10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Becky Lynch

[Applause] Becky Lynch is the number one wrestler in the WWE right now there's no two ways about it exploding in the latter half of 2018 and just riding that wave like a pro everybody loves the last kicker apart from that one guy on Twitter who just has to be different you keep doing you men because she's reached this new lever though all of a sudden there's things that WWE would probably rather we didn't talk about anymore cuz it doesn't fit the new version of Lynch that they have but in wrestling all the time have you been hovering around not doing much and then boom you're on top of the world some people may be a little red-faced that they didn't see the writing on the wall sooner fair play to Becky however she got herself over and it doesn't seem like that's gonna change anytime soon but still I'm Simon from what culture this is 10 things WWE wants you to forget about Becky Lynch number 10 the man was supposed to be a pure heel let's start by going back only a few months because let's not forget the anti-heroin gimmick that we now have started off as a way to turn Becky Lynch heel that seems bizarre cuz right out the gate she fell like a mix between Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk and when was that pairing ever gonna get booed by fans it's many people's dream come true and Lynch was able to put it off like she'd been doing it for years that was the plan though whether we like it or not when Becky was cutting her post SummerSlam attack promo and Charlotte she deliberately went after the audience told us we never cared that we didn't support her enough and what do we all do we cheered cuz nobody was buying it it was empty words clearly put in place by somebody else rather than ignore it however WWE lized it was a waste of time and change plans as soon as they were able to all of a sudden announcers were praising Becky's fighting spirit and how she's taking control of her career again but of course this was never the plan given what's happened since no one wants us to remember that and yet we do know could we not remember nine she wasn't entirely wrong about Charlotte a huge reason why none of us wants to boo Lynch was because everything she was saying was correct I get that a good heal as to buy into what they're putting out there but if when you dive into that information you to realize it's actually true well then you got to go with it and they were the facts Becky had been overlooked in favor of others since she debuted and for a long time was treated like Flair's sidekick fairy change when lint herself booted Sharla in the face at the biggest event of the summer and it was easy to see why the 2019 Rumble winner snapped there's all a bunch of nonsense WWE still fought this for a while by twisting it so that Charlotte was shocked Becky would behave this way but that doesn't change the truth it ran its course pretty quickly as once more we shifted events so that flair now acted like a super cocky hill who didn't care that for ages Lynch had been represented as nothing more than her BFF entries 9 and 10 kind of merge into one for this whole thing but it's absolutely how we got here to begin with there was probably a much easier route number 8 PCB remember PCB or paid Charlotte Becky which has got to be the laziest group name WWE has come up with for a while it's pretty much the same way The Simpsons is poochy got his a bunch of currently bothered executives but the 13th of July 2015 episode of Raw was one for the history books a Stephanie McMahon announced the revolution of the women's division as NXT Sasha banks Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch debuted on the main roster each of them is now firmly part of that and an integral part of boot when we focus on Lynch mind this wasn't as quick as what happened with the other two in PCP she was booked as the third wheel Paige was already established and Charlotte was the chosen one for WWE as she'd already been paid for a title rape all Becky was allowed to do was stand in the background and smile this was made even worse when Paige even called Lynch the least relevant of the three that September which then led to her being screwed over by both the UK wrestler and Charlotte no wonder she finally lost it in 2018 number 7 the original PCB while I did just rag on the name minutes ago there was probably a reason WWE went for something so simple the original one was a disaster dubbed the submission sorority that became a problem when you did a quick google with that in the search box for you see that was also the name of a porn series produced by the bank Bros the company would like to tell TMZ that the adult agencies web interests are up fifty six percent overnight following Raw and I don't think this was ever part of the plan and yeah I know there was a reason for this it was meant to reflect that each of the women did have a pretty badass submission hold but still you can't have your fans stumbling across pornography when they're looking to see what happened on the Monday night show this was killed double quick and we got PCB instead research is always number six that Ric Flair kiss this was so odd even if Ric Flair had been calling himself a kiss dealer for years there's one thing to say it when you do it no no man Jory and Becky Lynch his title match against Charla at the 2016 Royal Rumble though Flair who was in his daughter's corner grabbed Becky and forcibly kissed her no one really enjoyed this and it was