10 Things You Didnt Know About Alexa Bliss

[Applause] despite not having wrestled for several months in WWE Alexa bliss remains one of the most popular females in the company the first woman in WWE history to win both the Raw and SmackDown women's titles she guarantees a reaction from the universe is fantastic on the mic and has some of the most dedicated fans you could ask for as thoughtful of him isn't it Alexa has had an incredible life inside and outside the ring featuring some unbelievable highs and lows and I'm not just talking about when she was pestered by owest osowiec on Raw this week look his face here even clear he had tell him to tone it down a bit and he's got an Alexa bliss back tattoo anyway alexis is a fascinating story and with I mind I'm Adam will born from wot culture and these are 10 things you didn't know about Alexa bliss number 10 her parents struggled through her early years born on the 9th of August 1991 the future Alexa bliss is simply Alexis Kaufman to her parents Bob and Angela and quickly becomes the apple of their collective eye but it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows in the cabmen household I think she wasn't ginger ray Angela was 18 and Bob only 17 when bliss was born and as young parents just setting out on their journey through life the couple admitted during a WWE produced documentary about Alexa that they struggled initially to sell as a family much of this was financial although bliss herself fondly remembers annual trips to Disney World despite her parents having a relatively low income must have been nice my parents took me here when I was young not quite the happiest place on earth is it there's no sugarcoating when Bob talks about the situation though and he seemed eager to tell WWE and the world that he was only finding his feet as a man when suddenly found himself forced to adapt to being a father for such a colorful dramatic child number nine she is a great singer it may surprise some wrestling fans to learn that Alexa bliss is actually a pretty damn good singer excelling on the microphone in WWE during promos is just the tip of the iceberg for bliss vocally because she actually has a great set of careful pipes on her coming from our family that loves music Alexis grandfather was a country musician and that genre is one bliss favors herself there's been no real hint of a singing gimmick for Alexa in WWE thank God although our parents did provide footage to the company for use in the documentary that showed bliss laying loose and belting out songs at home don't get any ideas Vince number eight rey mysterio was her childhood favorites chances are if you don't like my best friend Rey Mysterio I don't care for you as a person anyway when Rey Mysterio joined WWE in the summer of 2002 Alexa bliss would have been around ten years old a keen gymnastic for the former Women's Champion has said several times during interviews that race style grabbed her almost immediately admiring the way the former WCW Cruiserweight star would fly around the ring and impressionable bliss linked Mysterio's ring style with her own approach to gymnastics in addition to his high-flying moves she also adored the colorful outfits and superhero like masks that Mysterio would wear during his performances above all others the dazzling Mexican was the one that left a major impression on Alexa during her formative years watching WWE q61 nine jokes in the comment section I know you're thinking it number seven doctors told Alexis parents she was 24 hours away from dying imagine being hit with the terrible news that your daughter may have only 24 hours to live those were the shocking words relate to Bob and Angela Kaufman about their little girl by doctors in Columbus and the admission rocked the family going through a serious eating disorder from the age of 15 bliss worried her parents enough that they tricked her into a hospital visit telling her that they were going to church the mother father duo actually drove their daughter to meet with doctors aiming to find out the root of her weight-loss problems and general unhappiness in her own skin after taking her vital signs medical staff admitted that Alexa may be at death's door if they didn't act quickly therefore with or without the consent of her parents doctors were keen to keep bliss in house and work through her issues to this day bliss wonders if that hoodwinking from her parents may have saved her life number six body building help bless overcome an eating disorder relapse that dramatic episode aged 15 wouldn't be the last time that Alexa bliss suffered with an eating disorder relapsing in college the gymnast enlisted the help of personal trainers Natalie Calend and Mike Davies to help her gain some healthy weight the combination of serious weight training and eating properly at home became aspects of Alexa's regimen that she follows to this day setting their young student on a path of greatness both Calend and davis helped bliss see the values of mixing exercise with a healthier approach to eating throwing herself into bodybuilding the young female became the youngest in history at that point to get a pro card as a bodybuilder entering the arnold classic competition showed bliss that she could do anything she set her mind to provided a support network was there to back her up number 5 Triple H came to her regarding WrestleMania 30 did you know that for Triple H's entrance at WrestleMania 30 this is Charlotte Flair this is sasha banks and this is Alexa bliss of course you did it's one of those wrestling facts there everyone knows like JBL beating up the blue meanie Vince hating sneezing and the WWF replaced the Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania 8 wake up sheeple however the selection process wasn't random the game knew he had some special talents on his hands down in NXT Triple H wanted to give each woman including Bliss some experience on such a huge stage before they inevitably reached it as in-ring performers themselves that confidence placed in her by such a powerful and influential name once again gave Alexis supreme belief that she'd chosen the right path joining WWE number four WWE didn't know about her Harley Quinn outfit beforehand the backlash in October 2016 Alexa bliss was part of a six pack challenge match designed to crown the first ever smackdown Women's Champion in a bid to stand out from the crowd she dressed up as Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie released earlier that year according to police during a chat with Yahoo Sports WWE didn't know about her outfit choice before the pay-per-view this was a calculated risk from Alexa she planned to ask forgiveness rather than permission once the show was over with thankfully WWE loved the idea and viewed it as an extension of Alexis previous work dressing up as horror star Freddy Krueger during her time in NXT Bliss knew that she could pull the Quinn look off and then it would draw attention from wrestling fans who were let's just say enamored by Margot Robbie's portrayal of the super villain in Suicide Squad she was right and it remains her most memorable costume yet oh and guess who dressed up as Harley Quinn for Halloween last year too obsessed much number three the Bliss surname came about by accident the Alexa part of her ring name obviously comes from blisses real name Alexis Kaufmann but the second half had an unlikely source of inspiration that came from her nowhere cast as a southern girl originally in NXT Alexa used bless your heart as a catchphrase due to her accent though the word bless sounded a little bit more like bliss and this was something that she and others picked up on overtime during several interviews Bliss has admitted that the name change was accidental more than anything else and only came about due to her pronunciation problems WWE decided to run with the name Alexa bliss after this and that allowed the female to use terms like blissed off going forward nice number two Alexis sent her mother a Legally Blonde quote post WWE draft anybody who follows Alexa bliss on Instagram or Twitter and hasn't been blocked will know that she's huge fan of Disney and that passion for the company extends to musicals to her absolute favorite is Legally Blonde a musical that Alexa her mother and if I'm honest the entire what culture office really enjoys when bliss was moved from NXT to Smackdown live during the WWE Draft she said her mother a text message the actor quote from the movie the actual quote is look at my name in black and white your daughter's doing something right but Alexa changed black to blue in order to represent her new wrestling home get it number one her mother used China to discourage a WWE tryouts when the future Alexa bliss told her parents that she wanted to try out for WWE and become a wrestling superstar in 2013 her mother was horrified by the idea she had a point we're doing stuff like this at the time oh well thank God Stephanie McMahon invented women's wrestling a few years later right during the documentary produced by WWE angela revealed that she used china as a tool to try and convince her little girl not to become a wrestler you see in the mother's mind her daughter would be crushed by muscle-bound athletes like China because that was the kind of female WWE wanted the tactic obviously didn't work fully aware that WWE had moved away from women like China blase was also determined to help change perception of what women's wrestling could be ignoring her mother's please she answered a recruitment call on WWE's website decided to send in an audition tape and ask the promotion to train her the rest as they say is blistery