10 Surprising Things About Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler love marina everyone has an opinion about okay so apparently nobody loves Adolf Hitler that's quite understandable well here are ten things you probably didn't know about Adolf Hitler number ten he was extremely lazy he usually slept in and worked at odd hours he rarely exercised when he did go on a walk he would walk downhill with a car at the bottom of the hill waiting for him to take him back up number nine he was a vegetarian although groups like PETA try to claim that he wasn't he regularly had irritable bowel syndrome because of it speaking of irritable bowel syndrome he farted a lot he also was a huge fan of animals I mean animals who were not human true horrific animal experiments took place just like they took place with humans and concentration camps but personally Hitler would rather do tests on humans he deemed inferior than other species number eight he never drank her smoke not even allowing people to smoke around him number seven but he did do a ton of other more hardcore drugs according to Richard Evans Hitler took at least 82 different drugs including a regular concoction to get him up in the morning called vitamin which contained meth number six although he was never diagnosed Hitler likely had Parkinson's disease as he had many of the symptoms and the last years of his life he had a tremor in his left hand and lay his health was actually pretty bad he often had stomach issues high blood pressure dysentery and really bad teeth number five according to biographer aen Wilson Hitler basically didn't have any real skills sure he was okay at painting postcards and he knew how to manipulate people but he never had a real job in his life and often had other people do everything for him number four if there was one thing Hitler was good at it was making speeches he could give one heck of a speech he spoke so passionately and loudly that he regularly lost his voice throughout his life the hoarseness of his voice got so bad he was worried that he had throat cancer he was never diagnosed with throat cancer but he did get a polyp removed from his vocal cords twice number three Hitler was such a hypochondriac he also feared he died of stomach cancer that he sped up foreign aggression because he thought he would soon be dead if he wasn't so afraid of dying who knows maybe he would have invaded Poland in 1945 instead of 1939 number two Hitler was a married man well for one day at least as the Red Army of the Soviet Union bombarded Berlin on April 29th 1945 Hitler married his longtime secret sweetheart Eva Braun most people know that Hitler committed suicide the next day less people know that Braun also committed suicide by biting a cyanide capsule even less people know that was the third time Ava Braun tried to commit suicide the two times she tried before were obviously unsuccessful number one Hitler was not mentally ill at least no more mentally ill than any other normal person people generally like to view him as a madman because of the atrocities he caused but the fact is there is no evidence he had any form of mental illness in common explanations of his insanity fall short [Music] Hiller was one complex dude but if you want to learn more about him I strongly suggest these two books the first one is called you guessed it Hitler it's by a and Wilson it's a great bio second book is called the Third Reich in history and memory one of a trilogy by the great author Richard Evans these two books are what I use to get the information for this video thanks for watching [Music]