10 Times The Past Screwed With WWEs Present

[Applause] nostalgia in wrestling rocks obviously you have the brilliance of watching the path come back into the limelight but it also divides fans right down the middle as excited as some people are about seeing a name of old returned there's plenty of others who throw everything in the air and proclaim it to be the end of days oh we meant to move forward when we keep looking backwards no matter which side you fall on bless you what's always a little eyebrow raising is when a legend pops back up to destroy someone who's in there pump that never really works it's basically a big sign to say hey this guy isn't on the same level as me and you never want that whoever's gonna be hanging around for the long term should be the priority otherwise what are fans going to think well we know there's happiness and there's sadness I'm Simon from what culture and this is ten times the past screwed WWE's present number ten Goldberg and Kevin Owens happening at Fastlane 2017 this class was also for the universal title which added a lot of fuel to the fire now there's no point pretending that I didn't love Goldberg's return in 2016 because I did his fight with Kevin Owens was just necessary cannon fodder to set up numerous WrestleMania matches but there was still the message thrown out there by WWE that bill was the man after he did away with the champ in just 22 seconds those are the facts of course Chris Jericho also figured in here when he too made an unexpected return after Owens had tried to kill him at the festival of friendship and that was enough to distract Keo and set him up for a spear jackhammer combo that didn't help either as it made eye winds look a little dumb we did have a pretty good trump card too namely the Goldberger done the same thing to Brock Lesnar just weeks earlier unfortunately Lesnar was allowed to get his revenge at that year's mania whereas Kevin never did that wasn't the best either and yes at the start of 2017 fans are most definitely told at the past clearly had a leg up on the present and you never want to have your leg up number 9 Hulk Hogan and Randy Orton well this isn't a big surprise all you've got to do is read any kind of literature about WCW or jump into Hulk Hogan's WWE pump to learn that he didn't really like losing on the one hand it served him well in the sense he still thought I was with whistling but in terms of giving back to the industry that made him didn't happen all that much which is also true when we talk about SummerSlam 2006 during his last match in WWE somebody decided that when 53 year old Hulk took on 26 year-old Randy Orton who had already been identified by the promotion as a future star should beat the legend killer despite that being his nickname bigger legend is there than this not many and yet still mr. RKO was told yet to lose everyone tried to save some faces or and did get the win before the referee overturned the decision as Hogan's foot was on the ropes but from there it was like a schooling the Hulkster ran wild on Randy before finishing him off with a leg drop and that was that in even odder circumstances Hogan left the WWE a few weeks later meaning this was absolutely ridiculous and has done fine for himself ever since but I'm pretty sure a clean win over Hulk Hogan would have helped no end it would allow a bit more for us number 8 WrestleMania 32 in general a show that featured the past constantly smashing heads with the presence you can look at it a number of different ways but even then it's clear this event is where the Attitude Era went over it it started when post the League of Nations new day match Shawn Michaels Mick Foley and Steve Austin interrupted and kicked the crap out of all of them for no other reason than it was WrestleMania again full transparency I was in the crowd that night and went ballistic when stone cold music hit so once more I'm part of the problem also the League of Nations sucked so as a dead project long before this the real kick in the teeth was later on though after taking 678 years to get to the ring and setting his name on fire the rock came head to head with the Wyatt family and then beat Erick Rowan in six seconds seemingly done just the great one could have the record of shortest mania match in history it was pointless just having the rock there would have been enough because it's the rock and he didn't need to destroy someone trying to make their way it wasn't a million miles removed from Triple H in the warrior years earlier which I'm pretty sure most fans crapped all over it doesn't really matter now it was so long ago but in terms of how to use legends most agreed this wasn't the best way number seven the Undertaker and CM Punk sometimes when you go through the books of history it's not that big a surprise that CM Punk eventually took his bowl and went home he was never really WWE's guy no matter what he did more evidence is right here when he with the dead man in a Hell in a Cell in 2009 with the world title on the line there was a feeling in the air that if Punk actually retained his butt against the Undertaker no matter how he did it he would cement his status as the next big thing that would have annoyed Brock Lesnar but I'm sure some cash would have calmed him down in the end didn't even matter with rumors a plenty that Punk had ran afoul of management after a discussion about what he should wear as the champ taker walked into the match beat up Punk for around about ten minutes and then took his title throughout the whole thing there was never even a glimmer of hope that the straight edge Warrior was going to win it would take another two years before Punk got his big breakout moment and really it should have been here there was no greater name in wrestling than Undertaker and on top of that this was his match the hell and a cell if we had gone all-in with this young whippersnapper the fans had already warmed to well the future may have been very different indeed number 6 al Cogan and Triple H had this one even if it does tie into things we've already chatted about in 2002 however Hulk Hogan was having a renaissance in WWE recently returned after having that match with the rock at WrestleMania fans were desperate to see him have one last lost algid run in that sense you can't blame the company for what they decided to do which was yes take the undisputed tile off newly crowned champ Triple H and put it around the waist of the Hulkster and let's not pretend otherwise when this happened the audience lost their minds and felt like they've been part of history and looking back they kind of heard it was Hulk Hogan