10 Times Really Weird Stuff Went Down At WWE Royal Rumble

[Applause] the raw rumble has been going so long you can approach it from many different ways there are the highlights such as Ric Flair's win in 1992 and the lowlights that's the one in 2011 they have 40 competitors there's also the downright weird though and that's where we shall focus our attentions today whether it's because these have been running since 1988 or that Vince McMahon's brain gets the best of him been so many bizarre things that have happened over the last 30 years that when you think back on them well it's still hard to fathom not saying they're bad in fact I'd rather WWE always try to add some madness into the rumble but strange is strange you can't get away from that and I'm Simon from what culture this is ten times really weird stuff went down the roar humble number 10 Drew Carey's cameo happening in 2001 this almost stretched the boundaries of what people thought depending on whether you knew who Drew Carey was it wasn't a name here in the UK for example although I'm pleased to say I did know the man I just loved whose line is it anyway too much for everyone else though it was a Wikipedia job the problem being that it only launched two weeks before this version of the rumble started how he got in was even more bizarre McMahon livid that he looked at Trish Stratus in the wrong way punished him by hurling him into the event and that makes no sense did one drew Carey going on to main event WrestleMania he didn't of course and instead hightailed out the ring as soon as Kane arrives he did not want any part of the Big Red Machine in case you're wondering why this happened at all is because Kerry had a pay-per-view of his own to promote good old-fashioned marketing number 9 the Hurricanes double chokeslam attempts if hurricane debuted today in NXT everybody would groan that a promising young upstart had been buried on arrival I got a fake superhero ever get over truth is though Shane Helms was brilliant at the role and used it to its full potential no one else could have done what he did however went bitter rivals triple Eight's and Stone Cold Steve Austin squared off against each other in the 2002 Rumble I'm not sure a spot of comedy was high on anybody's list WWE disagreed and the man said to stick a wedge in between them was indeed the hurricane Stanley decide of them he only had one idea in mind to give most own Cold Steve Austin and Triple A - double chokeslam they looked at him like he was bonkers and swiftly tossed him from the ring but I tell ya it was great as ever Helms played it to a tee in the brief light heartedness reminded you why the rumble is so good just a bunch of random wrestlers facing off against each other still PI mind mostly because nobody saw it coming now bright sunny and Max Mini 1998 was an interesting time for wrestling while the Attitude Era was in full effect certain tropes from days gone by still remains such as little-people matches that came straight from Mexico if you're of the right age you'll remember max mini as the star of these and he was again at that year's Rumble although for very different reasons during a match that saw max team-up with Nova and mosaic to take on battalion El Torito and tarantula we got a little insight into Sonny's mindset WWE's go-to eye candy at the time as awful as that sounds Sonny's role here was as the special guest referee and like most refs however she took a liking to max and started to help him out mid scrim after he'd been victorious she even picked him up in her arms and carried max around like he was a baby don't forget he was not and was in fact a fully grown adult I would guess this was an off-the-cuff decision by Sonny but man is it weird to look out now probably was then - to be honest I'm not sure what I was meant to take away from it number 7 horn smuggles attitude adjustment we've already mentioned how odd the 2011 Rumble was on the whole but that just gets even more strange when you delve into specific spots such as yes Hornswoggle given Tyson Kidd a John Cena star AAA you tell me because I don't know it was met by a hilarious response to the crowd as few people actually facepalm as soon as his music it and from there it's almost like a dream as seen himself watched on swoggle lifted kid onto his shoulders and slammed him down he kind of did Tyson had to thrust himself in the air to make this work but that's not soon surprising the size difference was huge air plays a WWE though for having some fun with this Rumble and it wasn't terrible we're talking weird here and that is what it was don't believe me you can go and watch it right now I look forward to Europe number six the posed in contest I was barely a child in 1989 so didn't even know what was happening on WWE TV in the late 80s but as a man who loves the gym I'm more than happy to say that when I learned the Ultimate Warrior and Rick Rude had a mid-show pose down was on board it's both brilliant and ridiculous and equal measure and no point is that thing you need to do during a pay-per-view they did however and went through a number of poses you'd see on the mr. Olympia stage including of course that classic double bicep at one point warrior even did roots hip swivel routine as Rick looked on and discussed the general consensus was as either sucked was way to Quincy or plain boring but that's not that overly surprising you had to rip dudes who are being booked by a man who was keen on the world bodybuilding Federation madness all things considered and most of the audience had just tuned in wanting to see a fight number 5 Hulk Hogan goes heal kinda throughout the eighties and nineties Hulk Hogan was the ultimate good guy would even look badly in somebody's direction well don't do anything