10 WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Shocks That Could Happen

[Applause] three or so weeks into the new year and yes I know your eyes positively bleed at every new or turrents of stock phrases like 2019 is here but unfortunately it is and with it comes the first of the WWE big four pay-per-views TM of the air ladies and gentlemen welcome to flavor country despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary though these events are where WWE fans expect to see the biggest shocks and the the biggest surprise is WrestleMania last year we had a five-year-old winning the tag team titles and it's SummerSlam we got Becky's he'll turn and then at Survivor Series Brock Lesnar's face did that thing that only Brock Lesnar's face can do where you're convinced he's gonna die but he doesn't he doesn't die that thing that only his face that's not a shock as the old saying goes the new year new WWE doesn't really work that joke but whatever the Royal Rumbles cup runneth over with potential shock stunts surprises and special guests plus with WrestleMania just they're coming into the foreground now in the card for being very murky byuk usual standards this time of year pretty much anything can happen so you know the game by now we're gonna speculate wildly my name is Adam Cleary and these are ten shocks with WWE could pull at the Royal Rumble number 10 a net worth price increase you just want to quickly get this one out of the way because there has been some rumblings the WWE is set to upgrade one of the price brackets on the network basically keep the 999 thing would also give you a premium 19.99 thing now that we're gonna do that they would want to do it well ahead of WrestleMania but definitely at a time when people were happy and people were enjoying the product so there is a slight chance they could do it just after the Royal Rumble there possibly announcing it during the show they will try and spin it obviously is Hey look there's now a 1999 thing that's good while they're actually taking things away on the $9.99 scription so it could happen I don't think it will but it could no 9 Curt Hawkins losing streak now something that definitely won't have escaped your attention this week massive I role was the potential tease of Zack Ryder teaming with his buddy Curt Hawkins after working as the special guest referee in the raw tag team championship match Hawkins was set upon by that dastardly revival for not only counting the pinfall against them but also catching cheating multiple times now this not only earmarked him is the most competent diligent official I think we've ever seen in professional wrestling but also let there was body rider running down to make the save now at the time of me recording this video WWE have not yet hurriedly cobbled together these two teams into a tag-team match on the kickoff show but also at the time of me recording this they don't have anything lined up for the kickoff show so stranger things have happened than this match but the shot which is the whole point of this article would not be in it happening it would be miss being the way that Hawkins 256 match losing streak actually ends because well they really don't like the revival anymore number 8 the Miz turns on Shane let's face it for all the incredibly exciting fantasy bucht angles we gave them is getting in to this year's WrestleMania and yes you did the only opponent is gonna have right now is very obviously Shane o Mac despite not technically even being a wrestler although obviously still technically being the best wrestler in the entire world Shane o Mac has had this improbably brilliant run at WrestleMania returns of who his opponent are anyway last year he got to be in Daniel Bryan's long-awaited return than the year before that he got twenty minutes with style than the year before that he got thirty minutes against the Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell can anybody currently on the roster boast such improbably strong showings at the show of shows I mean even Brock had to do that weird street fight with Ambrose now admittedly I might be pushing the definition of the word shock with this one but hey that's definitely how WWE will present it if it happens I'm Billy let's not forget everybody it's my list isn't it the best tag team in the world failing to capture those titles after they've squashed all those Java's could be the spark that lights the fuse that sets the fire that blows up all the fireworks on the most unlikely mania Feud I think we've seen in many many years shane mcmahon versus them is all because a crown jewel number seven Owens and Zane return you simply cannot have a Royal Rumble without some sort of surprise entrance if we're being honest it's like 80% of the appeal of the entire match but but I digress what other veterans we get returning whatever debuts you get debuting they will be shocked by the very virtue of the fact that they haven't been announced that much is obvious but to people we would love love to see coming back and realistically could our Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn both have been missing from TV for a god damn cow's age now Owens we haven't seen since October when he was injured by Bobby Lashley and Zayn we haven't seen since June when he was injured by Bobby Lashley now lashes quite interesting because he's a gonna be in