10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About WrestleMania 35

[Applause] at WrestleMania 35 we got exactly what we wanted our opening match saw Seth Rollins win the universal title halfway through the show Kofi Kingston did the same with the WWE Championship and at the end Becky Lynch walked away with as much gold as she could get her hands on for the first time in a while the biggest pay-per-view of the year felt like a feel-good nugget of warmth nothing is perfect though and unfortunately someone has to be the bearer of bad news and today that's me now we're a little bit removed I'm sure there's plenty WWE would like to pretend didn't happen at mainly a 34 and just to be right assholes let's underline all of that which of course will highlight it even more I'm Simon from what culture please do subscribe and this is 10 things WWE wants you to forget about WrestleMania 35 number 10 Hulk Hogan a controversial entry as I find out every time I bring it up Hulk Hogan is just going to be a controversial person until it turns out he's not actually immortal the racism incident is a hard thing to forget about even if in life it's always good to try and forgive and sell at a time when real American hit the start of WrestleMania 35 it was just a downer for me I didn't need it that's why it's not just gonna get it down it's gonna get a brown down because like I say it was just it made me feel I was uncomfortable with him the reaction said otherwise but one aspect I think we can all agree with is that eventually Hogan has to learn the damn venues name he even got it wrong here on purpose after pretending he was in the Superdome that Joe sucked but it was even dumber when he called MetLife Stadium the MetLife Center but we all come for some kind of business meeting or to look at fishes in the aquarium you can bet your ass that WWE didn't like that given the amount of money that exchanges hands for mania these days and Hulk Hogan just called it something completely different to what it was also who's the star of the show not the best time to make a mistake just do your homework Hulk and apologize properly number 9 are Lee's almost injury as we know the Andre the Giant battle royal is mostly there to ensure everyone gets on the WrestleMania card in that sense it's nice being involved is better than the alternatives and the fact WWE thinks this too makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when it comes to Ally he was almost hurt so badly he probably would have rude this decision you can't get injured if you're sat in the back as Luke Harper's attempted to suplex Ally over the top rope from the inside to the outside braun strowman came over and kicked harper right in the chest sending him to the floor i think the monster among men was a bit too amped because he booted her off her so hard that he went flying backwards why still holding Ali in the air as you can imagine this saw the high fly hit the floor headfirst and then almost smack his brain on the announce desk you know it was scary because I Lee even tweeted out afterwards that he was still alive that's much better than the opposite what have we done if it come to pass could handle that Ali was only in the battle royal because he had to sit out before after getting banged up 2 for 2 would have been way too sad we were okay in the end but don't expect WWE to be shining any kind of spotlight on it number 8 Batista strip poor Big Dave he can't enter a WWE ring these days without getting memed and that happened again at WrestleMania 35 it was only a blip and if you blinked you would have missed it but one of the first things Batista did when he got to the ring was trip over the rope and fall on his face like a modern-day version of the Shockmaster and it broke my heart because he's just a good dude all round he laughed it off which is always the best thing to do by the way if you do go down and it's not like he botched throughout the rest of the evening little moment of madness that he owned and moved on from again though not like WWE is gonna use that in the moments of the Year package really the worst part is what it meant in terms of kayfabe patita was coming in to be a killer and then he collapsed on the floor within seconds number 7 Batista's motorcade had reversing problems to be fair to WWE no one is meant to know about this and no one does unless you were sat behind the massive stage set at mania 35 luckily I was so I have all the details and all you saw once Batista had gone into the ring where his entrance car struggling to reverse into the backstage area as they tried to get through the gap which was massive by the way neither vehicle could fit behind the sliding door and into the space they driven out off even though should have been a quick correction it just went from bad to worse four employees had to step up to sort this out which must have helped given that a bunch more people were trying to get Triple H's Mad Max tribute down the rare given how stressful mania must be you could only imagine Vince McMahon getting more and more riled up as he tries to produce a wrestling show it's really weird sight to just these cars moving back and forth like that reverse and skidding Austin Powers just happened to be going down mere meters away from 80,000 people number 6 John Cena's rap lines while seeing the fag onyx version of John Cena return to the WWE was awesome it was far from WWE's usual PG affair he basically called a lie supposition and told the world he masturbated a lot the engineer had returned if only for a few minutes fans were grinning ear-to-ear so you can't moan about it but all of a sudden we were back in 2002 the overwhelming