10 Wrestlers Who Did Unusual Things Vince McMahon Hated

[Applause] Vince McMahon is the beginning and the end when it comes to WWE it's been said on many of an occasion how Porton it is to have a relationship with the boss should you want to thrive in his company and that just makes sense the more of his ear you have the more likely to succeed you are no point having all these thoughts and ideas on a piece of paper if no one's gonna read them even though there's no determining in what direction your career may go the brain of McMahon is clearly quite something and even the smallest decision can make him raise an eyebrow before questioning what the hell the performer was thinking again though he knows what he wants and you'd be hard pushed to say he hasn't made that work he most definitely has now I'm Simon from what culture and this is 12 wrestlers who did unusual things Vince McMahon hate it number 12 Paul London clearly Vince McMahon has never heard the peple E+ platitude smile you'll live longer or he has and it annoys him just as much as the rest of the universe maybe even more it seems Paul London was unceremoniously given his marching orders by the chairman after flashing his pearly whites to the world during the 3rd June 2007 episode of Monday Night Raw there was slightly more to this than an irrational hatred of happiness London's sparkly smile came during the angle which saw Vince McMahon explode to death in his limousine as the boss morosely made his way to his ill-fated vehicle through a corridor of collected superstars each of them suitably somber ahead of the occasion London stuck out like a sore thumb or a Cheshire cat grinning from ear to ear whether the under pushed high flyer was deliberately going off script through frustrations about his direction or simply found the whole thing hilarious is unknown but whatever the case his dental display got him the boot shortly afterwards talk about a kick in the teeth number 11 Abraham Washington one thing Vince McMahon claims to absolutely hate his Sikh offense one amazing Vince anecdote if true recounts how the newest member to Stephanie's writing team former nine oh two one open Larry Mullen had to be pulled aside from a meeting due to excessive nodding apparently her father couldn't stand Yes Men which might go some way to explaining his general distaste towards Daniel Bryan for so long that's another joke if there's one thing Vince hates even more than sycophants though it's people who disagree with it so you can imagine the mental gymnastics employees must have to go through every day to stay in favor button commentator cum manager Abraham Washington was one such superstar who found himself on the wrong side of the boss in 2012 when he made the seemingly smart choice to tweet in support of Linda McMahon's bid for the US Senate blatant OD'ing for sure but still a wise move right wrong according to Washington the tweet was directly responsible for WWE giving him his p45 as the company had been specifically trying to distance themselves from Linda's political aspirations his other tweet making light of Kobe Bryant's 2003 sexual assault case at the expense of titus o'neil probably had something to do with it too maybe who knows of a 10 Daniel Bryan you know what Daniel Bryan did in 2012 to raise the ire of Vinnie Mac he wore the wrong gear and as you can't see me that wrong is an inverted commerce this is a strange one because more or less wrestlers can wear whatever they want to the ring with little consequence CM Punk regularly shouted out performers from the past with the designs on his trunks and no matter what era you choose to what you'll find someone wearing something that looks like a mistake attire is important but largely in the hands of whoever is putting it on Bryan wasn't so fortunate happening at money in the bank Daniel decided to go with the new edgy Anarchy themed look for this show to tie into his characters attitude and was immediately told to take off by Vince through a ref who was a ringside it could have been because McMahon didn't think it worked or did it look like someone had thrown up blood all over his clothes but that was it for Bryan's darker color palette we never saw it again I'm anion Zack Ryder does a cried at the barkal will be something we talk about for a long time taking on his own shoulders to drop some momentum he went on youtube and created the Z true Long Island story and successfully got himself over which was a little bit ironic given he took the mickey out trying to do that pretty much every week it struck a chord though with Ryder's passion especially shining through as he was just being himself he was very easy to like him get behind you know what a baby face should be in Pro Wrestling so he grabbed the brass ring and in doing so had arenas around the USA chanting his name and demanding he was used on the show his time had come even though it hadn't all we really got was a bizarre friendship angle with John Cena weatherman who can't be seen stole his girlfriend and then Kane try to kill him it wasn't exactly the treatment you'd expect of someone that was actually in line for a push and that could be because Vince McMahon didn't want that to be Zach's paw so squashed his 15 minutes flat it's a shame really a scene if this had petered out eventually we probably could have had some real fun with it and had some lovely memories today but nope we're not allowed that the break braun strowman now this didn't hurt braun strowman at all clearly the monster among men continues to be a pivotal part of raw and his improvement has been nothing short of wonderful he has made it and his size should mean he stays around for a long time even he though is not exempt from a Vince McMahon tongue-lashing as crazy as it may sound there are some words that the boss doesn't like it's why performer never says hospital wrestlers don't go there they head to a local medical facility this is true for the word shot as well or in the context of I want a title shot so when strowman did demand a title shot he was told