10 Spontaneous Wrestling Decisions That Became Famous

[Applause] ask the average WWE fan what the main problem of the company is these days and you'll get a veritable smorgasbord of different reasons one of which will definitely be that everything is just way too scripted WWE those nasty little authoritarians exercise complete control over almost every aspect of a character and their act it's understandable but at the same time pretty frustrating and had everything been so tightly controlled back in the day some of wrestling's most famous moments II never have even happened I'm Andy for world culture wrestling and here are 10 spontaneous wrestling decisions that became famous number 10 the entire Razor Ramon character so you all know Scott Hall right one of the most charismatic wrestlers of all time among the best wrestlers to never win the WWE Championship and yet when Vince McMahon and Pat Harrison met with Hall to discuss his character in the early 90s he originally wanted him to play a lame military gimmick taken aback by the guff that was being presented to him Hall presented his own idea off-the-cuff telling WWE management about this little movie he'd seen the name Scarface you know if you've heard of that one but it stars this little bloke named Al Pacino as Tony Montana Hannah's dad living in this big mental house in Miami doing all kinds of drugs all Holl needed was a name he went to Tito Santana of all people for that with the razor part all soon of the former el matador helped him come up with the Ramon surname the rest is history but good grief can you imagine how things might have turned out if Hall was presented as Colonel claptrap or general gash instead of Razor Ramon number 9 the pipe bomb the CM Punk debate is an argument that will never be settled but one thing we can all agree on is that justifiably or otherwise chick-magnet phil was a very very frustrated person during the later periods of his WWE tenure and of course this manifested itself brilliantly on the June 27 2011 edition of Monday Night Raw this was the night Punk dropped his infamous pipe bomb it's perhaps the greatest work chute in wrestling history but while it was very much part of the schedule programming not all of it was 100% plant or screen did sitting down and crossing his legs punk looked like a martyr willing to risk unemployment just for the sake of earing his grievances it's now this stuff of legend and as he mentioned everything from New Japan Pro Wrestling to Colt Cabana the McMahons where his prime targets Punk was on fire that spontaneous anger was infectious and it led to the most fruitful period of Punk's WWE career number eight mr. Socko Mick Foley might be the only man on the planet who could take a sweating minging sock from his sweaty minging sack shove it down a guy's throat and actually get it over but he did credit to him because his natural likeability and inherent charisma made him one of the most beloved wrestlers ever mr. Socko was one of WWE's most beloved bits now old Mick had already been using the mandible claw as one of his main finishing holds from the moment he debuted the mankind character the og idea was that he would insert his fingers into the opponent's mouth causing a paradoxical feeling of agony and paralysis he signed it and looked scary so of course make did the natural thing and started wearing a sock for it cool as mankind became more and more popular fully decided to draw a face on said sock and bus mr. Socko was born an act as simple as pulling a sock from his pants would regularly blow the roof off of buildings full of fans and that's pretty awesome number 7 Bret screwed Bret another wrestling debate that will never be settled the Montreal Screwjob is pretty damn the Toria so notorious makes Christopher Wallace look like Christopher Biggins and it's difficult to ever see anything topping the controversy caused in the Survivor Series 1997 WWE title match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in calling for the Bell while the Hitman was still stuck in his own Sharpshooter Vince McMahon had essentially screwed over one of his most cherished talents on his way over to WCW the wrestling world was stunned Bret's career was never the same again somewhere down the road McMahon made the spontaneous decision to capitalize on the hatred that famous phrase Bret screwed Bret was born when Vince gave an interview with Jim Ross on WWE television with that one wine he went from mild-mannered announcer Vince McMahon to Mister McMahon his most famous character was born the Attitude Era was ushered in some people still argue that Bret screwed Bret to this very day number six that little kick at the beginning of the Stone Cold Stunner if you don't know how the Stone Cold Stunner works you should probably hand in your wrestling fan card right now it's often said that Michael Hayes introduced Steve Austin to his famous finisher back in 1996 up to that point Austin had been using the million dollar dream which was a hand-me-down from former manager Ted DiBiase he decided he needed something a little bit more killer in order to shoot up the rankings the stunner was perfect for this but it was just one problem it had no real set up he came out of nowhere like