10 Wrestlers We Had To Hate Before We Could Love

[Applause] unfortunately not every wrestling performer looks out from Dearborn and gets given a character either propels them instantly to fame and fortune I mean think about your favorite wrestler for a second where they always this tremendous or have they become saw through an artful alteration of their gimmick maybe they changed their style maybe they became a more well-rounded performer or maybe they just decided to be so outrageously brilliant that WWE could deny them no longer whatever the case the road to winning the hearts of the WWE Universe can be as long and painful as a Brock lesner title rim and more often than not it's a road that's paired with bad behavior and some truly horrendous gimmicks or sometimes both if you're really unlucky but despite the odds being well and truly stacked against some performers it doesn't necessarily mean it's impossible I'm out of Nicholas and these are 10 wrestlers we had to hit before we could love number 10 Dolph Ziggler Nick Nemeth already had a reputation as a quality work up back in the naughties he'd been a peripheral part of Chavo Guerrero is kerwin white fears back in 2005 hey I'm Latino Bob Holly and I like golf yeah and when that angle died never was sent back to OVW where he became a member of the Spirit Squad a year later despite the Spirit Squad being the human form of the poop emoji Nemeth was probably the most talented of the cheerleaders although that's basically saying he's the least blind out of Stevie Wonder Andrea Bocelli Andrea Charles no offense if you're watching chaps ultimately that angle would died too although not before a Korea highlight when the spirit squad will literally ship bucked it all BW courtesy of d-generation X Nemeth would eventually be repackaged as Dolph Ziggler a sycophant new guy who's buck stage presence and constant handshaking act the company's veterans which in turn was designed to eat the fans I mean as far as bad ideas go giving someone the IOSH rookie gimmick is right up there fortunately Ziggler's quality managed to outshine this nonsense and with an impressive TV debut against Batista along with victories over Charlie Haas and then US Champion MVP fans forgot about dolls horrendous gimmick and his in-ring work began to get him over ten years and multiple burials of his character later and the fans of soured on Ziggler once more but a resurgence alongside drew McIntyre does have impact in the big picture on Monday Night Raw number nine Kurt Angle long before he was the badass wrestling machine Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle debuted in WWE with a carefully calculated Hill gimmick back in 1999 now we all remember Stone Cold Steve Austin and the rock getting over his heels fist before transitioning to baby phases but what if someone could do the same put in Reverse that was the pitch from the creative team shocker angle under his own name playing an enthusiastic overweening babyface who preached Hogan style motivational nonsense via his three eyes intensity integrity and intelligence with his patriotic single his habit of wearing gold medals to the ring and a theme song Rocky Balboa would be proud to call his own angle was the perfect fit to be a despised heel in the Attitude Era the character was an instant hit and before long fans were chanting you suck in taint of his theme music as angle displayed a natural ability on the mate while his new geeky persona remained oblivious to the cheerful here at the fans heart for him no Maria Tommy Dreamer ah yes Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy before I became a CW's poster boy in the innovator of violence Tommy Dreamer was the pretty boy baby face wearing horrendous green suspenders with more smiles than finn bálor an Apollo Cruz combined and was absolutely hated by the ECW fans Paul Heyman however saw more potential so in order to change the status quo on Dreamer he attempted to blur the line between heel and baby face putting dreamer and a Singapore kin match with a CW's resident violent psychopath The Sandman Tommy would lose the match and took a post-match punishment of 10 lashes but rather than walk off with his tail between his legs licking his wounds he took the edgar from men in black approached more more new me more this active defiance from dreamer began the first turning of the tide with the ECW fans attired which would escalate into a full-on tsunami of support after his brilliant feud with Raven from that moment on Tommy Dreamer was ECW number 7 John Hennigan the man who has more John's in his repertoire than a public bathroom John Hennigan was a university dropout who landed himself a developmental contract with WWE in 2002 after winning tough enough season 3 alongside the leap Matt Cappotelli after a brief stint in Ohio Valley Wrestling Hennigan debuted on Raw in March 2004 under the name Johnny please and yes as you can imagine that was absolutely not okay because copyright is a thing and so is this guy the next week Hannigan was renamed Johnny speared talk about a boreal and then three weeks later I'm working as the on-screen protege of then raw general manager Eric Bischoff newbie jobs Johnny nature Johnny Nitro get it nitro was despised by fans and performers alike in the Golden Boy role but would find himself back in awe VW after just three months on the main roster until he reappeared in 2005 as part of eminem finally alongside stablemates Molino and joey mercury fans slowly began to appreciate Nighthorse talent and potential star power number 6 board ala what if I told you that bored Dulles was the Kurt Angle of NXT initially a bookie fired of baby fish champion the fans of Full Sail here that bored dollars more than the delivery universe used to hit Roman reigns yeah okay maybe not that much but still you get where I'm going with this did cheer for literally anyone who was facing him even going as far as screaming tap tap tap when he wasn't even in a submission the genius of this however was the Dulles after realizing what was happening decided to lean in they were taking his baby fish stick turning it all the way up to 11 and slowly trailing his sincerity for sarcasm gradually Bohr transformed himself from a fired-up faced chump into a delusional insincere ultra heel oblivious to the here rid of the fans but a champion who would no longer be the butt of jokes he was