10 WWE Superstars Who Were Doomed From The Start

[Applause] the more things change the more they stay the same while we are living in a wrestling world that is vastly different from one we may be used to there are certain tropes that probably still remain merely because they went on for so long you can never account for anything anymore but the status quo still remains that doesn't mean surprises don't happen look at Elias never really a hit down at NXT he's one of the best cool up period and continues to find more and more love as he goes from town to town did anybody think that would be the case when he was just walking in the background during other people's backstage skits doubtful so while there is no tried-and-tested rule if they're sort of damocles does fall and it's not too much of a surprise that's history repeating itself and we should have known I'm some from what culture and this is 10 WWE superstars who were doomed from the start number 10 Austin Aries the greatest man that ever lived has always been outspoken be that from his time an impact NXT or WWE yes I would to say he will say it that's been the case ever since he did depart from Vince McMahon's company who knows what could have been it began well enough after he bested Baron Corbin NXT takeover Dallas and he's shown on commentary as he was recovering from an eye injury then he was moved to 205 live a difficult position anyway but could is mostly used to quote unquote house small wrestlers not even he and Neville could peek their head above the service despite having some of the best matches he could have hoped for their WrestleMania class wasn't even included on the blu-ray not the best for somebody's confidence it didn't change a damn thing however because Aries have been tainted as a cruiserweight guy he already had his ceiling that wasn't enough for the dude and given that Craig decided they had nothing for him his tenure with WWE was short-lived maybe that was the way it was always going to be the Menai and Hideo Itami a major score for the NXT brand when he signed the former Kenta came in with all the fire possible those who knew way down in japan couldn't wait to see what he could do here and it was so talented it wouldn't take long for those who didn't to understand the buzz and the injuries came really knocking him off his perch and forcing him out the ring for long periods of time it's Harley missed out when NXT was becoming a truly hot property when he was ready to come back it was almost as if all of that had passed him by he wasn't able to find his place was moved across the 205 live and yes we've said that once already and we know the problem there he's still as skilled as ever and knocks it out the park when he gets a chance but once again 205 live has bigger problems that no performer can overcome and it really isn't the position Hideo should be in and yet there he lies I don't think it's likely he's gonna get a bra a smackdown run anytime soon sad face number 8 titus O'Neil this one makes less sense someone who surely is WWE gold through and through titus O'Neil has never really found his way in the company since the prime time players broke up bronze Smackdown could use them right now it also seems like he's the nicest and best person on the planet so for that alone he deserves more maybe it was his difficult start which sealed his fate though suffering from being involved with the original content Dominic's tp4 shadow 2018 by tripping up during a dumb game show like concept and kept having catchphrases shoved upon him but really how it works you've got to say something that resonates not just say something constantly and hope people react he was just painted as a bit of a goof because of the surroundings he found himself in that's always hard to move away from when the audience remembers in that sense he's actually done an amazing job staying relevant for as long as he has whether or not he ever appears on roar again is up for debate just never know but a championship run seems unlikely in this stage number 7 Batista 2014 so much went wrong with Batista's 2014 return that it was over before it began the worst part was big David told WWE this was going to happen and then it did if only they had listened already cursed because he simply wasn't Daniel Bryan Batista also walked through our Berto Del Rio with ease looking special four years ago and also shared a moment of respect with their authority leader Triple H made sense sure they were evolution buddies but was another step that made fans go what screw that guy it fell off a cliff as WWE continued to ignore the growing love for the yes movement as the animal took center stage and that would have been fine if Batista hadn't been a face but he was plus he was heading to a clash with Randy Orton which everyone felt like they had already seen it all worked out as we know but before Batista had even walked through the door this plan was doomed he was fighting an uphill Bali could never win I do love the men though just so Pleasant number six the giant Gonzales really what I want to do here is just say he wore a muscle suit covered in hair and move on but I feel like everyone would like more so I'll give it to you where the Undertaker's needing more monsters to destroy so that he could maintain his powerful image Vince McMahon went out there and got the biggest one he could find after all if taking could take someone even more massive than he was out everyone on the planet would chant the Phenom name enter giant Gonzales throwing Undertaker out the 1993 brawl Rumble and then like an idiot eliminating himself by climbing over the top rope Gonzales continued to what the dead man's ass which sent a very specific message to the audience this man is a threat and we should all take him very seriously again however he had fake hair glued on