feeling when we were down is that we wanted more of that and less the superhuman scene and we'd gotten used to over the last decade that was double down on when John said and they call me the golden shovel so I'm about to bury your push your face looks like my nuts except you have a hairier Bush ma'am obviously a lot worse has happened in WWE history but it's all relative and this was far more risque than the usual episode of Raw and SmackDown do you wonder what some parents thought of it as they watch mania with their kids you do have a story please let us know in the comments below number 5 sasha banks and Bayley having a rumoured backstage tantrum right yes all of this is murmurs at the moment but either then you think WWE likes all this of course they don't don't want their dirty laundry aired in public makes the whole thing harder especially when some people say that sasha banks and Bayley were throwing a tantrum backstage the original drop of info came from Ryan Saturn at Pro Wrestling sheet who said via for sources at the pair refused to get up from the dressing room floor and loudly complained about dropping the women's tag team titles at the show they were apparently furious that their total reign was going to be cut short and that WWE wanted to put the belts on their conics because of all this they wanted to make sure everyone knew they were unhappy it carried on later outside of their hotel rooms until they chatted with management about it all true not true we do know is that it's still out of control as we talk about it now straight up WWE wants you to forget about all of it especially in case banks never returns to the company number 4 the way Kurt Angle's career ended look there is a way WWE can use everything that happened with Kurt Angle at mania to turn Baron Corbin in were proper asshole if he goes on about it as much as Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman did when they destroyed the Undertaker streak I imagine fans will want to throttle him before long and give him an edgy needs with all that said when you remember just exactly what angle had achieved you'd be forgiven for thinking this may have been off-base making his debut in 1999 he was one of the best wrestlers in the world within a hiccup by 2006 health and personal problems had forced him out of WWE but he still somehow repeated some of that magic in TNA Triple H the Undertaker the rock John Cena sting AJ Styles it didn't matter angle could work with them all this is why seeing it end in a six minute raw like match was a bit sad it's not like Kurt can go like he used to but still if someone had told you this in the late 90s you may have choked on your WWE ice cream bar could the company would get this down the line maybe but at least we'll always have those memories of what he was able to do number three the attendance when Alexa bliss came out to tell us that WWE had shattered the attendance record at MetLife Stadium it wasn't a big surprise somehow they do there every year but that's where the skepticism comes into place everybody knows the company likes to inflate the real number and this year was no different Bliss may have said eighty two thousand two hundred and sixty five for who knows could have just been 65,000 what's really weird about it is that the stadium has a capacity of eighty-two thousand five hundred and fifty for the New York Giants and Jets NFL games so how we got here is anyone's guess well no I can guess we just made it up because why not no one actually cares also you two did a show there in 2011 and sold over eighty eight thousand tickets I mean WWE may have just been talking about wrestling but they absolutely did not say that and there's a reason for it it's because they didn't mean that at all number two Bret Hart's Hall of Famer tanked one of the worst things to happen in wrestling for a long time this was just disgusting to do so the Hall of Fame ceremony and go after Bret Hart a stroke victim you tell me some people are just scum how all this happened to is questionable you'd have to figure that security assume nothing like this would go down during the Hall of Fame but they were wrong as Bret Hart was giving his speech about his recently deceased friend this moron hopped the barrier and tackled the Hitman to the floor within seconds he was getting his ass kicked so the wrestlers the boots in especially - Wilder smashed that full with a right so hard it knocked him silly as they should WWE will delete this from the network broadcast because this idiot doesn't deserve any spotlight whatsoever nothing else don't repeat these actions no one comes to a wrestling show to see you this is Seth Rollins watching right now then you're actually okay never won the finish of the main event while you can say the main event didn't live up to some expectations it was still something to be remembered Ronda Rousey Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch made history by closing WrestleMania 35 and our chosen pick won two titles you've really got to be a negative Nancy to lay into that one too much as for the finish well that was something different there's dozens of different stories out there but the main one is at the roll-up wasn't the original ending whether that was due to the referee worrying about Rhonda's broken hand and foon she wouldn't be able to work much longer or just counting even though her shoulders weren't down it was not what was meant to happen the ref in question rods a pat I even got fined by WWE for doing this and you can already tell that WWE wants you to forget about it every time they've showed it back so far it's been completely blacked out that is one way to do it