10 WWE Superstars Who Were Paid To Do Nothing

[Applause] don't pretend otherwise you would love to get paid to do nothing imagine sitting around sat in a chair just staring at a wall and then Bing some cash turns up who would turn that down an idiot that's who and are you an idiot I think not it's one reason why I get mad at Brock Lesnar's deal is ridiculous but there's more here it's not like he's the only one his contract may have been one of the best in WWE history but early money a wrestler to them forget about them and have them sit around a home is nothing new it happens a lot and probably always will if the promoter has nothing for you to do but they don't want to let you free there's nothing else for it I'm Simon from what culture and this is ten WWE Superstars who are paid to do nothing number ten Shawn Michaels we can all debate till those damn cows come home as to whether Shawn Michaels version one was better than Shawn Michaels version two or vice versa either way few could deny that he is one of the best pro wrestlers we've ever seen with that said perhaps the greatest work he ever did was the spell spent on the sidelines between 1998 and 2002 horrendous back injuries tried to stop HBK during his prime years until a nasty bump onto a coffin because wrestling finished him off four years after WrestleMania 14 the torch was passed a Stone Cold Steve Austin and Michael's off to an early retirement as ludicrous as that sounds now during this downtime those short kept on getting paid and he did so for four years even though he wasn't doing anything he would pop up every now and then and was even the Commissioner of Raw for about 30 minutes but it was not a common occurrence and on top of that when Michaels did come to say hello there was always something to chat about afterwards that wasn't to do with the event despite all of this the bug came back in 2002 and Michaels would be an in-ring performer once more maybe just got bored number 9 Neville when Neville stormed out of the October 9 2017 raw it wasn't overly surprising when you took a step back and looked at all the information despite stealing shows on 205 Live and having countless good matches WWE never really even looked in his direction right down to taking his pre-show bout against Austin Aries off the WrestleMania DVD I mean that is a kick in the teeth feeling like he'd shown his value time and time again I'm frustrated with his creative direction he just stopped coming to work not a bad strategy it obviously didn't go down too well with management as they froze his contract to all he could actually do was sit at home that lasted all the way through to August 2018 when he was quietly released he's now back out in the world and smashing up everywhere and having amazing matches with pretty much everyone he comes face-to-face with giving everything with aew his timing couldn't be more perfect either what's next for puck is unknown but he will ultimately feel far better than he did losing belts to Enzo amore number 8 sting I think we can all agree when sting finally made it to WWE in 2014 it's pretty damn cool I was watching the face just the other day on YouTube thinking man wasn't that fun seeing the icon and a Vince McMahon owned ring just felt right even if during his time there he didn't do all that much starting by taking a loss at WrestleMania thanks to Triple H because of course the Stinger didn't make another appearance until the following August 175 days later when he pretended to be a statue and people say WWE watch stupid stories this didn't mean he literally stood completely still for 10 minutes until he was revealed by a stupid surprise Seth Rollins three weeks later in retaliation for this Rollins seriously injured sting and the man had to sadly retire in just over a year and a half WWE had only managed to eke out four matches from a proper legend that fans still wanted to see it's fair to say the overbooking game would have been just as bad but today it feels like we never got enough and could have enjoyed this so much more we miss your sting every day in our hearts never 7 hole Cogan after WrestleMania 8 the Hulk Hogan balloon was ready to burst the hull strip in walking tall in WWE for the better part of a decade but controversy and mayhem had taken away his magical aura throw in a disastrous appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show and everybody involved decided it would probably be best if Hogan went away for a while effectively WWE wanted to shove Hogan and a metaphorical cupboard to let some of the heat die down and hopefully get the fans to miss him it wasn't an ideal solution because guess what happened during this downtime that's right Hogan was still getting paid and this all got worse when he returned in 1993 ahead of WrestleMania and the audience had already turned against him poker then decided he would muscle his way into the main event of Wrestlemania in the world title but alas this felt flat to eventually Hulk would go away again which he was also compensated for before leaving WWE altogether and heading over to WCW where he had loads of cash for Less dates okay number six Brock Lesnar the man of the hour who's too sweet to be sour everybody's mad at Brock for his mega contract which only saw him work four matches in WWE back in 2018 how many he'll do in 2019 is anybody's guess although we have had one so far at the Royal Rumble from our bad gig really I bet his back and knees feel wonderful even better than all this or worse depending on your outlook is that the Beast held the universal title for five hundred