10 Richest Kids in the World




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like and subscribe right now or you're going to have terrible luck for the next week some kids are just born into fortune and while most of us have to work hard throughout our lives the kids on this list are already worth millions as toddlers these are the celebrity kids and business mongols sons and daughters oh and some young princesses too eating life with a silver spoon sure they are rich kids but for them it's not just about chilling vacationing and partying number 10. daniel lynn burkhead daughter of the late anna nicole smith who was also a well-acclaimed reality show personality and child model makes the list daniel in burkhead was born hannah rose marshall stern but her real dad freelance celebrity photographer larry birkhead renamed her daniel in hope marshall burkhead after winning a custody battle for the young girl rumor has it that daniel burkhead would inherit her late mother's millions which he herself was set to inherit from her billionaire ex-husband oil tycoon j howard marshall ii in 2014 however a federal judge ruled against anna nicole smith and with that daniel lindbergh had lost her chance of winning part of the 474 million dollars which her late mother had initially won from the marshall estate still the teenage model is estimated to be worth 10 million according to celebrity net worth number nine kim kardashian and kanye west kids there is no denying that millionaire celebrities kids are going to have a little more pocket money than their peers but for billionaire celebrity kids the future is well secure kim kardashian and kanye west have four children north saint chicago and 12 month old psalm who are said to be worth 40 million kim and west are known to be one of the richest couples in the entertainment industry and forbes magazine just recently estimated west to be worth 1.3 billion kim was estimated to have been worth a cool 900 million as of june 2020 by the same magazine the two set up the 40 million trust fund for their kids accessible when they turn 21. the celebrity parents have also been quoted saying that they will ensure the financial freedom of their kids so that they won't have to work a single day in their lives number eight sean preston and jaden james basking in their mother's glory and taking it all in are britney spears two sons as one of the best-selling music artists of all time britney spears needs no introduction in the entertainment industry sean preston and jaden james fertilize sons of the talented singer dancer actress and songwriter make our list for celebrity kids we'll scratch that rich kids in the world largely due to their mother's wealth sean and jaden got to live a luxurious life from childhood and while this is unconfirmed the boys have a combined estimated net worth of 200 million the two have also made money from their appearances in magazines and tv shows on his own jaden james is a famous personality from childhood and lately on instagram where he has thousands of followers from around the world their dad britney spears ex-husband and baby daddy kevin fertiline is a rapper dj fashion model actor television personality and professional wrestler the two boys came to the spotlight during the divorce of their parents which was finalized in 2007 and the slanderous custody battle that followed in the end spears and mr fertiline decided to be real adults when it came to co-parenting their boys number seven amin maribel and maximilian munez twins amy maribel and maximilian munez are j lo's coconuts a nickname the world famous singer dancer and actress gave the twin because they reminded her of the hairy fruit as kids born in 2008 the two melted the internet with their cute as a button looks and celebrity news site people magazine apparently shelled out six million for the exclusive first photos of the twins while little is known about maximilian her twin sis has been busy courting fame and following in her mother's footsteps in the 2020 pepsi supreme bowl halftime show emmy joined her mom and became one of the three performers to take the stage and what became one of her most watched performances yet there's no denying that emmy is already kind of a star performer in her own right and among her many accomplishments is her own children's book titled lord help me alone she is valued to be worth a ballpark figure of 5 million at most still both emmy and her brother needn't work hard the two could possibly inherit millions from their mother's 400 million estimated worth number six nox leon and vivienne marceline another pair of high-profile twins to make waves in 2008 were angelina jolie and brad pitts vivine marceline and nox leone these are the famous bragelina twins who'd have thrown j lo and mark's coconuts when the people and hello magazine made an offer of about 15 million for exclusive picks of the tots making those pictures the most expensive celeb twin baby photos ever sold angelina's net worth is estimated to be about 160 million while brad pitts is at 300 million it should come at no surprise then that knox and vivienne make the cut for our list of wealthiest kids in the world the pair are fraternal twins and are only two of a family of six kids they have been estimated to be worth 67.5 million majorly from the trust fund set up by their hollywood's highest paid star parents as well as for the