10 WWE Superstars Who Should Leave For AEW

[Applause] hello there boys and girls what culture wrestling's Adam Cleaver here and despite us being mere pathetic weeks into 2019 already looks like this might be one of the most exciting years to be a wrestling fan ever as well as what looks like being another monumental in-ring year for WWE as well as the absurd wealth of talent on the Indies your good pals and mine Cody and the Bucks are gonna give us our first real taste of North American wrestling competition they genuinely stand on the precipice of something monumental they've got huge fan support complete faith in the industry after all in and thanks to their little billionaire best make the financial clout to take on Vincent Coe in a genuinely meaningful way which means for the first time in a long long long long long long time there is a genuine option for top-level main event performers away from WWE from a fan's perspective like you and I there was pretty much no downside to this whatsoever either WWE massively upped their game to beat away the competition all we just get two great products win win big already signed Christopher Daniels Joey janela Britt Baker hangman Paige my actual in real life spirit animal PAC Chris bloody Jericho and if report are to be believed despite eye watering offers from both WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling they've signed Kenny Omega as well now that one's significant because if you got the money for Kenny you've got the money for anyone now and if that kind of money's there then you can bet your bottom dollar back teeth blue ass that there are a number of superstars currently in WWE day dreaming about what they could do there that they're not currently allowed to do so yes my name is Adam clearly saw 10 WWE Superstars you should leave for aew number 10 Zack Ryder in another year and I mean one specifically when WWE don't just gobble up talent to fill raw Smackdown 205 live NXT NXT UK hunted his case main event there's a very good chance Zack Ryder would have been released already he was a little more than a spare dick in the Andre Bantam memorial match at WrestleMania and has made a solitary appearance on television since just let that sink in for a second Zack Ryder former Intercontinental Champion was on television one more time than either you or I were last year anyway at the age of 33 he must now be wondering what life would be like away from the WWE bubble could he be more creative wouldn't be taken more seriously well almost definitely it's not like the Indies just get their hands on a 14-year veteran of the biggest company in the world every other day he would have undeniable buzz going into a company like aew don't forget as well though there would be no all the linked wrestling were it not for the YouTube series being the elite and who was the first man to prove that you could use platforms like that to reach fans in a way that your booking wouldn't allow you to it was it was Zack Ryder so in a way he is responsible for all in a way no man I in ty Dillinger I'm still not really sure how WWE managed to drop the ball with ty Dillinger quite as quickly as they did let that whole 10 thing was one of the most over gimmicks in wrestling for the better part of six months but then he hit the main roster and just just all exploded in a shower of sadness didn't it like a clown being hit by a train yeah in their heart of hearts WWE ages probably believed he was another NXT Big Cheese that failed to connect with the audience on the main roster and he thus rolled out of view but the problem is he's rolled so far out of view most people probably don't even realize he's still with the company time though sadly is running out for ty who is and this is honestly true 37 years of 87 yes of age I have no idea either and the chances of him doing something major on Smackdown this year other than jobbing and being in the occasional skit are minimal let's just say so if he is gonna do anything it needs to be a soon and be away from WWE now I should point out in this does go for every single person on this list so obviously more than others the giving away the safety net of a regular WWE paycheck is obviously going to be a big ask for some people but it is creatively frustrating for us to watch ty Dillinger being used so sparingly by his employer so you can only imagine how for shrinking it is for him to be getting used in that way if it's a big deal if he is bothered by it then going to aew where we could start afresh come up with a new gimmick would be perfect number eight the revival spare a penny if you would for the thought of - and Dawson who were genuinely redefining and reaffirming tag-team wrestling down in NXT they are now seen as less worthy recipients of a push then the actual Bay team whose gimmick is that they don't get pushed at all and not to be on hashtag in the know about this kind of thing but if reports are to be believed they are extremely dissatisfied with how they're being used on the main roster and I mean can you blame them they are a technically proficient workhorse tag team who are perfectly matched together who don't get a look-in in WWE but I feel like it's Jo Devi there is small and the best uses of instead is to put over other bigger more charismatic tag teams now imagine that in aw where there NWA tendencies could come back to the fall plus you know the hope the revival gimmick on the back of their trunks the other week itself an in-joke with the young book shows just how close to the end of their tether they must be with all of this tag-team wrestling can thrive anywhere in the world at the moment except WWE by the looks of it the same goes for the revival number seven Ruby riot women's Indy Wrestling sensation Heidi Lovelace was genuinely for a while one of the most spectacular things you could ever see on a show she was explosive in the ring she was dynamite on the mic she was brilliant in North America Europe Japan she had it all she seemed absolutely perfect to be one of the main players in this second wave of great NXT women after Becky Charlotte Sasha and Bayley left for the main roster I don't know if anybody was calling them the new four horsewomen I might have just come off the top of my head now but her ass get ember mood and Nicky cross looked like they had a load of really good chemistry together WWE however saw fit to pull the trigger on all of these women way way way too soon which I'm sure is nothing with the fact that they had a 30 woman Rumble to fill that yeah and I was such a Ruby riot has struggled to do anything of any real substance since I couldn't be wrong the riot squad are on TV pretty much every single week which is present it is just the leader of a group of losers and nerds with a burgeoning women's scene developing an AW that the company will be desperate to put some big names out the forefront of she would be absolutely perfect for making that switch I am here Joe number six grand meta leak I've already said this in one or two other videos but I think people are starting to forget what a genuinely amazing wrestler grand meta leaked actually is the dude did some incredible work on the Indies particularly in CM ll