10 Things WWE Regrets About Royal Rumble

[Applause] from afar the Royal Rumble is the best it's easily WWE standout stipulation match and we'll rile up interest even if the previous ones sucked yes how much we all love it we saw Alberto Del Rio winner bloated won in 2011 and yet come 2012 we still got all excited about what could be and that's the ticket it's so open there's always a thousand ways to speculate that doesn't mean along this journey we haven't tripped up though or chosen some avenues that really didn't work in practice probably sounded great as an idea backstage but when we saw it in the ring yeah not sure it hit the highs expected I'm Simon from what culture this is 10 things WWE regrets about the Royal Rumble number 10 a rubbish staredown when the rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin had moved away from the world of pro wrestling the idea was always to try and replicate that as soon as possible who could fill those shoes and ensure we had a rivalry that had fans holding their breath even before two superstars locked up the chosen ones for this were John Cena and Randy Orton we had some moments sure but they were never at that point the rumble in 2011 was proof of that well kinda the real issues arrived in 2009 when WWE was so desperate to turn this into a mega program they had seen an alum clash for most of the year they fought five times four of those coming on back-to-back pay-per-views that's enough to wear anyway now especially because it never really sparked into life so while we went through iron man's full count anywhere's and no DQ's they all blurred into one fast forward two years and we were trying to bounce off that after the viper arrived in the 39th spot after a few eliminations it was these two who locked eyes and that was meant to elicit a reaction of fire from the crowd it didn't 24 months wasn't enough to wipe the slate clean and instead it was more of the same we needed a longer break from this feud not to pretend it may come back again it didn't help the Cena point at the mania sign as if that was the projected territory we didn't go that way but in these situations you want fans to be excited and they were not no man eyeing a paper champion when sergeant slaughter won the World title roar humble in 1991 it should have been a cool moment sergeant hauled away and had a gimmick that we all still think of today nice championship run was just what he deserved unfortunately it was the start a truly baffling storyline for WWE that didn't really capture the audience's attention essentially exploiting the Gulf War slaughter was the traitorous sympathizer who had walked the ring with general Adnan and rip on America as actual conflict was going on overseas it's the opposite of fun not fun it's when the Macho Man did smack the ultimate war in the head with his royal sceptre at this Rumble allowing the sergeant to win the championship after an elbow drop when it just made everybody groan especially as it was already clear the plan was to have Hulk Hogan save the day at that year's WrestleMania all in all it was just a bit cheap and I'm sure if we could all go back and redo this we probably would it also wasn't fair on slaughter as he has to have this in his memory bank giving his character he should have been given the exact opposite when it came to winning the big one remember a a desperate attempt for relevancy Ally 1997 was not a good time for WWE while they were about to explode the new generation era was still hanging around and leaving people to look elsewhere for their wrestling namely WCW no more was this apparent than when the company tried to book the Alamodome in San Antonio in order to try and show that WWE was still relevant and really work not only were thousands of tickets given away via Taco Bell coupons Vince McMahon also teamed up with triple-a in Mexico to try and make use of their fan base - this is the hurdle everyone had to jump through just to get to point A and even then it still hit a wall while it seemed as if this would get the super high flyers that were tearing up in World Championship Wrestling in the Rumble itself instead it was the old guard who arrived and they weren't as agile as they once were the most famous was mil máscaras and he eliminated himself many didn't help any of the younger stars that could have got boost from doing so including him please McMahon he stopped the arrangement soon after so why look great on TV with a stadium full of faces it didn't spark things into life as intended don't worry though by the end of the year everybody was going nuts number 7 an unexpected entrant the 2014 Royal Rumble is a tough one to call while Daniel Bryan should have been in it and won the thing - he didn't even make an appearance despite fans crying out for just that however a lot of this expectation did come from the fans directly and I include myself in that exactly how it should be if something makes sense in your head there's nothing wrong with being excited about it when he didn't turn up it was just a disaster Paul Ray Mysterio was sent out instead and was booed from all directions even though the jeers weren't aimed at him again the crowd just knew who they wanted and that wasn't it it completely upended the whole match before everybody turned their attentions to eventual winner Batista who got such a negative reaction he was quickly dubbed booty stir obviously all worked out well in the end but when one of your biggest events of the year goes off air with your audience livid with what's happened well that's never the idea now is it unless you've booked a hill to win then it would be alright but let's not pretend otherwise number six an absolute massacre the two thousand or humble rocked not only was it in front of a hot Madison Square Garden crowd but we had the debut of tears who opened the show to choke out Kurt Angle then there was that incredible trainwreck clash between the Hardee's and the Dudley's as they smashed each other food tables like it was going out of fashion Plus that spot with taka Michinoku in the rumble itself it's anything but