gifts they have received over the years number five nick dialocio also topping our list at number five of rich kids in the world is a tech prodigy from the uk who became a millionaire at age 17. nick dialocio is a uk teen genius who became a magnet for publicity when web giant yahoo bought the two-year-old news summary startup for a cool 30 million dollars his ios app called soonly summarizes news articles and stories from popular media sites basically compressing lengthy slabs of text into a couple of sentences the teenage computer programmer was hailed as a great britain success story and in 2013 the wall street journal awarded mr dialocio innovator of the year for his work on sumli and at yahoo now 24 years old mr dialocio is back at it and yet another idea for a knowledge sharing app called sphere he co-founded the company with tech officer thomas halges and together they have raised a total of 30 million from investors number four blue ivy roomie and sir carter that's right another pair of twins born to famous parents beyonce and husband jay-z were blessed with twins rumi and sir carter now three years old but the world cannot forget their already pampered daughter blue ivy now eight years old blue has been gracing us with her presence mostly wearing gucci and accessorizing an expensive jewelry to the grammys she's a child star on the path to inherit not just her parents billions but their musical throne as well blue ivy is speculated to be an estimated 5 million from credits on songs such as blue and brown skin girl as well as gifts she has received over the years having been born to super rich celebrity parents the niles carter children stand to inherit a sum that will floor you their dad jay is well worth over a billion dollars and their mom bae is valued at 400 million according to forbes the two celeb parents are rumored to have set up a trust fund for their trio tots to the tune of 500 million number three prince mouli hassan the prince of morocco mule hassan was born on may 8 2003 to king mohammed iv and his wife princess lala salma as heir to the moroccan throne hassan is named after his grandfather hassan ii and has a younger sister princess leila khadijah and how rich is prince hassan his family fortune is estimated at 5.7 billion and it is set to raise with time at 16 years old princess son lives a life most of his age mates can only dream of hassan began appearing in public with his father during royal ceremonies in 2015 and has since accompanied him to similar official events in 2017 princess son was the youngest participant at the one planet summit in france in 2019 the prince officiated the opening ceremony of the 14th international agricultural exhibition or siam in morocco too much for a 16 year old i guess the young prince is only just getting started [Music] now it's time for today's best pick [Music] and in today's best pick we have a picture sent to us by a subscriber just like you we'd love to hear your thoughts on these rich kids vacationing in style number two suri cruise here's another celebrity child who's been making tabloid covers since her birth suri the first child of hollywood parents tom cruise and katie holmes was born in 2006 and instantly became the center of attention the media was obsessed with katie's pregnancy and extensively made suries birth their business the tots first photo which sold more than 700 000 copies was featured as the cover of the october 2006 issue of vanity fair and it became the second best-selling magazine in history growing up her famous parents lavished on her spending thousands of dollars on exclusive vacations and high-end clothes surrey crews became a fashion queen at the age of two wearing clothes from the popular brands armani chanel and burberry her wardrobe alone is estimated to be worth a staggering 3 million now only 14 years old surrey cruz has built quite a resume on her own appearing on tv shows such as access hollywood the child star is estimated to be worth five million before we move on i've got a little challenge for you that'll take five seconds to complete so here's the deal you just leave a like on this video smash that subscribe button and hit the notification bell and you'll get 25 years of amazing luck try it it really works number one prince george alexander lewis the royal british family is synonymous with many things massive wealth being one of them the family is undoubtedly one of the richest families ever that explains why prince george alexander lewis isn't your regular kid as a member of one of the most powerful royal families the kid prince has the potential to influence not just the british public but the world as well at just six years old prince george alexander lewis is a billionaire thanks to his birth rights as third in line to the british throne he was born in 2013 as the eldest child to the royals prince william duke of cambridge and katherine duchess of cambridge by default prince george enjoys the best life money can possibly buy like the private thomas school in battersea he attends the young prince is already living the good life and he's barely a teen you made it to the end of the video if you enjoyed it be sure to click on the like icon and leave a comment your engagement is what keeps our curiosity going we have lots of videos that you will enjoy you can start by checking out the two already showing up on your screen keep it 100