10 Wrestlers Who Drew The Wrong Kind Of Heat

a great heal can't be called a great heal if they can't draw heat if they're good of their job they'll become a reviled antagonistic foil for those on the other side with the crowd desperate for their comeuppance but merely getting booed is the easy part the key is getting booed for the right reasons because not all heal heat is created equally sometimes an audience will jeer RSR not because of their effective character work but because they're sick of em as a performer and not just a gimmick there's a huge difference between loving to hate a wrestler and wanting them to disappear completely if a heel has viewers reaching for the remote control that's not a good thing so who are these ineffective guys and girls who drew so much go home heat they probably should have emigrated to a whole new sport well as have a gander I'm Andi for what culture wrestling and these are 10 wrestlers who drew the wrong kind of heel heat number 10 the right to censor the RT c-- seemed like a foolproof gang of heat Magnus Stevie Richards was on a preachy moral crusade to clean up WWE covering up scantily clad woman interrupting hardcore matches and converting fan favorites like The Godfather and foul Venus the heat escalated with the angle RTC were loathed and they quickly became WWE's most reviled group but unfortunately while a chunk of her heat was from those who genuinely wanted to see them get their comeuppance a bigger chunk came from people who just didn't want them on-screen and the longer they run persisted the worse it got right to censor were disbanded in May 2001 and none of the former members were able to recapture their lost popularity now they weren't exactly pushed strongly beforehand The Godfather and Venus both had particularly sizable fan bases and yet afterwards the audience wanted nothing to do with them Rober stamping the RTC's failures as a whole number 9 just incredible you might be surprised by this but we're not going to talk about X Factor here despite that theme song seriously my massive ears are bleeding just thinking about it instead let's talk EC you wear Juicy J was immediately pushed as a talented guy held back by his previous employers embarking on in lengthy undefeated streak but unfortunately mr. credible just in Luke all that ahem credible in ECW's wild environment his conventional skillset just wasn't well suited to that unconventional world the fans rejected him as a result with the hatred peaking when credible became ECW Champion in April 2000 some fans have pinpointed credible z' main event push as one of the factors behind ECW's demise now that's harsh but his run was met with significant backlash and he struggled to build any popularity when he transitioned to WWE following ECW's fall in 2001 number 8 John Laurinaitis often held up as a corporate boogeyman whenever something went awry with talent relations big Johnny didn't become a regular personality on TV until 2011 when CM Punk dropped his name in the pipe bomb he became Vince McMahon's stooge and was later installed as raw general manager following a strike by the roster John's rivalry with Punk continued but it didn't take long for fans to grow tired of him from his grating voice to his poor delivery and botched lines Laurinaitis gave the audience plenty of reasons to reject him and reject him they did things peaked when he was booked in E main event program of John Cena for over-the-limit 2012 but fortunately WWE was sharp enough to ditch his act a couple of months later when McMahon hit Laurinaitis with her trademark you're fired and the viewership weaved a huge sigh of relief number 7 Jeff Jarrett Jeff Jarrett recently scored one of WWE's most unlikely comeback speaking with the recent news that he's now on the creative team not bad for a man who once extorted Vince McMahon for $300,000 allegedly his TNA career inspires less devotion as a founder jarrett made himself a six-time heavyweight champion during his run making him one of the promotions for most spotlight augers jarrett was loathed and not in a good way he dominated main events holding the belt for almost three years over several rain and he never dropped it for long Jaret lost the belt only to win it back on the very next show on two separate occasions he never fell far from the spotlight tne was his sandbox the fan saw right through this and he was branded triple G very quickly by 2006 Jeff's every appearance was met by chance of drop the title and fu Jarrett which is quite rude but not undeserved number six James Ellsworth there was much anticipation heading into the first woman's Money in the Bank ladder match in 2017 but it panned out in the worst possible way the match wasn't won by a woman but a man James Ellsworth grabbed the briefcase while the competitors were down tossing it to carmella who was declared the victor it was a sham and the narrative didn't revolve around the woman going all out to produce an exciting contest but their moment that had been sullied by Carmela's valley bend in 2017 Jim ball was brought back the following year joining Mela in her rivalry with Oscar misery followed for the Japanese star her aura was shattered by a destructive series of Ellsworth induced losses and by the time Paige literally kicked him out of the door in July 2018 he had cemented his status among WWE's most loathsome sidekicks number five Michael Cole Michael Cole has been part of WWE's broadcast team for close to 20 years now whether working as an interviewer or an announcer he has been a constant presence throughout an era of immense change for both himself and the