pleasant and knocked him out cold the top it off which is a poor choice of words there was also an engineer a swimsuit contest we all know the deal there it was an electric pay-per-view however but not so for Channel four the UK TV company that was airing it only recently coming on board with modern-day WWE it seems those who made the decision were thinking more about SummerSlam 92 when they sealed the deal when they saw what they had purchased the broadcaster was said to be very much taken aback that alone was apparently enough to decide not to renew the contract when it expired and there was evidence to this when backlash aired on channel 4 with a 50 minute delay there was also a lot of editing before it went out as live and WWE has never aired on a terrestrial TV channel in the UK since thanks guys number 5 a rash decision you've got to imagine that Vince McMahon regrets getting into the ring in the 2005 Raw Rumble he had every right to be a little peeved his big finishes have been ruined but the fact he taught both his quads when he slid into the square circle is all you need to know confusing at the time and kind of horrific afterwards with context it's a clip that still gets watch multiple times a year the way this thing is WWE couldn't have repeated this if they tried Batista and John Cena eliminated themselves with picture perfect timing as they both crashed onto the floor simultaneously no Big Dave was meant to win Lex Luger and Bret Hart hadn't done that to that level and it was planned in that one the fact this was an accident just made it all the more crazy with referee's unsure what to do McMahon storm to the ring and said it has to be restarted and then yes yep there were other options - we could have faded to black and sorta down draw built to a match at No Way Out or just inform someone via a headset it was time to get both men back in the ring and get on with it it was an impulsive reaction on behalf of the boss and now it's written into rumble law and before a worthy winner Rey Mysterio deserved to win the Royal Rumble in 2006 because he was great he had proved everybody wrong that said he was too small to get to the top and his time had finally arrived a rumble victory and a mania match wouldn't put anybody's nose out of joint and the fact he was gonna do it from the number-2 spot was the perfect way to playoff the underdog role the issue many took with this was that the whole thing was surrounded by the recent death of Eddie Guerrero raised good friend Michael Cole was even instructed to suggest it was the posthumous work on Guerrero's behalf and it was all a little bit too much on top of that was what happened with Mysterio after you won the big belt at WrestleMania 22 never booked as a proper champion and often losing in non-title matches his run even saw him get taken out by the great carly was really odd it's still wonderful to watch within the context of the night with everything else it's not as enjoyable as it should have been number three a failed endorsement fan reaction is a powerful tool is it not evidence if it was needed came at the 2015 Royal Rumble where WWE decided to employ the services of the rock to try and get Roman reigns over after he won that year's match if people had cheered all this it would have been a moment for the ages and it kind of is but for all the wrong reasons no one cared that reigns had tossed that Big Show and Kane who no one wanted to see come out on top here and saw Rocky's return as a cynical way to dupe them into cheering Philadelphia refused and we know what happened next you could even see how shocked the rock is when he too gets caught up in this war between fans and backstage management as he raised reigns his hand in hindsight maybe he would also like you to forget about this rawness I think most people have too many other more important issues have come up ever since it is still used as a look at this PowerPoint slide or anybody asks about why Roman wasn't able to make his way up the mountain as desired which sucks in one since someone like the rock randomly appearing in the rumble should always be great well number two a row concussion concussions are always hard to talk about especially now as we're learning more and more about that the headlines are if you suffer one rest for as long as you need the long term effects can be horrendous during the 2014 Rumble though CM Punk got concussed after a blow from Kofi Kingston as soon as WWE realized they sent dr. Chris Amon to ringside to take stock of the situation that's when it all fell apart Punk who refused to leave the match supposedly threatened to quit if he was taken out of the thing meaning everything was up in the air no one stepped in to suggest that maybe this wasn't the best idea and Punk quit soon after anyway so that worked in retrospect this was just a bad idea given that a restless healt had always been the most important thing when they step into a ring the fallout can be terrible and as Pro Wrestling has the luxury of being scripted it makes even less sense to not put it before anything else stupid number Wireless step too far since Kane that Kimura winning the 2018 Raw Rumble was excellent it was a feel-good moment for fans all over the world and it set up a match between the king of strong style and AJ Styles the fact that what happened at WrestleMania was the icing on the cake there ain't nothing wrong with that what some fans was how this all played out rather than main event as the Rumble winner should or tear the house down AJ and Shinsegae kinda just had a match which ended when Nakamura went heal by smacking stars and the testicles that was fine too as now the former IWGP champion could go back to his treacherous ways but he didn't basically everything post rumble just not shins go further down the pecking order which wasn't good for him or the guy who had once something as huge as the January pay-per-view we weren't even allowed to see the evolution of the state of knack America as it didn't go anywhere he said it once and then he just vanished I will forget this because he's better than that