10 WWE Royal Rumble Eliminations That Infuriated Fans

[Applause] but can the rumble must be damn hard how do you have to ensure the eventual winner looks strong but you also have 29 other egos that need to be managed given that comedy spots are usually a given during the match you also know that at least a handful are gonna be asked to play the fool before they get held over the top rope you also have to remember what the audience is expecting to you can ever please everyone but being aware of the expectation as we know could be the most important aspect of the whole damn thing the fan favorite barely makes it five minutes you run the risk of turning the crowd and never getting them back then it becomes fodder for lists like this and that's happened way too many times I'm Simon from what culture and this is ten roar Rumble eliminations that infuriated fans number 10 CM Punk and RVD try and work this one out if you can the year is 2007 CM Punk and Rob Van Dam are well and truly in the hearts of fans everywhere and now they're in the Royal Rumble guess who threw them out during that yes you got it it was the great khali arriving at number 28 WWE was still high on the Toolman back then it became clear very quickly what was about to happen to continue this person what was designed to get Carly to the main event scene within seconds he had turned his attention to Punk and Van Damme and got rid of them like they were roadkill and sure you can argue this made sense given how big Carly is he could likely chuck anybody have a ring and he moves so slowly it was hard to get excited about the potential we'd seen it all before the ending salvage proceedings because the Undertaker won his first and only rumble in a move that was supported by those in attendance that night for just minutes before then this down spot lowered heads around the world even more so as RVD had been the WWE Champion just months earlier oh how things can change number 9 the Brian Kendrick birth school taxes death and Triple Eight throwing wrestlers like Brian Kendrick at the rumble in 2009 these are just the things we all have to experience in life and it shouldn't come as any sort of surprise especially here the game story that night was to get all the way to the end of the match before being thrown out by Randy Orton his long-term rival and his penciled in or mania opponent with that in mind no one else did a chance even still someone like Kendrick deserved at least a little run a decade ago when his name was called at number 26 within about 15 seconds he found himself back on the floor after Triple H had spied Bryan from afar and pedigreed his ass out of there it was another story of falling from Grace's back in 2008 Brian Kendrick had been in a world title match he was able to eliminate Kofi Kingston before his own dismissal but if you had been guest booking before the opening bell I don't think anybody expected Bryan to be treated as if he was just a jobber never ate the rock 2001 was a wonderful time for wrestling fans learn it was Austin still a beloved figure but the rock had pulled himself up too and was arguably on equal footing throw in that by this point their storied rivalry was cemented in time and there was something magical to see them stare each other down as the raw rumble slowly came to a close the man to ruin there was Kane while still a monster back then no one really wanted to see the Big Red Machine at that specific moment they were more interested in two legends going toe-to-toe in a different environment rocky realized this too as he threw Kane through the second rope but as we know that means nothing here it's top rope or nothing so as the great one was about to do away with the rau snake Kane emerged from the ashes and dumped him out instead leaving Austin and take his brother to fight it out for a spot at WrestleMania 17 not a bad story all things considered but the fans didn't agree as soon as the Brahma bull had been eliminated they made it very clear that is not what they wanted he also left it obvious who was going to win when the great one was in there you could play with the idea it could go to him but as soon as Kane took his place Austin was a lock you'd have been right to his stone-cold did win his third and final role Rumble before go and heal a few months later oh yeah number 7 Owen Hart the 1998 Rumble took place just two months after the infamous Montreal Screwjob in hindsight we should have known what could have happened but maybe it was just easier to hope that Owen Hart would finally be given his due although Owen had been feuding with DX which made sense all things considered seeing Triple H who wasn't even in the thing being the reason he lost was like an extra kick in the teeth if only we'd known it was odd - as there was a glimpse of hope to begin with although Jeff Jarrett clocked heart and stole his rumble spots Owen returned later to get his revenge and hit maybe WWE had bigger plans on this night instead after playing tug of war with lot of Triple H's crutches the game was on the outside watching China tangle with Owen trips smash heart with his other crutch which caused enough momentum to send him to the outside it was just sad really during a time where a lot of confusion rained down on the WWE not only didn't come out the end with more success than ever if only Owen had received a similar serving of fortune number 6 Shawn Michaels we focus on the word infuriated during this list but when that's the emotion you're going for and you get it doesn't even matter how upset the fans are on a cold night in January if that's the plan and it's gonna be paid off at WrestleMania then there's nothing wrong with it at all welcome to 2003 it started with a bang because HBK did enter at number one when number two was Chris Jericho expectations went through the roof the seeds for this feud had already been laid so what WWE would do with the pair at the rumble was anybody's guess I don't think anybody thought it would result in Michael's being thrown out in minutes