10 Types of Shipping Containers Used to Build Homes and Other Innovative Uses 2018




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hello and welcome to today's video if you are planning on building a shipping container home this video brings to you ten different types of shipping containers used to build homes and other innovative alternative uses stay tuned to find out good welcome back shipping containers come in different sizes and types and each has uniquely different applications standard dry storage containers are the most common type of containers you can come across however there are other types of shipping containers that can be used in home and building industry with very minimal modifications here is a list of ten different types of containers you can choose from the first one is the standard dry storage container dry containers sometimes called as standard containers are general-purpose containers and most common type of shipping container used in the industry today they are used to transport all types of general and dry cargo these containers are fully enclosed from the elements and weatherproof with a rigid roof sidewalls under flow the twenty and forty foot sizes are very popular in building container homes a good example is the ubiquitous elegant container guest house in San Antonio Texas which was built from a single standard 40 foot shipping container feel free to go through our previous video to have a tour of these amazing shipping container house secondly we look at high cube shipping containers hi cube containers are similar in structure to general purpose containers but are taller by one foot these containers come in sizes of 40 and sometimes 45 foot-high cubes are popular in shipping and storage of light and large volume cargo of up to a maximum of 9.3 feet if you are planning to build a custom-designed shipping container house then this is the perfect container type to use hi cube containers are more preferable to standard dry containers because they provide you with an extra foot of ceiling height creating an extra room for sealing insulation without compromising the Headroom of the habitable space an Australian company is also using high cube containers by cutting them in half plus a fiberglass insert to create amazing shipping container poles number three vented shipping containers vented shipping containers are not that common they are similar to standard dry storage but with some extra ventilation to help prevent condensation while transporting cargo while not as popular for storage units they are regularly used for transporting any type of cargo that requires extra ventilation for example things like coffee beans or packaged dry grains Starbucks uses shipping containers to deliver their coffee tea and other materials all across the world with no exposed to ship back there producing countries Starbucks long term desire was to help reduce their waste stream through the supply chain using some of the shipping containers was one great way of realizing this dream by creating more than drive-through stores made from shipping containers popularly known as reclamation drive-thru concept feel free to check out our previous video of Starbucks shipping container drive-thru and walk up stores in the United States 2018 the next type of container you can look at is open top contain open took containers our completely removable convertible top that allows for access to goods from the top of the container they come in 20 and 40 foot lengths and can have a hardtop made of steel or a soft top made from canvas open tops are used to transport anything that is too tall for a normal container or anything that requires a top loading ability so in this particular case you'll need a forklift to lift up these materials such as big slabs of marble or granite that means to be transported if you are planning on building a custom-designed multi-story shipping container house then an open-top container may be of help reduced on the cost of cutting of the roof and the base of your containers to accommodate an indoor status for this reason as a rule shelter mod homes we don't tamper with the roof and the flow of shipping containers in all our designs we instead use an external stack is shoved on all our storage buildings instead of cutting the floor and the roof of shipping containers the next type of shipping container you can use is a tunnel container with doors on both ends of the container this type of container is also known as a double door container double door containers are extremely helpful for quickly loading and unloading Goods and they can make an even wider room for goods such as steel and iron they are also good for loading smaller items on both set of those have the same locking assembling and weather tight sails to keep cargo protected from the elements if you intend to use full height glazing on all the ends of your container home then a double door container will save you the hassle of cutting of the steel instead just installed the full height glazing and leave the cargo door function as security doors to your home 40 foot tunnel containers are also ideal for double banked commercial stores with a Midway partition the sixth type of shipping container is an open side storage container open sides containers are very similar to regular general-purpose shipping containers the only difference being that the doors can open completely on one side of the container this feature provides much wider room and access which makes loading and unloading materials easy open side shipping containers generally come in 20 and 40 foot and they provide adequate room for extra-large items that can't fit through the regular those if you intend to construct a shipping container cabin with a full glazed elevation then open side storage container would work perfectly no need to cut off the steel you just installed the full height glazing and leave the cargo doors to function as security doors to your cabin number seven refrigerated I saw containers refrigerated ISO containers also called reefer containers are insulated and climate-controlled containers to keep things at a standard temperature not necessarily just keeping them cold they are exclusively used for shipment of perishable foods like meats fruits vegetables and seafood over long distances this container type relies on external power to keep the temperature regulated reefers generally come in 20 and 40 foot sizes and are commonly made from a weathering still known as cotton still if you intend to save on the cost of insulating your container house then building with the refrigerated containers will be a good alternative however due to many challenges of modifying a reefer into a habitable space such as additional weights limited internal space difficulty in cutting through the insulation to install windows and door or installation may catch fire during welding among others using a refrigerated container for a house construction is not what he or the trouble number aids insulated or thermal containers like the ISO containers an insulated or thermal container has a regulated temperature control that allows them to stand a higher temperature this is a type of packaging container used to ship temperature sensitive products such as foods from acetic holes body organs blood biological materials and chemicals for long distances an insulated shipping container may be constructed of a vacuum flask similar to a thermos bottle or molded expanded polystyrene or even made from vacuum insulated panels similarly to refrigerated ISO containers using an insulated or thermal container for house construction comes with similar challenges as enumerated above using a high cube storage container then install your own insulation will be a much cheaper option and will save you all the headache that comes with insulated or thermal containers number nine half-height containers these containers are half the height of a full-sized dry container and they are made mostly of steel half-height containers are designed for transporting bulk cargo that is heavy and dense they are perfect for use in the mining industry for transporting goods such as coal and stones half-height containers a low center of gravity so they can handle heavier loads and other containers half-height containers are also easy for loading and unloading cargo if you are planning to construct a shipping container pool in your backyard instead of cutting a high cube container into two half-height containers will be a much cost effective alternative to use in addition there will be no need for further structural reinforcement to you a container to hold water open to its heavy robust construction to handle heavy loading feel free to check out our previous video on how to build a shipping container pool for more understanding last but not least at number 10 is flood shock containers this simple storage container has collapsible size that can be folded to make a flat rock the end walls are stable enough to allow cargo securing so they ideal for shipping ghouls that are oversized this type of shipping container may not have many alternative uses in home construction however if you can manage to drop one in your backyard it can be used as a good platform to construct a deck for outdoor seating feel free to check out our previous video on how to build a deck to a shipping container house for more understanding so did you find our presentation informative enough to enable you identify the type of shipping container you would like to use to build your dream container home if yes let us know by posting in the comments below if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and feel free to share it remember to subscribe our youtube channel for weekly videos on amazing design ideas using shipping containers thank you for your time and see you in the next video