10 WWE Matches That Made Vince McMahon Angry

[Applause] we never really think about the pressure wrestlers are under especially those in WWE aside from a worldwide audience that's watching the first person they're gonna see when they walk through that curtain is one Vincent Kennedy McMahon that can go one of many ways and naturally what no one wants is a swift shake of the head you won't get any more than that at the time as Vinnie Mac is producing the damn show meaning you have to wait for the fallout that cannot be fun the wrath of the boss hanging over your head like the sword of Damocles it happens though and that news often then leaks out into the big bad world I'm Simon from what culture and this is 10 WWE matches that made Vince McMahon angry number 10 Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose at TLC 2018 McMahon wasn't overly angry at this one but he was apparently bored as Seth indeed tried to build their match solely they suffered mostly because of where they were on the card Flair between Daniel Bryan versus AJ stars and the women's triple threat match which was designed to ramp the crowd up Rollins and Ambrose had to curb their would-be brawl fans that like weren't pleased as they started chanting boring and that was echoed backstage as Vince felt the same personally I didn't think it was that bad although an all-out war would have made more sense of the story but either way McMahon was not pleased at all making no bones about it when speaking to the duo and the road agent for the fight it must have impacted Ryan's to some degree as he apologized on social media and even referenced it on TV has also been spicing his matches up recently as he goes out of his way to bounce Beck doesn't have much to worry about I don't think but all the evidences didn't go to plan it's certainly their number 9 Jerry show versus legacy at Night of Champions 2009 an opening match this time but even that's not enough to get a free pass report at the time stated that McMahon was so displeased with this he hurled his headset across the room not sure who that benefits but he must have been livid PW inside and made this known as well as adding the Vince threw a fit in the aftermath what on earth was he expecting the reason seems to come from it being too slow paced as aside from the barn burner he was hoping for the idea clearly was to get the audience whooping and hollering and instead at least the McMahon everybody involved did the opposite it should be pointed out that in 2009 both these teams were heels so that likely didn't help to cheer for no one was the answer and then all of the above went down probably because of that very reason number eight Kevin Owens versus Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 33 Vince McMahon did not like Kevin Owens's performance at WrestleMania 33 revealed during the 365 documentary on the prizefighter Owens didn't feel like he had lived up to his own standards looking for some solace he straight up asked the boss if they were good to which what man responded no can't say it any clearer than that it was a double blow for Kevin because not only had he felt like you'd let himself down on the biggest days possible but they'd been doubly stamped by Vince McMahon that can't feel very good in fact it must outrightly suck it also happened in the same venue Owens had watched WrestleMania 24 in which I'm sure added an extra kick to the teeth now one goes out to the ring to do anything but their absolute best and it's not like Owens makes a habit out of this nine times out of ten he's brilliant he certainly made up for a year later but at the time well he didn't do anybody any favors number seven since Kane Nakamura versus John Cena at SmackDown happening on the 1st of August 2017 most fans thought this rocked up there with his NXT drown or Raw Rumble win it was a bright spot for the king of strong stars since he arrived in the WWE nothing else we got John Cena again since Cain Nakamura I'm not sure we ever thought that would be a thing a few years ago Vince McMahon didn't agree though while we all enjoyed the madness McMahon was not a fan of how Nakamura drops in on his head following a back suplex Sports Illustrated reported at the spot been improvised and that Nakamura had been very apologetic backstage as if he did this on purpose that wasn't enough for Vince however who demanded to know why such recklessness happened in front of his eyes said that Cena accepted the apology which smooth things over but that didn't stop McMahon from being very very annoyed maybe that's why Shinsegae got toned down so much ever since never sex Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage at WrestleMania 8 back in 1992 blood was a huge no-no in WWE the product was aimed at families as opposed to fans wanted to see red liquid spilling from a restless skull it was always gonna be somewhat of an issue for Ric Flair who had spent almost two decades doing exactly that I have to imagine some of the audience tuned in to see how much the Nature Boy would bleed and yes it's disgusting so with that said you can imagine how mad Vince McMahon was when during flare and savage at mania they conveniently forgot about this and bladed anyway by the end of their scrap Flair's face was caked in the stuff with it looking like he'd been in an actual war but man wasn't pleased and not only find Flair thousands of dollars but gave both men a good rollicking backstage the really weird spin comes when you remember Bret Hart versus roddy piper also went down at wrestlemania rate and also contained blood the hit man was able to convince mcmahon it was an accident which probably means you went doubly hard on flair and savage when it happened again number 5 Chris Jericho versus Batista on Raw