and four days and only defended it 11 times before he won it again at WWE crown jewel and yes that's less than one per month and takes WWE's you must defend this in 30 days stipulation and hurls it into the toilet he does occasionally show up on Raw and eventually his absence was written right into a storyline to try and help Roman reigns and you can get mad at him as much as you'd like but would anyone turn this down now you'd be mad too Lesnar just seems to be the master of using companies and pitting them against each other which is why rumors of his potential UFC return won't go away why not pay more in order to keep him exclusive to your brand and then yes just let him sit at home number 5 the Ultimate Warrior in the weeks prior to SummerSlam 91 the Ultimate Warrior whose advertised for the show's main event went back to parts unknown frustrated with how he was treated compared to Hulk Hogan warrior demanded his salary be topped up to match his rival and would it work until he received the satisfaction he was ready to go to war with Vince McMahon at any cost of course the boss wasn't about to waste months of billed for the pay-per-view but nor was he gonna let warrior have him over a barrel something's for men he would have been thinking about it day and night so he went all Vince while I first he agreed to the demands he did so long enough just to get through SummerSlam once that was over aurilla was slapped with a suspension the ultimate one still got his money before he packed his bag went home and just sat around probably showing some gibberish member for scott steiner scott steiner all things considered should have been a major success in awwe just look at the man Vince McMahon loves huge dudes and fewer more huge than Big Poppa Pump even today his arms are bigger than most people's heads maybe this was the problem however finding himself in a feud with Triple H the rumor goes that Steiner was asked to undergo a pre wellness test but refused unless the game did the same apparently the result of this was neither man getting tested and in Steiner started to see himself falling down the card make of that what you wheel he made his final appearance at the Royal Rumble 2004 but was bizarrely kept on the payroll until August and paid to you guessed it just sit around he then got released from WWE as he was dealing with an injury not the coolest thing in the world number three the Undertaker 2018 was a busier year than usual for the Undertaker other than his customary WrestleMania match the dead men also sprang back to life to bury rusev and faced off against Triple H in Australia and had another one a crown jewel where he took on the game and Shawn Michaels with Kane standing by his side usually we don't see him all that much though and nobody deserves these long breaks more than the dead man but still ties into the tile of this video after falling to Roman reigns at WrestleMania 33 take a hinted retirement was coming but then obviously changed his mind as he's want to do this ambiguity did allow him to take some time off however and he was gone for a whole year before he changed his mind and yes he was getting paid the whole time fair play the Phenom must have a job for life at this stage and again can anyone but grudge him that if so you're probably a bit nuts don't forget to you can now book taker for appearances through his social media channels the rumor is he cost twenty five thousand dollars an hour better start let's stop watch now a to CM Punk CM Punk's departure from the WWE was far more public than I imagined he wanted it to be when he left in January 2014 upon hearing his WrestleMania plans were situated around Triple H whereas Batista just walked back into E of the main event he left he wasn't gonna come back obviously no one knew that for sure straightaway so Vince McMahon just told everybody that he was on sabbatical this soon turned into what it did him for a good while all of this was funded by WWE as the situation tried to sort itself out Punk was slapped with an initial two-month suspension for vanishing before he continued to see our base till July everyone still hopes to return at some point but given he wasn't that all in it would have resulted in a huge amount of buzz it seemed safe to say he's done with wrestling as he keeps mentioning enjoying for what he was not what he may be again deep right there number one JTG JT G's last televised WWE match where he lost to Santino Marella and superstars taping came on the 20th of September 2013 and yet he wasn't released from his WWE contract until the following June I don't think JT G understands this either by that point the former member of crime x long-running tenure had become somewhat of a joke his W W lifeline became an online mean with the internet trying to figure out who would last longer JT G's W rerun or the Undertaker's streak in the end JT g at last of the Phenom historic record by 67 days if some other man wasn't aware of all this either when the sword of Damocles eventually dropped onto him he tweeted damn why did I pick up my phone like if he hadn't WWE would have just forgotten or like a child that stops moving late at night hoping to stay up just a little bit longer because maybe their parents will forget to know of any other wrestlers who are paid to do nothing make sure you tell us in the comments below in a bit to like share and subscribe then head on over to what Coach Izzo calm and read yourself some articles and follow what coach on Twitter and what culture WWE my name is Simon from what culture I'll talk to you again soon [Music]