tricked by Jericho who had Christian dress up as y2j during his entrance there now aew man jumped Shawn from behind and kicked the crap out of him even hit him with a steel chair that left Michaels as easy pickings and Jericho tossed him out before we'd even begun it was a fantastic angle that would build to an even better encounter at mania where Shawn got his revenge and that was only helped because of how mad fans were on this evening they wanted revenge and Michaels gave it to them months later number 5 the Undertaker while an absolute hero pro wrestling back in 1993 the Undertaker didn't have a lot to work with Vince McMahon's idea was to get bigger and bigger physical foes to try and assert their dominance against the Deadman hoping the audience would question just how he would overcome the odds it was a tried and tested system but it was never gonna work when the giant gonzales arrived at least had to look credible instead mr. Gonzalez wore the most dark ring at I've ever seen even had fake fur attached to it and proceeded to win over absolutely no one he did look intimidating as he towered over taker but even then it wasn't believable some things just don't click the real shame here was that the Giant wasn't even in the match to begin with he just appeared eliminated the Phenom and then went about his business that's always ridiculous as how can that be legal but it was bad because a fan-favorite had just been screwed out of a potential victory he dropped further when they clashed at WrestleMania but we don't have to focus on that today so let's not member for the Undertaker again another surprise that for my money worked or at least at the time seeing maven of all people be responsible for getting rid of the Undertaker at the 2002 Raw Rumble is still something longtime fans talk about today a reality show winner knocking out a mainstay of the WWE scene was unreal fans reacted accordingly which was a mixture of shock or and rage depending on how you saw it it was by no means a clean elimination distracted by the Hardy Boys take your hand is back to the tuff enuf winner who took his opportunity to drop kick taker over the top rope as what happened slowly dawned on the multiple time world champion he was beyond than absolutely destroyed maven afterwards ensuring no one thought this was a changing of the guard as we know maven wasn't long for the wrestling world it was gone a year or so later if there hadn't been the case though and he'd made his mark we could have looked back on this as a real turning point you don't need to know number three Dolph Ziggler the 2015 Rumble will forever be one that raises the eyebrows but does the Roman reigns show WWE decided to double down on two heels it knew fans wouldn't want to see when in order to hopefully get a big reaction when the Big Dawg finally won that failed as we know but there were other negatives before we got to the end namely when it came to Dolph Ziggler as the crowd had to enjoy Kane and show slowly going through the pec the arrival of Ziggler sparked some hope in the crowd maybe Dolph would lift this rumble and even finally get his Jew such thinking was nonsense of course and after a knockout punch he became more fodder for the Giants when Bray Wyatt suffered the same fate it was another nail in that year's coffin by its conclusion the audience was brewing like crazy and Philadelphia will always be remembered for how they absolutely hated this show Jame really as if it had of work it could have cemented Roman on the throne but we all know he'll that win number two Steve Austin 1999 was nuts while stone cold versus mr. McMahon raged on it's also the year when the train slowed down a little probably because Vinnie Mac became the WB champion he also won that year's Royal Rumble there was something awesome about all this though especially as McMahon flaunted it exactly like he should have there is a reason he's in the debate for one of the best heels in history with a perfect baby face to bounce off he managed to everybody off constantly focusing on that Rumble win was all just so nuts FinCEN Austin started as number one and number two with the rattlesnake pulverizing the crap out of his nemesis before vanishing for a while to let the rest of the match play out although they didn't allow McMahon to go back to his commentary roots which is wonderful in and of itself it was pretty clear that everything between was just a waiting game until the ride was reentered the ring but not many called the finish which yes saw the rock distract Austin from the outside allowing McMahon to tip stone-cold over the top and claimed victory fans in attendance that night were almost too surprised to be angry but given our popular Austin was they were still mad they weren't able to celebrate with their hero it was a brilliant piece of storytelling however as not only did it make mcmahon a bigger heel but also rallied the troops further behind austin as he now had to find a new way to the WrestleMania main event excellent ever'one roman reigns we all forget about this because of everything else that's happened but the 2014 Royal Rumble had more going on than just the anger around Daniel Bryan not appearing and Rey Mysterio having to get the brunt of it when he arrived in the number 30 spot the real story was that Batista and Roman reigns meant to be the returning hero in a proper legend who could help WrestleMania xxx pull a big by rates the crowd on this evening decided they didn't care for big Dave's in-ring comeback and would rather cheer someone else entirely namely Roman when it was just these two left the audience was squarely behind the shield man so when Batista reversed him and threw him out it blew a gasket on the place the crowd booed as if they'd been slapped around the face by management and genuinely if WWE had pulled the trigger here with Roman everybody would have loved it just think of that it would have set the world on fire which is exactly what the company did 112 months later you can't write this stuff