company WWE have tweaked Cole's role in various ways over the years with the worst experiment coming in 2010 for some reason the company decided to turn him heel he belittled the audience and certain babyface wrestlers developing a smarmy R persona that turned him into one of the most insufferable balance in the entire company from his spell as the voice of the anonymous raw general manager to the horrendous feud with Jerry Waller and Jim Ross Cole had the audience wanting him to piss off forever his bickering with his announced partners dragged every broadcast down with his character more concerned with getting himself over rather than sell any action going on in the ring may this persona never return number 4 David Flair David Flair is the most sympathetic name on our list he was frosted into the spotlight with next to no training and was expected to play a prominent TV role despite this inexperience now David started as a face but turned heel to join the NWO pretty early on while he certainly drew heat it mostly came from a rejection of him as a performer WCW hung flair out to dry they put him in a position that he just wasn't capable of filling he started as a non wrestler but soon became an in-ring performer and that's when his deficiencies really started showing sloppy uncoordinated and out of his depth he was bewilderingly crimes United States Champion in 1999 but was wisely shunted down the card as the years progressed of WCW realizing Lee the experiment would never work growing up in his father Rick's shadow put David in a tough position he was going to be compared to the Consensus greatest American wrestler of all time from day one which heaped the pressure on and no doubt stalled his development he has since left the business entirely number three JBL as one of the most loathed men in wrestling John Bradshaw Layfield has a long history of pushing the envelope too far an alleged backstage bully and boorish on-air presence he was once a popular mid Carter as part of the APA but since become a lightning rod for controversy in 2004 Bradshaw debuted his JBL character through a borderline xenophobic vignette that saw him literally hunting illegal immigrants on the Mexican border later that year JBL caused Eddie Guerrero's mother to have a heart attack by threatening her to house show and was hurried out of the building for fear he'd be battered in June 2004 he tried to draw heat by flashing Nazi salutes at a German live event and was banned from re-entering the country as a result that's without dipping into the myriad of bullying accusations that have dogged his career even during his lengthy run as WWE Champion fans found it hard to buy into JBL's heel act seemed like he'd been pushed from midcard to the main event overnight now any GRC drawers are from people who are utterly sick of the man though he did survive multiple calls to have him fired number two the authority the evil boss character type outlived its use a long time ago but it's won WWE keep clinging on to Austin vs. McMahon was such a huge success that they can't help but revisit it but the angle loses more and more goodwill every time it's rehashed and it's hard to think of a stable as tedious as the authority Triple H and Stephanie McMahon would regularly burry and belittle active babyface competitors with little comeuppance particularly for Steph them and their revolving door of wrestlers Kane Big Show Randy Orton etc dominated WWE programming and while they're loathed presence was accidentally beneficial to Daniel Bryan's incredible rise they really dragged the product down for many fans the games needless win over sting at WrestleMania 31 was the last straw and the stables free year run finally came to an end when Vince McMahon disbanded the group in June 2016 but stephanie has largely retained her role and still has fans reaching for the remote control whenever she returns she remains WWE's foremost momentum fraught ler particularly when it comes to the woman's revolution whose tremendous progress she's never shy of taking complete credit for good old Steph and at number one x-pac you can't talk about wrestlers drawing the wrong kind of heel heat without mentioning Sean Waltman whose ring name has become a pejorative for situations like this now that sucks because you know what x-pac was bloody great he's one of the most underrated wrestlers ever and he doesn't deserve this negative reputation but he has it so here we are late in his career x-pac was regularly booed out of the building particular when competing against wrestlers the audience perceived to be more exciting even for Waltman himself was rarely dull x-pac's matches became the show's designated bathroom break spot and the hatred escalated beyond simple heel heat people had grown to despise x-pac on a personal level thanks to the way he was being presented he was so loathe that ex Park sucks chance became commonplace even during shows that he wasn't even booked on and his 2002 release was met with celebration from those who somehow worked themselves into thinking that he well sucked if he can tell I'm not too happy that I objectively have to include mr. Waltman here still his name will always be associated with crowd reactions gone wrong and the term ex park heat shall live on forever so that's our list but can you think of any other wrestlers who drew major go away heat sound off in the comments section below and don't forget to Like share and subscribe then you can follow us at what culture WWE and me at and EH Mari if you enjoy La Parker gifts and weird Gangrel jokes for now I've been Andy and I'll see you later [Music]