10 Ways to Survive in Natural Disasters


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hello everyone although it may sound terrible all natural disasters caused panic among the population this is especially true because most people simply don't know how to act in such situations what to do or where to go to avoid wrong actions and help your friends and family you should know what to do in any circumstances that's why we've decided to talk about the rules of behavior during a natural disaster obviously we hope you don't have to live through a similar experience but who knows what might happen so here are 10 useful tips for surviving and natural disaster let's get it on earthquake if you haven't experienced this natural phenomenon will tell you a little about it tectonic movements inside the earth usually caused earthquakes the truth is that this phenomenon is not so unusual but it doesn't always have catastrophic consequences many times quakes occur under a huge layer of oceanic water so we just don't feel anything however anyone can live through an earthquake so it's important to know what to do to survive first of all if you feel an unusual movement don't panic you can't change the situation anyway so save your strength to save yourself if you are inside a building especially on a high floor you have to find a safe corner and lie down on the floor don't forget to cover your head with your hands to protect it from falling pieces of glass and objects such as plates glasses statuettes or plaster on the wall heavy furniture such as closets can also fall off very hard if you're in an older building with only a few floors take your documents and run away try to get away from tall buildings and trees find an open safe space if the earthquake started when you were on the road get out of the vehicle immediately and lie down in a horizontal position the same instruction applies if you're in a left following these rules will help you to be as safe as possible during this cataclysm but if you think that our advice isn't enough you can find more information on the web flooding you probably know something about this natural phenomenon but do you know what to do if you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a flood probably many will think that you have to call skewers and wait for them to arrive and save you but it's not like that water is a very dangerous elements and in case of an emergency you have to fight against it well explain how if you live in a place where floods are common you must always be prepared you should keep money documents and other items of value in a dry place so that you don't spend time looking for them during the disaster don't forget to buy an inflatable mats or a life preserver because you'll definitely need them but if the flood was unexpected the water entered your house and you're not ready then listen first you have to unplug all the appliances because everyone knows what happens when water meets electricity we also recommend you to close all the windows and doors to stop the water from entering if you notice that you're wet look around search for a floating object and hold on to it and what to do if you've been waiting for a while there's no help and the water keeps rising Just Swim but first take off your clothes and shoes take a deep breath and don't let go of the floating object you found and one more recommendation that may sound silly but really works is don't panic if you stay calm you have a much better chance of saving yourself volcanic eruption normally the media informs everyone about the approach of this disaster so that everyone can leave the danger zone calmly and without haste [Music] if you're lucky if you were able to leave the cataclysmic site beforehand and the stones ashes and gases start to fly somewhere far away but if for some strange reason you couldn't run away it's time to take out the respirator and glasses you should have put in your backpack before visiting such a dangerous place obviously you'll be safer inside a large solid building but if you're outdoors all you can do is find a high place and wait for the lava rivers to pass you by but the best solution will be to stay away from potentially dangerous sites although if you are very eager you can visit them but be very careful tornado sometimes a storm which is already dangerous enough comes with a companion a tornado a whirlwind of spiral-shaped air that destroys everything around it normally meteorologists warned about the approaching disaster about fifteen to thirty minutes before it hits a place once you hear the news you don't have much time to prepare for example you can't run away even if you are Usain Bolt so the best option is to hide especially in an underground shelter if you have that option if you don't have it and you don't even have a basement then you can hide in the bathroom away from the windows for example the most important thing is to not peek out even if you do want to see what a real tornado looks like for that you can just watch some videos on YouTube then when you're absolutely sure that it's all over it's time to face the consequences make sure you're not hurt check your house for damage cry over the pile of things you'll have to buy again and don't forget to help the injured landslides mountains usually seem very big and still well seriously have you ever seen this giant get up and go somewhere but even if the mountains don't move stones and layers of rock do so willingly we of course don't envy you if you are in such a