a pro to RKO that move had a flashy nature to it the stunner just lacked in its early days knowing this Austin decided to add a simple kick to the gut right at the start it gave fans an indication as to when it was about to be performed they gave opponents a chance to counter it and most of all it became a critical part of the move success number five Jim Duggan 2x4 all tied saw experimented with a bunch of different things before finally breaking out in wrestling but nothing really worked despite his obvious talents between the ropes this all changed when he was approached by bruiser Brody backstage one day encouraging him to get a signature weapon it said that the fans in the building that night were particularly wild Brody just thought it would be a good idea for Big Jim to have his own form of protection Duggan grabbed a big old plank of wood and he'd rarely hit the ring without the two-by-four ever again it became synonymous with his act almost overnight to this day that's still the most famous piece of wood in wrestling beating Joey Ryan's Willie into second place number four the Flair flop imagine being a non wrestling fan and seeing a flair flop for the very first time there must be one of the most ridiculous things ever giving ammo to those tedious sweeps who still say things like you know it's fake right it's one of Ric Flair's signature spots but something he didn't exactly put a lot of bought into interviewed by Steve Austin flair revealed that he just randomly did it one time because he thought it would be funny turns out he was right in the Flair flop became a beloved part of his entire act yes it's daft as hell but a flair shows up you kind of want to see him do a flop maybe not these days fella hurting himself after all number three you can't see me big banter John Cena debuted his famous gesture on velocity of all shows back in 2003 it became his signature and it started as a dare by his brother who just told him as a joke to do it on live television apparently this was because him and John used to do it as part of some goofy dance routine back at home his brother just wanted a bloody good laugh Cena waved his hand in front of his face on velocity and probably thought nothing else of it after doing a few more times it really started to catch on you can't see me is still an important part of John's act to date it's mad to think that this was a split-second decision by Cena purely to pop his brother but it became something with mass appeal and must now be considered one of the most imitated gestures in wrestling history number two know your role from the Undertaker's weird golf henchmen to awful commentator that precisely nobody liked JBL has played a lot of different roles throughout his WWE career his stint as a Network interviewer is among the less um celebrated but a 2016 edition of legends with JBL featuring Ron Simmons yielded this tasty nugget during the interview they touched on an early part of the Rock's career when he turned heel joined Simmons in the nation of domination Ron and rocky were backstage going through her script and Simmons told him that he needed to know his role in a particular segment for Rob keen to make an impact decided to use the phrase to his advantage he just flew out there in a promo one night and Simmons laughs realizing where his younger peer had taken it from of course it was later expanded to become know your role and shut your mouth a key catchphrase for the rock a one that was super important in getting him over now he'd have probably become a megastar regardless of course having a little hook like this was very important for Rocky at a time and it even gave WWE a perfect subtitle for their Smackdown - video game back when it came out in 2001 Austin 3:16 it's June 1996 we're at a hospital in Milwaukee Wisconsin because Steve Austin has just rushed out of the building after getting his mouth stitched up Heath had his gob lacerated by a wayward kick from Marc Mero but he just had to get back to the arena in time because he was set to face Jake Roberts in the king of the ring final so off he rushed returning to the arena austin asked michael hayes what roberts has said in his promo on steve earlier in the night hayes told him that jake the snake' had ran his usual Bible spiel reciting John 3:16 now the wheels immediately started turning in Austin's head and soon his iconic King of the Ring victory speech was born it's now one of the most famous lines in wrestling history WWE soon created a simple t-shirt bearing the slogan became the biggest seller in company history a key part of the stone-cold gimmick one of the most ingenious pieces of marketing off-the-cuff in wrestling history hello what culture my name is Simon Mannering today I have an announcement so big so huge it's gonna shatter the very foundations of your life to the point you may need to phone up a friend and say I don't even know who I am anymore I have just heard the news have you heard the news they'll probably say no I haven't heard the news but you're already on the phone to them you've already connected with them so I would appreciate it if you either tell them the news or send them to this video Thanks 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