the rumble and be desperately short of an opponent for his Intercontinental Championship when he comes out of it so Owens and Zayn are both apparently fit and ready and willing and probably desperate to return at this stage but the last we heard of either of them was that Owens his return was being saved full WrestleMania or possibly even the night after WrestleMania at the very earliest now just rooting it at the databank here running that for you my WWE translator and yes he's actually gonna come back at the Royal Rumble and that's just a red herring number 6 Batista speaking of WrestleMania which I mean technically we sort of where the clock is now ticking on WWE organizing their annual super card by the end of the Royal Rumble we should roughly know who will be in the championship matches what directions they might steer the rest of the card in but don't forget there is always always a Banta match now it was only loosely teased on Smackdown 1000 but WWE are very keen to do Triple H versus Batista at this year's WrestleMania Plus let us not forget friends when the big man himself spoke to international groundbreaking Jet Set heartthrob wrestling journalist literally me last year he said himself he would like to go back to WWE for one more match if it could be done right plus I mean the last time he returned at a rumble des said of a Wrestlemania my to do way to go as I'm sure he was hoping it would so this would be a poetic way to go out it was opponent is indeed to be Triple Eight and it's very unlikely they'll completely set that up in the Rumble itself as you have them both in and then they get into a fight that way better that's gonna happen anyway having returned at the Rumble then set the angle up on TV that's probably how they do it so they go number 5 the rock don't get overly excited here there is almost no chance in hell the rock is gonna find himself with a match come WrestleMania but WWE are in a curious predicament for WrestleMania weekend this year WWE have pushed the take over back to the Friday night and put the Hall of Fame ceremony on the Saturday instead now the logic behind this is purely to sell tickets they think people will fly in for the developmental must-see show on the Friday and then with nothing else to do on the Saturday night but twiddle a thumbs go to the Hall of Fame as well they have quite mistaken that is the same night that Ring of Honor are doing their g1 supercard show from Madison Square Garden do you remember the garden rights a venue that W II thought only they could run to do wrestling but now Ring of Honor g1 supercard the same night as the Hall of Fame now after trying and failing to block this event WWE now have to go one-on-one with that show and the Hall of Fame and they can't win that can they because what do you want to say some of the best Indy wrestlers in the world or some dudes talking for an hour maybe it's just me tickets for both events are on sale now and no prizes for guessing which one is currently doing better than the other plus let's not forget this is WrestleMania weekend Saturday night if you want to go see some wrestling you are not going to be short of options so the only way WWE gonna talk anybody into that building to watch the big Hall of Fame garlotte is if they've got the kind of name you simply couldn't miss a name like The Rock now we know WWE are desperate to get the rock into some sort of Hall of Fame ceremony they tried last year they're trying this year they'll try it next year if not to having him appear at the rumble even if it's only under the guise of promoting his new film which bear in mind didn't star in he made that film so he clearly cares a lot more about that he did that one with a massive gorilla that eats people I did say it but I totally forget the name would be a great way to get the ball rolling on the Hall of Fame this year he would be a draw or you'd be bigger than any Indies show number four the end of the new day you can take that look off your face for a start sooner or later WWE are going to decide that they have to split up the new day now you might not agree with that I certainly don't agree with that but it'll do it all the same and they'll do it because they want to push Big E as a single star and they'll think Xavier and Kofi are holding him back as that is and if you're gonna do that anywhere you surely do it at the Royal Rumble the spot for three of them have concocted over the last few years I've been some of the highlights of the entire show so if imagine if you will join me in the fantasy realm for one second Kofi is doing his latest death-defying I'll give you the most spectacular of all anti elimination spots and then biggie screws him he eliminates him he just cast off the shackles throws his pancakes into the crowd he just wails on Kofi you could already see it in your head can't you Xavier woods selling that it right itself plus the stark reality of it all is that going into WrestleMania it's over there somewhere there is simply nothing for the new day to do you know we seen them versus the bar a hundred times you see the who says 100 times gallows and Anderson the colons there is not a natural match to put them in and they introduced a few possibly even between all three of them is comparatively money number three Rhonda screws Becky I have no idea how they're going to do it yet but one way