10 Questions for the Dalai Lama

[Music] I'm Amy Sullivan for Time magazine and I'm here with His Holiness the Dalai Lama he has a new book out called toward a true kinship of faiths how the world's religions can come together and he's here to answer ten questions thank you so much for being with us and for doing this our first question is do you see any possibility of reconciliation with the Chinese government within your earthly lifetime yes there's possibility in China because of wider contact with the outside world and also they are living standard improving then they develop question what what is the hell sort of system so there are more more voice some kind of discontentment among the people particularly among the intellectuals so therefore things will change they're bound to happen so well once the city holds world leaders thinking more open less hypocrisy oh so the truthful honest realistic then Tibetan problem easily can solve we have a reader in India who wants to know do you ever feel angry or even outraged oh yes of course I'm given being I do generally speaking I think one human being never show anger then I think something wrong he's a mica bait we have a question from the Philippines have you ever thought about being a normal person instead of being the Dalai Lama yes at young age when you see my routine I mean daily routine study and sometimes you see do some retreat with my tutor and tutor one tutor older one very less smile so a few hours to sit together and some recitation then sometimes I feel oh this is Burton I wish I really I should I will be one throw on the Tibetan then more feel like they're kind freely but then later of course I realize my own sort of position that also something useful to other more you can if you utilize is your opportunity properly then your life becomes more meaningful so nowadays I feel happy I'm Dharma it's going to be the Dalai Lama but at the same time I never feel I'm something special person nothing say we are say Hilary mcdougal and Palm Desert California wants to know will you be able to fulfill your destiny if you never go home again I consider myself as a citizen of the world so in that sense I'm just one of the six living here being this nationality that nationality this faith that faith is secondary level important is we are same human being a question from Les Lucas in Canada who wants to know do you believe that your time on here on earth has been a success success know that also relative some field until somebody achievement down and some feed failure so difficult to say I he'll all human life like that some part failure somebody achieve it is wrong to pick up one thing then say or very success is wrong and pick a one thing or failure that also wrong things are relative finally we have a question a very practical question from a reader in Stamford Connecticut who asks have you ever tried on a pair of trousers and very very cold climate and particularly in 1959 when I asked him then was it Rosser like lay people sort of dress like that so I have experience that was over I had also 1950 when I escaped from NASA to to border in determining border Yatim that that I also I that almost the first time since I came to NASA I always dress monk dress but 9:50 the winter so I escaped from Lhasa to border SK means then of course not yet the Chinese forces to come but the Tibetan local Tibetan this is very much concern i should remain nasa so but because of the danger and we escaped so again you see the ordinary sort of dress right that thank you so much your holiness for answering our questions and for being with us today we appreciate it thank you thank you so much thank you thank you somewhere lively thank you thank you thank you