that people would consider heal ish you could count on the Hulkster and he'd never let you down boy how things would change the first hit that he had evil within him though was at the 1992 roar humble after Sid justice had thrown him out the match while all is fair in love and war Hogan's response was to be a proper sore loser and grab just as his arm as it was treading over the rope and yank him out it only costed the world title but awarded the wind to Ric Flair was quite the sight considering the ethos out there by Hulk and WWE but here he was being a dick could it just decide to waver the fans and say thanks but instead he threw a tantrum live around the world that my friends is weird especially because before all this it was all about taking vitamins and saying prayers number four Randy Savage forgets the rules there's no two ways about it Randy Savage some of the greatest wrestlers there have a husband he's had countless historic matches and will never be forgotten for his contributions and be crazy promote but not even the macho man was infallible which is why in the 1993 rule Rumble he strikeout forgot the rules getting a huge reaction as you walked in at number 30 fans totally believed he could be the guy to stop Yokozuna who had been on a tear this was true to a certain extent too because after savage at smash yoga with his patented elbow drop all look good and till Randy tried to pin in everybody looked on with confusion and it would also be his downfall mr. Fuji's monster pressed the macho man off his body and at the same time sent him tumbling over the top rope that wouldn't have happened if savage had remembered what he was meant to be doing in there and it bugs me to this day he was so close Randy you were so close just get him out of there sake number three Vince McMahon tears his quad a moment that will come up on all Rumble listen till we all explode the 2005 rumble always be remembered due to the sight of Vince McMahon running to ringside slamming his coat onto the floor before just sitting dumbfounded in the middle of the squared circle it was baffling at the time because nobody knew what had happened a situation made even more crazy as he yelled at John Cena and Batista it was no way this was part of the plan and it wasn't in a truly unscriptural chain of events Cena and Batista had botched the finish by accidentally both falling out of the ring at the same time that incensed McMahon know when to the point all of the above happened and I would guess he was so wound up his tight muscles imploded as soon as he slid in to confront everyone both his quads tore which must have been agony for the boss that after he'd instructed officials to restart the match he sheepishly made his way backstage and there I would think he went to the hospital this is even weirder before you get the context of events which is what happened for all of us that watched it live what's going on and why was Vince McMahon acting like a toddler never to Mae young striptease in 2000 the Royal Rumble played host to a Miss Rumble bikini contest that was just the way of the things back then entrance included the cat Terri Runnels Luna Vachon and Jacqueline and it was fine I guess but what it was meant to be as bad as some of the things that WWE be doing around this time and then from nowhere it got even worse all of a sudden may young emerge and said that everybody in New York only wanted to see one thing and that was her puppies it's a quote by the way Jerry Lawler made his protests on commentary when the MSG crowd roared their approval that was the end of it she stripped off her robe and there it all was for everyone to see Mae was wearing some sort of prosthetic suit in order for the company to get away with this but that didn't take away from the sheer shock of the whole thing it didn't put off the audience either who continued to make as much noise as possible I love Mae young and having a legacy attached to an annual Torah is great but this was way too much number one the Undertaker a sins going down all the way back in 1994 some people like me will love this because it's their childhood some damn beyond ludicrous of course but that's a kid brain for you believes everything this sees but yes after Yokozuna and a group of heals had jump on the Undertaker and shoved him into a casket the Phenom appeared on the big screen and apparently ascended upwards somewhere digital effect flashed in all our eyes and then a lined version of taker literally moved up was really really really odd The Deadman also cut promo from inside the coffin before all of this and I think we were meant to assume he was dead even though he'd just been playing a box that's enough to finish someone off but what do I know it did leave far more questions and answers the biggest one being why was there a camera in the coffin to begin with fortunately I cannot answer that cuz I don't have a clue it was one of the first times the Undertaker had disappeared in this kind of fashion er let's face it every time he did return after disappearing we loved it more and more make a comeback is just awesome but given that it didn't make much sense back in the mid 90s just to imagine what anybody would think watching it in 2019 if you just stumble across this on the WWE Network you may think Vince McMahon and everybody booked in WWE back then and actually lost their dead know what maybe they actually many other times really weird stuff went down at the Royal Rumble let us know in the comments below end of it I like share and subscribe then head over to what cultures are common read yourself some articles and follow our culture on Twitter I want culture WWE my name is Simon from what culture and you know what enjoy the Royal Rumble and I'll talk to you again soon