to his clothes aside from being really tall it just wasn't that much to the man which is probably why is WWE Run only lasted nine months after that what else do you do with him he choked out take out Wrestlemania with chloroform which remains ludicrous to this day and as soon as people had gotten used to in visually he was out on his ass it was always gonna be the way number 5 atom bomb anam bomb must have had something and I still remember him to this day and didn't like him when I was a kid sure he was a walking pun but given that I didn't cock Paul beare until I was an adult somebody named after explosive device was fine it was the situation bomb found himself in that was the issue there was just no part for him to take a classic big guy that Vince McMahon loved in the 80s and early 90s he just did nothing and have had some pyro that was enjoyable but outside of that it was as empty as can be plus he was a heel with his only strength being his actual size and strength ok great he fell fast too while he took out earthquake at WrestleMania 10 in a glorified squash match there's nothing else to talk about he would beat nobodies from time to time but once this a law had worn off he imploded which was ironic before heading over to WCW good thing he got that tattooed away then he never regretted that at all before Bret Hart my favorite wrestler of all time Bret Hart wanted to only be the best but also in short everyone else thought that too I was one over Vince McMahon wasn't or at least not entirely while there was a time with a chairman of the board did get behind the Hitman he never actually truly saw what he had even sure Michaels jumped at Bret's defense in 1993 when shenanigans dominated the backstage scene to try and help Hart's cause whereas Vince wanted to try and get - now Hulk Hogan and move Lex Luger up the car why the time heart had no old-fashioned obstacles left he'd been usurped by the Heartbreak Kid himself who with super kicked his way into a man's ear in a way the hit men never did Hart was the smoothest cog an assistant designed to remind everyone what Pro Wrestling could be it was only when he got trapped in the mechanism slime that he finally realized the truth he did crack his boss hard in the face as a receipt for all the nonsense he'd been put through a lot of that nonsense came even before the Montreal Screwjob number three Michael Cole since day one Michael Cole has been required to take up the mantle of someone else before segwaying into the role he commands today it was hard enough for him to be the attitude IRA's Todd Pettengill before he was thrust into a league commentary squad he wasn't ready for in 1998 Jim Ross his second Bell's palsy attack in December ruled him out for less than six months but many never got over their irritations on Cole from that point onwards this rage intensified when he was the beneficiary of a cruel gag at Jr's expense and the 2008 brand split saw the company promote and demote Cole and Ross respectively live on air the fallout fell so hard on Michael now the new roar lead that he eventually had to play a heel version of himself for over a year just to let the audience get it out of their system in 2018 respected enough given that he has to navigate through and negotiate millions of tasks on any given Monday but really because he's not jr. never will be he's never been allowed to make the spot his own number two Bailey I remember that Bob Bailey was called up to the main roster a lot of people used to call her the female John Cena jela connection with children that few did and that's money in the bank if kids are invested in your wrestling career you'll have longevity of nothing else for some reason however ever since arriving on Raw Bailey has never been booked or treated in the same way portrayed more like a child as opposed to being a hero truly and can look up to the hugger has gone from fan to fighting champion thanks the patient booking that tugged at multiple emotional threads to whatever she is now at one time she was a heart on her sleeve wrestling fan that anyone who liked resting could get behind because that journey was so easy to understand she wanted to make it she put the work in and eventually yeah she made it it was artful elegant a real actress pleaser seemed to fall by the wayside when you do take a big step up how we can get back from this I do not know but I always hope that we do number one finn bálor yes the wrestler would the this main event pushes Hulk Hogan has been met by doom having to hand over the universal Tyler Knight after winning it in 2016 was the first chink in the armor and when he was able to return no one booked him to go after his belt and that was ridiculous from here it was the usual picking away at the NXT bones the demon gimmick was seen as an afterthought as opposed to something that could have been worked into feuds and clashing with Baron Corbin and being told he can't clash with brock lesnar just took this down a path I don't think anybody wanted especially those who consider themselves loyal ballet club members the good thing about all things wrestling is the if WWE decide they want to push you to the moon they will and the past is soon forgotten as of right now that's what happened Finn's been winning matches on Raw and finally has his scrap with the Beast by the time you hear this that may have already happened so let's just hope once that is done it's not back to the doldrums and if so I'm more than happy to be proven wrong fact ya know of any other WWE Superstars who would do from the start make sure you let us know in the comments below and don't forget to Like share and subscribe then head over to our coach.com and read yourself some articles and follow our culture on Twitter I want culture WWE my name is simon from what culture i will talk to you again soon