creepy to be honest why was an old man allowed to do this with no real repercussions entertaining it was not for balance many also pointed out this is what Rick's character would do and gave Lynch a valid excuse for losing and I'll let you decide which side of the fence you fall on but did WWE delete this from future showings of the match well if you go and watch it now you'll see Flair will win Becky's face before Charlotte just cuts her off it works for me right now as that's actual proof that WWE wants you to forget about this well unlikely see anything like that in 2019 so that's bet it's dead unless we talk about it in places like this number five her first smackdown title run was only okay Becky Lynch deserved to be the champion but during her first two runs WWE never really went all-in with it for example her first rain went on for a mere 84 days and her second was a tiny bit longer at 91 the original wins should have been bigger too because it was the first in the belts history Lynch captured the SmackDown championship a backlash in September 2016 after it was invented and defended it once before being booked to lose it that was to Alexa bliss at the TLC pay-per-view in December and undercut any momentum she was able to get even that wasn't ideal as while she was kind of just hanging out on Tuesday nights WWE was going big with Sasha banks versus Charlotte in the first-ever Hell in a Cell match now that Lynch is the biggest thing in the company this isn't a time period we need to go back to if we had acted better maybe Becky would have got to the big time for a quicker number for la lucha Dora a reason we didn't get there sooner though is because a bizarre angles lint was often put in for example la lucha Dora trying to inject some fun into a story which I do appreciate this mysterious wrestler turned up on Smackdown in December 2016 as a way for Lynch to get another shot the Women's Title she just lost because wrestling actually has no rules la lucha Dora was able to beat bliss to become the number one contender even though it was actually Becky and who's to say it's hard for a new fan to understand the story sometime a month later however during a steel cage match another luchador popped up although now it was Mickie James making her WWE come back and help English retained at the same time convoluted is not the word and the fact Becky's own idea had returned to haunt her painted her as the fool she is not it suffered once more because the raw women's scene was so much better and the payoff to the whole thing was that Naomi beat bliss not Becky right number three WrestleMania 30 for addressing this in our own promos right now Becky Lynch genuinely has gone from one extreme to the next where WrestleMania is concerned if she does indeed main event 35 it'll be a huge leap from 34 when she was stuck in the pre-show battle with 19 other women it was the first one ever which added some importance to it but is anybody talking about it now not really do you even remember who won it was Naomi in case you'd like to know she threw out Bayley before this Lynch had been eliminated by Mickie James and felt like a bit of an afterthought that's what makes her current run so satisfying though and potentially one of those things with a past actually helps the present you can buy into Becky struggles and how she overcame them because they're right there to see from opening bell to the last one of the night she has utterly turned things around number two reports said WWE hated her accent we never know how true these things are so take it with a pinch of salt but yes many reports around the time she won the SmackDown Women's Title in 2016 said that WWE production head Kevin Dunn did not like Becky Lynch's voice what's coming from the Wrestling Observer it said that Dunn wasn't fun of Lynch's Irish accent and didn't think it worked well in promos if you want some fuel to add to the fire there did seem to be a reluctance to allowing her to talk on Tuesday nights and when she did her lions were kept short let's say for a moment this was true and boy howdy is that a ridiculous notion now for one I don't think anybody cares about accents these days when it comes to who should and shouldn't get pushed and to Becky's fire on the Mike runs people down like a getaway car if anything her boys helps us stand out nobody else sounds like lynch wrestling has always been about celebrating unique and original qualities so this was just dumb all-round w-we as a worldwide company for goodness sake thankfully all of that seems to be well and truly in the past number one the Irish dancer WWE just can't help themselves can they obsessed with stereotypes when Becky Lynch first arrived in NXT for a match with summer Rae she'd tap danced the night away until she got leveled with a big clothesline as Evert simply came from the fact Becky was Irish and there was a jig named after that we don't need to go any further although I do wonder if she was asked for her thoughts on Michael finally there's every chance this was the decision made between all parties but that still doesn't mean it was for the best especially when you look at Becky today and what she's capable of being reduced to where you're from doesn't really leave you with too much room to play with that's why today if you want to forget about it nobody is gonna mind all too much know of any other things WWE wants you to forget about Becky Lynch including probably this list let us know in the 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