even though this happened in November 2008 blood was still off the table Vince McMahon didn't want to see it but two people felt very differently Batista and Chris Jericho booked a brawl in a steel cage neither man thought it made any sense not to include blood so just decided to break the rules the finish called for y2j to smash Big Dave in the face with the pipe which in the real world would cause someone to explode Batista realized that without that it would look ridiculous and decided to take the hit and make his head bleed and give them match the special sauce it needed that made no difference to Vince McMahon who went nuts at both of them chatting on Talk is Jericho years later but distel revealed how angry the chairman had been finding him $100,000 and everyone else involved five thousand that disparity probably lets you know where McMahon thought the real blame lied because Batista is a hero he paid everybody else's fines but still stands by his decision Vince didn't agree because in his PG world blood had no place there can be no exceptions number 4 diesel vs the British bulldog ax in your house for 1995 was not the best year for WWE waiting for the Attitude Era to kick in the new generation era hadn't connected at all and interest in the product was down the last thing Vince McMahon needed was a stinker a pay-per-view but that's what he got within your house four out of the six matches only the 1-2-3 kid and Razor Ramon versus the smoking Gunn's could be considered good with the rest feeling very much like B pay-per-view fodder as despite having names like Triple H Goldust and Yokozuna on the card by the time DS and the bridge Bulldog rolled around it was already clear this wasn't going to be a night to remember and McMahon agreed as soon as the main event was over he threw his announcer headset to the floor and marched backstage Bruce Prichard had to get the brunt of it as Benz yelled away from the fans and I imagine he doesn't like thinking about this event anymore wasn't understand that he expected number three Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 22 Debbie W we usually has a few guidelines that are easy to follow stick to the times you give and don't take unnecessary risk protect your opponent and naturally no cunnilingus or you know just look it up it would seem Mickie James just didn't get this notice as she made her debut on the show of shows now obviously that's not an actual role on the list because it should be just obvious but James felt differently for some reason Mickey decided to gesture oral sex live on television it didn't get missed by those backstage and McMahon lost the plot when she got there it didn't help that the finish didn't go to plan but it still begs the question why James pushed her tongue through two fingers and made gestures towards her storyline obsession with trish stratus Oh yep also this act came seconds after she grabbed Trish's crotch to escape a finish her attempt Vince was livid and he told Mickey off publicly at the gorilla position for daring to be so crass in a 2011 interview wrestle cast james revealed she thought the main man would love it she was wrong number two Reiner vs. Tajiri a house show no matter how bad things get there's few things worse than having your match actually stopped halfway through but in 2003 during a house show that's exactly what happened to RINO and Tajiri I can only imagine their thoughts when Vince himself stormed through the curtain seats proceedings and get on the microphone it doesn't stop there though as revealed and Reiner himself was chatting to wrestling Inc he couldn't actually hear McMahon so assumed it was just an off-the-cuff work then he got backstage and quickly found out that wasn't the case Vince had been reacting to the crowd chart in boring and decided to take matters into his own hands he thought if he sped things along they could get to the planned bikini contest segment sooner which obviously the entire audience would love thankfully the man-beast laughs about it now but it's still something we chat about because we're doing it right now it also turned out that the former ECW alumni got a decent payoff for the night so maybe there was some regret on behalf of Vince after all number one the Raw Rumble 2005 still one of the strangest things you're ever likely to see in wrestling until you get context the 2005 Rumble descended into chaos when John Cena and Batista accidentally tumbled over the ropes at the exact same moment how it wasn't planned is amazing because they've both do actually hit the floor simultaneously as officials involved struggle to come up with a solution Vince McMahon appeared furiously from the back barking orders like he was actually turning into a dog who was irate when he attempted to slide into the ring however he somehow tore both his quads meaning he had to sit comically in the ring yelling at his two giant employees he looked like an upset child it was an absolute disaster of course as now not only had the rumble been screwed but we had all of this in hindsight it would have been better if Vince had directed traffic from behind the curtain and I can only guess how he must have felt when he woke up the next day aside from the horrific pain although saying that this is Vince McMahon so I imagine somehow he didn't feel any pain at all I don't know what I'm basing that on but somehow deep down it just seems to make a lot of sense know of any other matches or angles that made Vince McMahon angry make sure you let us know in the comments below and don't forget to Like share and subscribe then head over to what coach common read yourself sir Markel's and follow up coach on twitter and what culture WWE my name is simon from what culture and we'll talk to you again soon