suddenly the most captivating part of the show so much so that he become the cool heel fans wanted to cheer and how did he do it by believing in himself what a truly inspirational story and then the main roster happened yeah number 5 barely when barely face started on NXT she was portrayed as a childlike girl who'd get excited about wrestling but ultimately lose her matches through naivety and stupidity okay let's get it straight yeah Billy was not popular she was basically tolerated if that and the worst part was despite being insufferable as a character they managed to make you feel awkward about finding her insufferable but much like bored Dallas NXT slow-burning character development would see barely become a force far greater than anyone could have anticipated they built her gradual strengthening of character into his storylines she lost she got beaten up she was betrayed and humiliated by her friends and then she lost some more just for good measure however unlike 80% of me and roster turmoil this one would have a payoff and gradually Bailey's back born was stiffened she got wise to the people she got wise to the game and she got wise to the world around her but managed to keep her core values of just being a really really really nice person she would become an insanely popular character on NXT with their eventual title victory being perhaps the most cathartic in the yellow brands history and then [Laughter] oh no man Rasta please don't take my Bailey please no number for exampie woods despite the brass in NXT being high on Xavier woods life didn't quite work out for him on the yellow ground and when he translated to the main roster it was a similar story his character felt like WWE's cliched attempt to represent black culture and much like a dumb cleave his attempts to sell his old clothes on a beer the fans were not buying it now for anyone who's had the pleasure of seeing the real-life austin Watson we advise social media or his youtube channel up up down down you'll know that he doesn't deserve that kind of reaction from the fans but his character probably did fortunately as we all know woods caught one hell of a brick when he joined forces with Big E and Kofi Kingston to form the new deer but even that almost went sideways the new deers gospel beer be fierce gimmick was an absolute non-starter on the main roster but then they were flown effortlessly into the land of heal them by their beloved unicorns and suddenly it all fell into place as heals Xavier and cor were allowed to be creative arguably when they're at the absolute best and woods evolved is character from cliche to class as a loud annoying heel mouthpiece that even at ringside managed to make himself the focal point of every new deer match fast forward three years and the trio have become so popular and so over in the company that in the current landscape you can reference unicorns trombones booty oohs and pancakes without even batting an eyelid number three Corey grim in NXT Corey graves was considered to be good across the board but perhaps not quite possessing the greatness that PS Adrian Neville in Sammis in were both partial to I searched the full sail faithful weren't exactly devastated when his career was abruptly ended after a number of concussions but that would all change when an a 60 behind the curtain TV special aired on ESPN and his real-life persona was shown in the humanly Matthew Polinski had a wife he had kids all he ever wanted to do was be a wrestler and now that was all being taken away from him with that in the most backwards where possible Corey graves was now finally over with the fans and was offered a two-year contract as NXT snoo announcer while grieves the wrestler may have only been good grieves the commentator was grit and his rise to being one of the top announcers on both Raw and SmackDown quickly followed number 2 the rock to think that the man who was once the recipient of die rocky died chance would become the most electrifying man in sports and determined his absolutely mind-boggling a sign of the times Rocky Maivia was not well received by fans in the Attitude Era the character was dead and the landscape was changing and the audience had grown tired of saying their prayers and eating their vitamins and to be fair who can blame them the cheesy grin the fan high-fiving the disproportionate reactions and a terrible terrible finisher ensured that Maya VI would be one of the first and arguably most famous casualties of the Attitude Era but if that was the egg we had to crack to get the delicious omelet that was the rock in 1998 and beyond then maybe die rocky die wasn't so bad after all the great one would take all of the negativity dust it off turn that some sideways and stick it straight up our candy asses turning himself into one of the greatest wrestlers the industry had ever seen with more charisma and one eyebrow than most of today's main roster and number one The Miz now a few people have managed to turn opinions around quite like the myths when he started out Mike Mizanin had the downside of being a reality TV star without the upside of John Hennigan ZAF lettuce ISM and looks he was about as cool as a crematorium his wrestling ability was average at best and his promos were essentially just karaoke versions of other wrestlers but the one thing the Miz did have and still has an abundance is one hell of a wig wig and while he'll never be cool you either got it or you haven't he did manage to improve his look develop his in-ring ability and perhaps most importantly became an absolute killer on the mic hey you see make on the make hey tell you what can't buy that in the Argos catalog can you the fans went from absolutely hating his guts to respecting and appreciating one of the hardest workers in the business an achievement which was topped off recently by the Miz bringing the Intercontinental title back to mainstream relevance on Monday Night Raw when he said he wanted this more than anyone he bloody meant it and the fact that his work weird is often mentioned in the same breath as John Cena speaks absolute volumes say what you will about the Miz but there's something about him that simply will not be denied in a company with a reputation for having the least amount of patience Mizanin managed to get himself the time and room to breathe develop his character and become arguably one of the best heels in the company