situation but we're here to help you with advice if you're in an open area and you notice that the stones are trying to crush you curl up and cover your head with your hands better if you have a helmet around if the disaster caught you at home and you can't escape stay on the second floor in the Attic or on the roof of the building when it's all over we don't recommend you to relax in the as you have to be alert for several hours the landslides can continue and we really want to prevent victims avalanche if a little snow on your neck seems pretty nasty to you imagine what it would be like to run into a huge pile of snow rushing towards you of course it's best not to disturb it and move aside but sometimes snow travels too fast if you've experienced this problem we recommend you that you first get rid of the unnecessary stuff to make walking easier it's also a good idea to hold on to something still and big like a tree trunk but if that didn't help and the snow covered you up to your nose try swimming to the surface although this method only works while the snow is moving once it's stopped the snow practically becomes concrete if you realize you're trapped just wait for the rescue team and save oxygen and remember that the rescuers with their dogs are already running to save you forest fire imagine you're on a picnic with your friends enjoying the Sun and the sense of the forest and suddenly you notice a strange smoke don't be afraid that your friends might consider you too paranoid forest fires are really quite dangerous so if you see any strange smoke in the forest and animals and birds are running and flying is a sign that you should follow their example but don't panic first try to understand where the fire is coming from you can do this by simply climbing a hill or a tree once the source is identified find your friends who will surely try to flee in the opposite direction the fact is that during a forest fire you have to run perpendicularly to the fire and against the wind but don't take too long forest fires can travel up to a hundred and thirty feet a minute so you probably don't have time to pack your things by the way if you have water with you or see a lake or river next to you wet your clothes hair and expose body parts droughts yes drought is not a very common phenomenon in most countries but it is still one of those dangerous natural disasters an increase in temperature together with a great dehydration seems to us enough reason to think beforehand about measures to survive in these conditions normally there are special services that warned beforehand about this phenomenon but you can see for yourself have something straight is happening with nature you live in an area with few bodies of water and the weather is too hot it's a sign that this might end badly to survive the drought without melting you have to have enough water light clothing some cool shelter like a basement and emergency power supplies for example solar batteries it seems to us that it's quite obvious that during the drought you should spend as little time as possible on the street and not forget about fire safety rules even something that doesn't seem very flammable - you can suddenly light up like a match and cause a lot of problems snow storm the first rule to surviving during a snow storm is to stay home of course you're much more likely to survive if you're surrounded by four walls a TV and a heating system but if for some reason you had to leave your home what the storm caught you on the road we're gonna give you some advice in winter you always have to have an extra gasoline container and a water bottle in your car if you have to wait a long time you will certainly be very thirsty and it's not a good idea to drink snow you should also have a flashlight a charger for your phone a lighter and some food lasting for a long time if you don't have a vehicle you should find shelter as soon as possible it could be a cave or a place underneath which you can hide but if there's nothing like that you can build a snow shelter you can also make a campfire and you should stay in one place this way you'll save your strength and help rescue workers find you soon army finally we will talk about one of the most destructive natural disasters in the universe huge waves that invade the coasts ending with everything in their path for several miles it is a truly creepy image but even in case of tsunami there are actions that can save your life for example if you find yourself on the beach and the water begins to drift away at a considerable distance it's not an invitation from nature to look for coral or other marine decorations normally before the arrival of a tsunami the tide drops considerably so it's a warning to stay away from the beach the further and higher you are from the sea the greater your chances of saving yourself if for some reason you can't run away to a high place try to find the highest point of a solid building or in extreme cases a large tree you can climb in case the wave catches up with you try to grab hold of any object in order to stay on the surface and try to swim to a building where you can climb up but the best thing you can do is watch the news and get away before the worst starts guys it's time to recharge your brain visit the channel brain time there you'll find a lot of interesting and useful facts lots of positive energy and tons of useful information subscribe right now we promise it's going to be really exciting thanks for 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