or another Becky Lynch must stand across the ring from Ronda Rousey come this April they are the two hottest properties in the entire women's division you could even make the argument in the entire company at the moment and if WWE somehow missed the boat on giving them the WrestleMania match they deserve it would go down as one of the biggest wasted opportunities in the company's history IMHO somehow though you have to traverse both these separate brands and entirely separate rivalries neither of them in the Royal Rumble itself so they won't come into contact there and they're both competing for entirely separate championships at the pay-per-view so how do you how do you put them together well there are many many ways you see but all the really really good ones involve Charlotte to the flame if she hasn't had the extraordinary debut in ring yet Ronda Rousey has had and yes she hasn't got the overwhelming viral fan support that Becky Lynch has got but regardless she is probably the best of the three that is a claim you can make and indeed a claim I just have made everybody has their best match with Charlotte and there's a very very good reason for that so if you're gonna do it might as well do all three of them look let's face it Ronda vs Becky is a WrestleMania caliber match No question but Rhonda versus Becky versus Charlotte is a genuine bona fide WrestleMania main event they so badly love to make history for the women's division and this is that genuine history they so badly crave but how do you do it well quick pitch just off the top of my head you have Rhonda retain and then have her cost Becky in her championship match all those tweets all those little Barb's everything she finally snaps and she stops Becky beating Oscar then somehow that's not my problem that's WWE's you get Becky into the Royal Rumble match who wins by last eliminating Charlotte so then you've got Ronda you've got the number one contender here is Becky but you've also got Charlotte who was eliminated by someone who shouldn't have been in the match in the first place and that's why she gets in to the triple threat bucket Vince number two brawn wins the Royal Rumble now given how blatantly WWE have telegraphed Seth Rollins winning the Royal Rumble which isn't inherently a bad thing but that's that's another video anybody other than him emerging victorious would genuinely be something of a shock at this point of all the other potential candidates and you can make arguments I think for for drew for Cena for a beaten but not broken Finn Balor that week arguers but you can't make them if you really want to the only one that fits within the realms of possibility is I think braun strowman and i mean by WWE's logic look at the size of him how can anybody hope to eliminate a man that big mmm it is unlikely admittedly but there is a possibility that they have so blatantly made Rollins the guy to mask who the actual winner is going to be I think back in the day that was called a called a swerve I think now quite how receptive the WWE audience would be to Braun versus Brock again in this alleged new era is open to interpretation sort cells out in the comments but brawn versus Balor would definitely qualify as fresh 30 problem is for that to happen you'd need to number on Balor wins the universal title what better way to take us all into the show of shows than with the shock of shocks make absolutely no mistake about it no matter how strongly they have booked him on TV Finn Balor beats brock lesnar for the universal championship it will go down in history as one of the all-time biggest upsets in a championship match it will the recent resurgence of the inaugural Universal Champion has felt so right to so many fans because well to Finn Balor's just just bloody brilliant isn't it people still like to watch him work and even though these shuffled him so deep into the mid card it might as well have been part of a god damn magic trick people have still supported in both in the ring and out sadly that doesn't matter though because WWE still just do not see him as one of their top guys in fact this match at the rumble and doubt would be the biggest he's had since he first won the belt could just be a stopgap on his way back into the doldrums could but whatever the torque is coming out of the production trucks wherever the torque is coming out of the offices in stamford finn bálor is still in that universal championship match all it would take for him to be the top guy in the company all it would take for him to be the universal champion going into WrestleMania is for everybody to be wrong about the outcome on Sunday all it would take a three count against a 1 to a UFC bound part-time champion that's it we're told this is a new era in WWE aren't we were fans are gonna see more of what they do like and less of what they don't well fans like Finn Balor and fans would really like to see him heading towards a dream match as champion at WrestleMania so it's nice to dream so yes those are all the big shots we think it'd happen at the Royal Rumble this weekend let us know what you made is unlikely or unlikely as well as any of your own by leaving a comment below and of course and forget to Like share and subscribe in the meantime though thank you very much for watching honestly it means the goddamn world I have a course Ben Adam Cleary and I will see you soon