winning his last ever WWE belt it's not like it was clean either as it took chairs Chris Jericho and The Undertaker's leg out Triple H but it still happened weeks after mania and a new championship being introduced it was given to the immortal one once again it was the long-term goal that made it baffling Hulk lost it weeks later to taker after dabby W realized what else can we do Hogan wasn't the athlete he once was was limited in the ring as soon as the novelty wore off which it did it just wasn't a good business decision and Triple H had to pay the price just like the Million Dollar Man number 5 Bob Backlund and Bret Hart I said I'd get this one I'd love to know what was put in place to get this to happen and why one person didn't question what the logic was Bob Backlund was back out of retirement playing a crazy heel it was very entertaining for the record and won the World title from Bret Hart what defeating him in a throw in the towel met which I shoe was done to try and give Brett a get-out-of-jail-free card Backlund locked in the crossface Chickenwing before Helen Hart did indeed throw in a towel he spelled the end for the hit man's reign and Bob was back on top of the heap at least for a few days in what made the situation even stranger literally three days later at a house show diesel powerbomb back then through the floor to become the new WWE Champion that would have been fine if Kevin Nash had then lit the place up but as we know he didn't go down like that it didn't go down like that at all why is the real question here and you think of all people I would have an answer I don't it was just a legendary face from the past waltzing in beating fan-favorite Bret Hart and then letting it go within 72 hours all right then now before Hulk Hogan and Yokozuna another one in there what the hell happened category this decision also took another piece out of Bret Hart but in case you don't know after Yokozuna had retained his world title via vicarious means at WrestleMania 9 Hulk Hogan who had only been back in the company for a hiccup March to the ring demand that a shot of the gold got it and of course won the thing this makes no sense for so many reasons the biggest being why Yoko's manager mr. Fuji would ever agree to this seeing as his guy had just been through a war with the Hitman I get arrogance but still this was a test of our believability the match barely went 25 seconds with holt dropping the leg before many of us had even blinked it was just all wrong Hulkamania had run its course and fans were desperate for something new just as they were getting it WWE reverted to type and that was that was like going back in time that's doubly true because not only was this yet another short reign but Hulk left the company a few weeks after he dropped it back to Yokozuna and wherever we heard that before that's right on this list number three the rock and CM Punk there's a lot we can say about Punk's 434 day title reign the first of which is that he still never felt like WWE's top guy you can't be too mad about it as he was able to hold the title for a crazy long time and that does mean something but most of his defenses were moved away from the main event slot as john cena kept that position this is why when he came up against the rock at the 2013 Royal Rumble there was only ever going to be one victor the idea of course was that WWE was building to rock Cena too at WrestleMania but needed a sweetener given they had class the year prior that came in the form of the world title but there was one problem it was on CM Punk the only option was a match at the Royal Rumble which rocky won quite easily and he never looked to be in jeopardy as soon as the bell rung hindsight tells us we didn't really need to insert gold into this match and then it would be another reason why Punk would leave the WWE a year later here we are five years removed and there's not even a sniff of him returning which I guess mean if he ever does he'll now be considered the past number two triple h vs CM Punk happening at Night of Champions in 2011 it was the day a lot of people believed killed the summer of punk forever and held Punk back from taking his rightful place as a proper main eventer the man staring him across the ring that night was Triple H it all started at SummerSlam that year when Alberto Del Rio cashed in on Punk took away his well title after Kevin Nash of all people had returned and smashed the voice of the voices in the face if anyone predicted that at the time you should advertise your services because it was so out of left field through various means the Punk Nash viewed segue into a Punk Triple H feud which culminated at the aforementioned pay-per-view the no DQ match was riddled with run-ins as the Mears our truth Johnny Ace and Nash himself all go involved but seeing Punk just get pedigreed and lose was really disheartening it did absolutely nothing for the game who was already a top star but a win over someone of that stature would have launched Punk back into the rafters another reason why Punk eventually walked out as he documented on his podcast with Colt Cabana it's now just a point of contention into how WWE booked them in but that's what the past does it refuses today number one the raw rumble 2014 this was not Dave 40 stirs fault he had told WWE officials that he should return as a heel but nobody listened as such within a few weeks of his comeback big day was on the fans most-wanted list all he really did was turn up you could say he was there to help out his Hollywood career but that's what a relationship is both parties get a little something out of the arrangement the real issue was at the time Daniel Bryan was hitting heights nobody saw coming the yes movement was at the peak of its powers and most of the audience just wanted to see him rise to the prominence they felt like he deserved because of this everyone decided he must be a shoo-in for the rumble despite losing a match to Bray Wyatt earlier on in the show so when Rey Mysterio entered at number 30 people were mad it meant Brian would not be here this evening and all of a sudden rave became public enemy number one until all of a sudden that shifted back across the Batista as soon as he had eliminated Roman reigns to take the win it was rejected by the audience as the past had once again undermined the present eventually this wrong was righted at WrestleMania xxx didn't stop the rumble this year from being an absolute bust and it was all because a member of the old guard emerged victorious hilariously if WWE had swerve doesn't give in Roman the nod everybody would have loved it oh how times change