's unexpected yet totally natural somehow but Lee is so much more than a big guy doing flippy stuff his bask in my glory shtick is money and he has just the right amount of cockiness and to top it all off he can talk to before we're yet to see much of that a surefire takeover main eventer the limitless one is unlike anyone else in WWE he will thrive because of it now it is about time WWE gave him something different to do in NXT because admittedly his run so far hasn't really got off the ground the big man is way too good to be sitting on the sidelines but rest assured WWE will eventually find a way to fit him in and when they do is going to be absolutely awesome number four ec3 okay so the former Derrick Bateman isn't exactly the best wrestler on this list in fact well he kind of sucks compared to some of these guys he's a dated old-fashioned sports entertainer in a hyper athletic world combining only rudimentary holds and moves with slow lumbering movements he isn't bad but he doesn't really mesh with the likes of ricochet Johnny gargano Tomaso Champa and everyone else regardless the case for him making it on the main roster is simple he takes so many of Vince McMahon's boxes he's big he can talk he plays a character well he gets over the most important of all he looks great in a suit now work rate is imported on every single level of WWE's pyramid but less so on the main roster ec3 can get away with farting out tuna half star specials on the midcard because the other aspects of his performance are so damn strong making him a good candidate for an immediate uh permit card push as soon as he arrives that moment will come very very soon we've already seen the vignettes ec3 is on his way malee to prove much beyond his current level of 35 years old he's well equipped to do very very well in the big bright lights number 3 Matt riddle the former UFC welterweight is one of the most affable guys improve wrestling on the Indies his every entrance was greeted by fervent bro chants as the man himself cruised out to the impossibly smooth sounds of Warren G and Nate dogs regulate his grin wider than the Cheshire cats now his WWE theme doesn't have the same kind of pop but it's already generating the same kind of reactions and that is very encouraging it's riddles laid-back cool and carefree attitude that make him such an easy guy to root for his prodigious in-ring talents don't exactly harm him either the king of Bros demonstrated a natural aptitude for wrestling from day one mere weeks into his career he was performing at a level that usually takes years to hit now he's just one of the most adaptable wrestlers around riddles grown immensely as an in-ring storyteller over the years while his gimmick will take some getting used to for main roster fans he's just the real deal he fails on Raw Smackdown then frankly there's no hope for anyone number two Shayna Baszler the assertion that the Queen of Spades is gonna kill it on draw or Smackdown wasn't half as compelling let's say nine months but an outstanding 20:18 and her friend Ronda Rousey's ongoing success earmarks bezler as an NXT prospect with massive main roster potential she like many MMA to wrestling transplants has learned how to utilize her old skills without turning to them as a crutch in this fake scripted world Manny will point to her big takeover matches with Kyra Sain and amber Munoz highlights now they'd be right but if you look back at her brief spring program of Dakota Kai we'll find further proof of baesler's greatness their blow off match was really brief but they told a great story of bully versus victim and they accomplished more in five minutes the many wrestlers do with three times lots of Shana's domineering bully persona absolutely shining a potential ready-made horse woman versus horse woman program provides the Queen of Spades with a clear pathway to immediate success she'd also fit right in with all the mad hard-hitting matches the likes of Oscar Rousey Charlotte Becky Lynch have been having for the past few months so if Besler loses the NXT Women's Title anytime soon get ready for the call-up and number one Adam Cole and no no I'm not gonna do the thing yes Adam Cole is small no it doesn't matter a five star worker if not a five star wrestler he would have stood no chance in a previous era the wrestling's ongoing evolution away from big lumbering static gates that one big shortcoming Adam Cole just knows how to get over charisma leaks from his every pore he's a brilliant sleazy personality and he dominates every single building he walks into that's what professional wrestling is all about and that's primarily why he'll be a main roster success whenever he's called up Cole has been preparing himself for main roster success for a year every part of his ID has been developed with this in mind from his promo cadence to the way he lays out his matches now he has worked plenty of dangerous bikes on the Indy's of course but nowhere near the same volume as the likes of ricochet and many of his other peers preserving his body for the moments he finally arrives on wrestling's biggest stage now that moment is almost here and the undisputed zero leader is on the cusp