10 Wrestlers Who Want To Quit WWE

[Applause] the professional wrestling labor market is a crazy place in 2019 thanks to companies like all elite wrestling and far better monetization on the indie scene wrestlers have for the first time in a long time had their eyes opened Vince McMahon's was the only shop in town for decades but this time next year that'll likely not be the case there are now loads of alternative opportunities for anyone who feels creatively unfulfilled undermined or stifled and it seems like barely a week passes without a new name requesting their release it's chaos yes but it's bloody fun for us WWE can no longer get away with just harboring a disgruntled locker-room now that said wrestlers can just let their contracts run out and earn a good living elsewhere and by said wrestlers I of course mean that my name is Adam Cleary and these are 10 WWE stars who requested their release number 10 Luke Harper just gained a start here cuz it's kind of the most interesting one a serious injury to long-term tag partner Rowand prompted Luke Harper to undergo much-needed hand surgery which then necessitated a six-month absence he returned to televised action over WrestleMania weekend first by beating NXT prospect Dominic Dijon as you jack Djokovic before quietly sliding into the Andre battle royal nine days later harper requested his WWE release an earnest Twitter post saw him thank the fans for the support during his six-year journey noting that while it was a difficult decision it felt right for myself and WWE the reasons behind Harper's choice are yet to come out even though yes you're right I did do a video entitled the real reasons he's done it because it's easy to draw conclusions McMahon did appear to be all in on the bludgeon brothers prior to Rowan's injury but didn't do anything with Harper when he was cleared to return ago creative had nothing for him and he was left to rot while his former partner found a new role by Daniel Bryan side a three dimensional big man who made the most of every fleeting opportunity Harper is a potential upper-mid card asset to any other company his WWE deal expires in November of this year though so we might have to wait to see it no.9 ricardo miller one of two WWE newcomers to request their release in March of this year the other other other Miller only joined the performance center as part of the February 11th class you remember that one don't you a dad in D stand out ACH the May young classics Karen Q and three-time Impact Wrestling X Division champion Trevor Lee sadly though the 26 year old was barely in the developmental system for two months before deciding it had enough there's been no word on what prompted this decision and whether or not his request was granted still remains unknown now at six foot three and 220 pounds you can see why the former college football star caught Scouts eyes at an Orlando base tryout in June he was considered a significant athletic prospect because I mean dwell look at him but he's never actually featured on NXT television yet and probably never will now number 8 Stacey Ervin jr. yeah weirdly this one happened the exact same week as Ricardo Miller though this one has a little bit more tenure than the former football player Irvin junior joined the performance center back in May 2018 he arrived following an impressive three-month trial with the former gymnast making his house show debut in a match with Kassius Ohno in September Twitter said it was and I quote quite good but I don't know I wasn't there WWE was so high on Stacey though that they uploaded a wild showcase video to their YouTube channel before he'd even arrived and gave him an NXT debut back in February however despite all this promise a concussion scare prompted him to request his release after reportedly being knocked out during a house Show match on the Florida Loop this seemingly put things into perspective he was granted time off to consider his options and were yet to receive any further updates on the situation number 7 Mike Kanellis pro wrestling sheets Ryan satin broke the news that my Kanellis have requested his WWE release way back in January with him and wife Maria seemingly upset about how they were being presented and promoted since signing with the promotion back in June 2017 the duo asked to be let go early in the year having struggled to make any kind of dent on the company their botched comeback run began on Smackdown with a duo struggle to make any television time a switch to two or five live in 2018 did spark hope of a bright future but even on there mike is a peripheral mid Carter WWE did opt against giving the Kanellis assist is their release but also didn't give them an Nevel treatment either right now we still on the same semi regular TV schedule basically just getting beat on two or five every other week number six Maria Kanellis hey speaking of which Maria's predicament is somehow more surprising down her husband's I mean given her previous run with the company you just thought that this established reputation should have guaranteed her an easier time upon returning but alas you would struggle to argue now that she's anything other than one of WWE's least important performers this isn't exactly her fault though Maria announced that she was pregnant just two months after returning to TV which inevitably led to a lengthy hiatus she did appear briefly as WWE honored the law ouch women of the past on Raw 25 but we didn't see her again until October Maria's first comeback much of her second comeback that's confusing was in the 20 woman battle royal at evolution she was part of the second woman's Royal Rumble this January and was the first person thrown out of WrestleMania 35 women's battle royal bit of a weird gimmick that one solely existing to be eliminated quickly and over the top rope elimination matches still though I'm saying that at least you competed in one Mike didn't even make the Andre number 5 Luke Gallows good brothers Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson are generally regarded as one of WWE's most underutilized acts this is largely down to their New Japan Pro Wrestling run during which the former Buller club duo became three-time IWGP Tag Team Champions holding the straps for over 600 days across various runs gallows and Anderson were successful in Japan even if they weren't exactly pulling up trees between the ropes regardless though gallows is a functional big man who along with his tag partner seemingly turned down a multi-million dollar WWE contract extension back in March sources claimed that the duel felt that talents weren't being used to their full extent in the company and they decided to let their deals run out they were then pulled from all scheduled live event appearances soon after though they have since returned to the circuit fans I mean given that they are besties mates with both Kenney and the young bucks you'd have to be fastest to not work out where they'd be going numb for Carl Anderson and yes yes of course you're right I did have to get this up to 210 entry as unspectacular as his WWE ron has been Karl Anderson is a seriously underrated wrestler with big singles potential he's charismatic he's likable and hugely underrated in the ring if you've ever seen his work with Tana Hoshi and Okada you'll know that he's a very very good and be never going to be Vince's cup of tea along with gallows though their usage rate in the company is absolutely awful debuting in April 2016 they bypassed NXT entirely and were featured prominently throughout their first few months in the company an alliance with former bullit club compadre AJ Styles soon blossomed they beat up Roman reigns for a bit but the draft left them to fend for themselves a 64 day run as raw tag team champions ended when the Hardy Boyz took the straps at WrestleMania 33 and there's not really been a whole lot since then I mean they've only wrestled to televised tag bouts since June 2018 - - that is only two more than me number three the revival this year's most bizarre release request broke in January when it was reported that the revival had asked to be let go from the company while still clad in their ring gear following an appearance on Raw a weird weird image yes but Scott Dawson and - Wilder remain with the company now WWE's apparent mishandling of the tag division as a whole was the reported reason pair pro wrestling sheets Ryan son and yes hello again there mate the dual asked to have their contract torn up due to the scant regard them and their fellow tandems were getting given by management it was later revealed that their deals don't expire until April 20 2004 now they're going nowhere the Revival's fortunes improved in the aftermath admittedly and they became raw tag team champions in February they then held the belts for two months before hometown boy Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins dethroned them at WrestleMania 35 obviously this did nothing for the rumors that WWE only gave - endorsing the straps in a panic to convince them to stick around but still it'll be interesting to see what the next year holds for one of the world's finest tag teams number two Brock Lesnar is this is this cheating it's probably cheating regardless though Brock Lesnar seemingly exists in a permanent state of wanting to leave his current place of employment the guy is a pragmatist a true mercenary he's constantly looking to better his professional situation and bank balance if playing WWE and the UFC off against each other in every set of contract negotiations does that then well you just have to respect the hustle we can't all just be blessed with infinite money like God who might think enough here infinite money no not you what's he called the one with there the one with the silly tosh.o an awfully mad yes yes the monopoly man thank you either way the Beast incarnate is set to appear at WWE's next big Saudi Arabian money spinner this summer but there's still every chance that he'll drop wrestling for MMA once the final date on his contract is fulfilled Paul Heyman's spoke of him and Lesnar jetting off to Las Vegas to pursue an ultimate opportunity at WrestleMania 35 I mean a work law yes but one that reflects Brock's reality at one point during his match with Rollins the Beast turned to the hardcamp and appeared to mouth this business and well he probably will number one Sasha banks yeah just for this one she's gonna give you a quick timeline of Sasha banks a recent WWE career and you can form your own conclusions February 17th the boss and her connection are crowned the first ever Women's tag-team champions at the Elimination Chamber February 27th Sasha and Bayley make an emotional return to NXT where they declare that they'll be defending the belts on every single promotion April 7th the boss and hook connection lose their Women's Tag Team Championships to the ikonics after a reign of just 49 days April the 9th reports that banks was unhappy following a backstage incident at WrestleMania 35 begin to circulate April 12 Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter states that Sasha attempted to quit WWE over WrestleMania weekend and was told to take time off in the hope she'd reconsider meanwhile pro wrestling sheets Ryan Saturn hello again their mate states that the mania aftermath saw banks and Bayley lying on the floor of the locker room complaining very loudly later that day banks unfollowed WWE on Twitter and follows aew instead April 13th Brad Sheppard claims sasha has informed WWE she wouldn't be turning up for the following weeks tapings April 17th / Dave Meltzer WWE have banks penciled in for money in the bank on May 19th but don't know if she'll actually be there April 23rd stories begin to circulate that WWE would be willing to allow banks to leave but that they'd freeze her contract a la Nevel if she was going to this absolute mess of a story is not going anywhere expect the coming weeks to be full of twists and turns and rumor and ESA and all of that but pretty much not a whole lot of Sasha wrestling