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I'm not gonna lie when I get hungry I get stupid 12 years back I screwed up okay I follow the scent I took a bite and then quite a goof gun a tranquilizer dart comes from out of nowhere and I wake up in bad gas we ass so that was depressing hi I'm Belinda Luscombe this is Time Magazine's 10 questions today we are asking our questions of Robin Williams hello mr. Williams welcome mr. Luscombe so in your new play the Bengal tiger at the Baghdad zoo you're playing the tiger yes how does one prepare to play a tiger prowling I'm a little pacing fighting whenever possible but I'm busy it's basically playing the soul of a tiger so I don't have to do a lot of Tiger behavior but um it's pretty much a two-legged tiger because I'm in a cage is beginning a treated more like jail but it's you know the essence of a tiger but not a lot of no costume except for just beating up clothing this is your Broadway debut in a in a serious Broadway play yeah when I did Godot it was under Broadway about 20 years ago actually so yeah this is probably debut and you left Julianne Moore 1975 right yeah so I left school I fell in love and went back to live in San Francisco this is actually a serious play Carrie and just did your appearance in the play I reflect any personal feelings you have about the Iraq war I mean I've been there five times Afghanistan six and my feelings are more about I mean I'm still wondering where the weapons of mass destruction even though they had Hussein you had the guy himself that you think if anybody knew so damn what is it I'm not telling too late he's gone how weird is that crazy but my feelings about the war is just the idea of ghosts especially in this war because I was just there recently and you know the winding down in quotes supposed to be out of there by Christmas next year so when we come back from what's the damage to the Iraqis what's the damage to us what do you leave from there when it's just ends you know it like you said in the lines in the play about the Americans think when something dies that's it it's over but when you go to the Middle East you realize that there's a real sense of things around you did a stand up to her in 2009 weapons of self-destruction yes yes if I went to the right club on the right night might I find you would you still ever I haven't been able to go out yet since I've started the play but I think I'm gonna have to start to go out again because it's about time now that I've got the got the gig I can start to go out and you know do shows maybe on the weekends and just - I cuz I've started you know I'm starting to get the urge to go back in again and it's important to go out and do it because there's so much to talk about the fact that Donald Trump wants to see Obama's birth certificates going I want to see his hairline first absolutely I think so I believe the hair I believe the hair is actually him I believe it night he walks into small room sits down in the hair go who should we marry next we're going out put your name on that building um okay uh leading on from that question that I'm leaving unto them he's being funny sometimes a hindrance to social interaction example I was once walking in an airport and a woman came up to me said be zany no big time but what about with say family do you sometimes oh no it's years ago my I was reading a story to my to my daughter I was doing voices and everything and she turned to me and said just read the story oh yeah yeah and just stay to the main points no voices yeah thanks dad how often does someone else make you laugh Oh big time is it kid Jordan no kids do I'm comics of comedians to make me laugh Chris Rock louis c.k Oh Patton Oswalt and I've been hanging out with Mort Sahl and that's been the gift the hanging out with him is two things its history but it's also just he's amazingly funny and still has everything going on all cylinders which has been wonderful so you can when you get older as a comic you stay funny you can still what do you need to try to say funny as you get older as a comedian and then you get to this Park line I mean my you know you try and stay funny yeah I mean when you see like Don Rickles are like Mort and you see these guys he was just still doing great that's what keeps him alive and it keeps him going um Billy Crystal has said that stand-up is how comedians process things that are painful yeah but does that mean we have to wish more painful things on you you don't have to I find them I was something I know that kinds of the Tourette's is the thing where people say kind of nasty things is there is there another thing of like a positive tereska that dress is beautiful your legs are nice so everything is wonderful my you're really a lovely nice nice eyes nice eyes so Anna your teeth are beautiful your teeth are beautiful all of them why does it have to go the other way yeah well I think well because it actually because it's the subconscious creeping out but then you think is there a nice side of your subconscious going I really like you I just want to pet you nice way you are sort of unique among comedians and I don't think you've actually written a book no I hope not - you have not - especially a biography I mean I have a lot of friends who are authors who are great I just don't have the discipline to do the learning somewhat but the discipline is to really sit down to write a book maybe we've cut to five years from now I'm here with my new book so that's the way you like it but I don't think so you know you could just talk into a tape recorder and then Center for top it up we do it that here at time oh then I should do a book I got you've gone for all my questions we did it every question you