like you have never heard heat like that in your life the mom was one of the most powerful magnets for it in all of wrestling and now Vince has him running around with a rattled thing your granddad used to take the World Cup matches oh they know what's called that the man would absolutely thrive as a bastard he'll somewhere like aew I cannot even put into words how hated he was capable of being people used to go to shows and want to kill him now just for the record here this whole video isn't meant to be me dumping on WWE I actually quite like lucha house party whisper it but this is just one of those examples where somebody could be doing better than they are in WWE if given a bit more creative control and freedom to book their own matches so in conclusion lucha house party good grandma a leak in aw very good number five the you so's yeah labored long and hard over this entry but hear me out maybe it's time that you chose left WWE look at me wrong they do still do good work they're very good they're an excellent tag team they're one of the few tag teams that have been allowed to flourish over the last few years but just what is there left for them to do five-time five-time five-time Tag Team Champions a slew of great matches endless critical acclaim they've done WrestleMania they've done they've done everything there they're coming into the 30s now I think they're like 32 or 33 so what's left for them to do in WWE surely they should spread their wings a bit like ask yourself this question yes they are still fantastic and yes I would personally quite happily watch them wrestle the new day for the rest of my life but who in WWE right now are you excited to see them face nobody really is that where they could go wrestle the box they could go wrestle lax they could go wrestle anybody from OWA it's time number four the good brothers since leaving the lucrative bosom of bullet club brilliance and try saying that ten times fast gallows and Anderson have gone from a legitimately menacing tag-team duo to just a veteran pair of mid Carter's who occasionally work soso feuds and are now spending their time stealin Matthews entire gimmick they will not be forgiven for that one the good brothers and I cannot believe we're actually calling them that are crying out for some creative direction better curry of direction in 2019 the ship seems to have sales or doing something with styles or doing something with palate but if they jump ship to aw they would still have friends in high places plus a rich pool of competition to keep them busy a natural rivalry against the young Vox pretty much right itself and if they can get a relationship going with New Japan the potential tag-team feuds there including oh I don't know a reunion with the bullet club are absolutely mouth-watering this one should happen no three Kassius Ohno I'll just start here by pointing out as my learner's colleague Andy Murray told me too that Chris gyros 2016 Indy run is considered one of if not the best of all time by any wrestler anywhere ever and he ended that year by going to NXT and Vince going for a lot of guard man you're disgusting put a t-shirt on since then not a lot else as reversals of Fortune go it's up there with the time Wilbourn got an extra ball on the old pinball machine and then just well I'll show you [Laughter] yeah that that's basically been cassia Sonos last three years surmised in the despair of one ginger man and for all those reasons he should go to aw now number two Bailey and Sascha alright so cards on the table brandy Rhodes announcing that women were paid equal to men in aw was massive massive massive news and could be a genuine game-changer for the industry now this did seem to confuse a number of people watching there oh my good you're gonna prefer to do what you're good at P penny Omega no not like that that would be stupid obviously can't pay a main event are the same as somebody the bottom of the car but it does mean that wherever you are on the card in aw you will be paid relative to that regardless of whether you're a man or a woman in short just in case you don't quite still understand this yet if you are working the pre-show in aew you can expect to make the same kind of pre-show money as anybody else wrote the made card you mean the same midcard money you work the main event of a e.w you can expect to be paid the same as any other main eventer in aew regardless of whether or not you happen to use whichever toilet now compare that to WWE we're missin example right at the top of my head Betty and Oscar just headlined TLC for less money considerably less money than Bobby Lashley and Elias got for doing the kickoff but and this is the kicker that is only a game changer if it is coupled with the potential for women to actually main event in aw I think all in kind of got away with it event they just kind of threw four women into a match and said there you go they're represented should've got a bit more criticism for that then they did but will will let it slide as it's a one-off ATW by contrast needs to not only present a women's division that is thriving but one that can potentially sit at the top of the card now getting Baily and Sasha for aew would genuinely be the women's wrestling equivalent of Hall and Nash going to WCW in the 90s incredibly talented performers at the peak of their career immensely dissatisfied with how they're being used jumping ship to the competition not only with the pair of them absolutely thrived there but it would show the world that a job you was absolutely dedicated and serious to its women's wrestling division imagine it number one finn balor now if report are to be believed finn bálor is about to be on the receiving end of a burger it's me straining mega mega push but if those turn out not to be true then we need to start thinking that you know maybe his time on the main roster was something of a bit of a letdown he was the first Universal champion yes I still remember that fondly for then injury Bray Wyatt Kane 50-54 Corbin but there was a time though when a Warren prince devis would set the world ablaze they would put butterflies in your stomach they were exciting they had anticipation you genuinely didn't know what was going to happen it seems a long time ago now when you watch the endless endless creative dirges had to put up with on Raw but genuinely once upon a time but at 37 with a serious serious shoulder injury behind him time is running out for another big main event run and there is nowhere on earth he would be better suits doing that I'm sorry to say than a W he is immensely talented he is a huge name he has great relationships and history with most of the people on that card he would be the biggest stamp they could realistically conceivably get and if he went he could forgive me for this change the world but those are my picks let me know what restless you would like to see go from WWE - aw if any at all hey you might think everybody should stay there it's all gonna be a big Bush show it all out in the comments below of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe the meantime No thank you very much for watching half of course when Adam Cleary and I will see you soon Wow where where