in no uncertain terms that kind of language will not be tolerated and in the future he should ask for a title match because of course the best bit is McMahon will change his mind on what words he doesn't doesn't like which must be a nightmare for the wwr room even more so when you're trying to learn scripts and keep your own bed in order number seven titus O'Neil yeah we all remember this and even today I still don't know if I understand any of it it was really weird that's my main takeaway but when Daniel Bryan gave his very moving retirement speech back in 2016 and the entire roster came to the ring to wish him well Titus thought he'd be somewhat of a gentleman seeing that Stephanie was behind the chairman he held Vince back to allow her to pass the CEO did not appreciate being touched though noticeably reacting on camera before deciding that O'Neill should be suspended at one point as well he was gonna fire the man until triple agent joey mercury talked him out of it Titus has even come out and said that he doesn't get any of it either and I don't blame him it's like you're ugly tackled the guy on live TV this is why sometimes it's just best to smile and nod people you never know number six Triple H seemingly happening around the mid-2000s it's best not to beat around the bush with this one in short Vince McMahon was furious with Triple H because the game and Stephanie McMahon beat him and wife Linda in a game of pool yep that's it on the one hand I it's quite clear that Vince is unbelievably competitive and it's that spirit that's got him to where he is today on the other hand the thought of McMahon storming out a room because he lost to his daughter and son-in-law anything it's kind of amusing according to Triple H itself it was the funniest thing goes to show though if you are back amped up about everything and you can focus the fallout into something positive the world really is your oyster number five Bret Hart the few between Bret Hart and brother Owen is legendary today resulting in some of the best matches we've ever seen in the WWE and some captivating character work that felt real it was a story we could all understand the younger sibling trying to step out big brother shadow when I say that we could all understand it I don't include Vince McMahon in this according to Bret Vince didn't get the concept when it was first pitched to him because brothers don't fight how anyone could think that I don't know especially because years later the boss were considered doing an incest angle between his own children so siblings may not scrap but they will think about having sex with each other right you are thankfully McMahon was eventually talked into this and the rest is history just imagine being the Hitman and having to hear that though you must have thought he'd gone mad number four testing Christian I really like the unamerican 's I don't know why especially as the gimmick is as shallow as they come but I would guess it had something to do with the individuals that made up the group Christian tests and Lance saumur awesome and in many ways underutilized the whole thing hit a massive roadblock however when the office asked Christian and Ted to cut their hair and they refused now given they did indeed both go on to cut their hair I'm not entirely sure why the change took so long but dismissing this would prove to be their downfall as it attracted the wrath of one Vincent Kennedy McMahon maybe it was because they knew the gimmick wasn't long for this world and didn't want to change the whole look to be a part of a stable that wasn't going to last but it killed off whatever this was meant to be and potentially even had greater consequences to given it well number three Christian again following on from what I was just saying the fallout was that McMahon pits the idea of having a blue dot cover Christian's face whenever he was on TV and yes I said that out loud for some reason Vinnie boy just didn't like Christians face oh no wine is a fine face but to McMahon he thought it was ratty and that it was a face that bothered it that's information I don't know what to do with but at least it can be shared but in us to counter this as mentioned the blue dot would simply be placed over Christians mug constantly as if to let the world know what McMahon was thinking thankfully this didn't ever happen although captain charisma did go and try as like over in TNA shortly afterwards I wonder why number two Daniel Bryan again this one is a doozy most of us love Daniel Bryan cuz he's just so hard to hate a good egg around it really does seem that he has a strong moral code that won't be broken regardless of what that may mean I respect that amazingly the biggest bugbear when it came to Vince McMahon and his opinion of the American dragon when he first came to WWE was vet he doesn't eat meat yep clapping after Chris Jericho had gone to the boss following a match with Bryan to sing his praises that was his sole takeaway how he knew Daniel was a vegetarians beginnings beyond me but it just goes to show you never know what will hold you back in this crazy life all so what difference does not eating meat make when it comes to being a pro wrestler it's beyond me no more on Chris Jericho now you may be thinking given what I just told you about Jericho that it all ties in Vince being mad at y2j for coming to him trying to put other guys over but no that wasn't it instead Vinnie Mac's problem when it came to be a night owner of rock and Rolla was that he wore a scarf once again I'm dumbfounded apparently seeing as too feminine which makes it even more ridiculous it's why Alberto Del Rio started wearing one during his own mega he'll push Jericho suggested it to Vince seeing as he was so enraged by his own choice of clothes the problem here is that most people don't give two shits about a scarf so it was just a dude wearing a scarf I'm gonna get him much heat just made you think he was cold Chris himself revisited this on one of his later wo he runs when I only did the add a scarf to his gimmick but he got it over to