10 Wrestlers You Didnt Know Were In Video Games

[Applause] hey guys Jules here for what coach calm and I want to talk to you today about wrestlers in video games or more specifically about wrestling superstars who have appeared in games that have had about as much to do with grappling as I have use for a hair comb wrestling video games have seen their fair share of non wrestling characters make appearances Arni from the Terminator Fred Durst being a horrible stain on just bring us an even WWF attitude had the lead from two rocks show up so let's do the inverse and talk about the time when the golden gravel guards have jumped ship to swim in unfamiliar waters I'm Jules this is what culture calm and these are ten wrestlers you didn't know where in non wrestling video games but before we begin how about you to step out of your comfort zone and check out the most that we've got on shop top what culture calm you got one per list shirts having draftees books and more can all be yours disgusting anyway number ten Ronda Rousey Mortal Kombat 11 we begin this list with the newest kid on the block to appear and video games and it's actually a video game which focuses on knocking your opponent's block off so it's actually a good fit recently NetherRealm Studios announced that their mainstay entrant in the mortal kombat tournament sonya blade would be voiced by none other than rowdy Ronda Rousey and you know what playing an absolute hard-ass with a series of blows that will send your spine on holiday seems like a perfect fit although it actually must be quite weird for the superstar not simply because she doesn't usually get to actually kill her opponents but because this game will offer her something that the WWE is yet to try that she might actually lose for once mom here's hoping she doesn't go off in a huff number 9 shad gaspard God of War so aside from being one of the best video games to come out last year God of War on the ps4 is actually hiding something right under your nose that's while you've likely been enveloped in the tail of mythical murder you probably didn't realize that you've been doing so as former crime time star shad gaspard now big lad shad is quite an imposing figure so you're probably thinking why you hadn't seen him immediately in the game but that's because his body was scanned into the game as the basis for Kratos is is godly physique whilst he was at the studio Gasper had to put on a load of funny little silver balls in order to provide the mocap for the heroes hand-to-hand combat although if this is the shape that he's in you wouldn't catch me laughing as he'd clean his bloody teeth with me eight bullet Club and New Japan stars in Tekken 7 now this one is cheating a bit but there's a long history of that when it comes to video games as this isn't technically the actual bullet club members appearing in the game rather that their impressive impact can be felt wholeheartedly with some DLC themed around this fantastic group which Tama Tonga is now slowly hammering into the grand I kid I kid we've made up since the big bad guy had his meltdown he's actually bloody lovely if you wanted to deck out your fighter in bullet Club and chaos outfits you could do so and you could even dress up your submit suit as a more tentacled version of a Yoshi Hoshi however things got even better with the fact that you could turn King into Okada with a unique Rainmaker getup it even came bundled with a brand new special move that let you not Seven Bells out of your opponent if that's not your thing though then you could also dress up Lars as Hiroshi Tana Hoshi which weirdly enough makes Las actually looks slightly more credible than usual go figure number 7 Ric Flair command & Conquer Red Alert 3 oh now we're getting to the good stuff now if you're a command & Conquer fan like I am then you'll know that the acting involved in these games is hammer than a hamster made AB ham chewing scenery which is also made of ham the top of the pile used to be Tim Curry who went into space in the earlier games but now that's been changed as Ric Flair is in Red Alert 3 the Nature Boy swapped his customary glittery robes for a clean set of military fatigues as he barked down orders under the guise of command & Conquer Red Alert threes commander Douglas Hill a grizzled veteran who issued players with a set of commandos challenges now if you had just scored Ric Flair to be one of your characters in your game you probably make sure you got your money's worth and that's exactly what they did here by using the wrestler to promote the game by wrestling a person in a bear suit wearing a Russian ushanka it was brilliant and I feel like everyone's lives are enriched by this clip so please spread the love of this like your mum spreads her legs when the ships pull in and the sailors go on shore leave because that my friends is glorious and also my 1 / list number 6 the rock Spy Hunter nowhere to run this is a really strange entry actually as this is an example of a movie game tie-in that actually ended up having the movie is based on cancelled meaning that when spyhunter nowhere to run dropped starring everyone's favorite franchise viagra the rock that it received a confused response from critics and fans The Spy Hunter games of old were almost exclusively vehicular based but seeing as you pay big bucks for the rock and all his teeth you're gonna want to throw a lot of action sequences in there in order to get your money's worth it's a throwaway game with a story behind it actually more interesting than its content and interestingly enough I covered this and some other games that were based on movies based on games in this list right here over on the gaming channel which I rule with an iron fist so yeah check it out number 5 Steve Austin John Cena The Undertaker and Triple H family guide the quest for stuff in 2016 WWE grabbed a skateboard stuck a baseball cap on back to front and strolled into school saying how do you do fellow kids when they partnered up with TinyCo to bring a whole host of superstars to mobile freemium game Family Guy the quest for stuff as part of the Wrestlemania in Quahog events Steve Austin the Undertaker Triple H and John Cena all appeared in game well different if you can call this a game it's actually quite strange to think that while John Cena perfectly fits the model of will do anything for cash stone cold and The Undertaker much less so which actually gets me thinking who are the actual biggest sellouts in wrestling leave us a message down below actually ad I'm actually just genuinely interested and don't say it's us here at what culture because they've all but blacklisted us the WWE as it is anyway if you've wanted wrestlers in your paywall extravaganza this is the title for you number 4 Hulk Hogan Thunder in paradise anyone who's been unfortunate enough to see the action romp Thunder in paradise Hulk Hogan's absolutely very last no more chances after this attempt to break out as a mainstream film star will understand why the Hulkster was being ferried around Atlanta and a red and yellow Cadillac shortly after spoiler alerts it's because this movie absolutely stunk and went straight to video and then was turned into a multi-part TV show just to get some money back on the project however Robert Weaver again designer who was working on titles to prop up Phillips failing CD I disagreed after seeing the pilot he loved it so much that he pitched a story to thunder and paradises assessor's producer Michael Burke special scenes were then filmed for an interactive FMV game loosely based around an episode of the show despite Weaver's enthusiasm and the presence of big Terry Thunder in paradise failed to save the CDI and I'm not blaming this game solely for this but it was only months later that the console vanished from shelves number 3 roddy piper saints row 4 roddy piper makes something of a habit of unusual cameos throughout his long and eventful career not content with his famous bubblegum bereft role in john carpenter's cult classic they live the rowdy one also made a handful of appearances in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as recurring Rossler the maniac loosely parodying Mickey Rourke's character in the wrestler and but let's face it himself but perhaps Piper's most curious one off came in Deep Silver's open-world oddity Saints Row for an entire mission is devoted to hot rod and it's called he lives obviously paying homage to his cinematic past piper appears in his trademark garb and is even played into the wailing strains of his bagpipe theme music it's utterly brilliant and very very Saints Row and is another of quite a few times that these games have leaned on their love of wrestling because they've got the likes of hulk hogan and RVD of all people to provide voices for other characters in the series number two at sushi Onita anytime anywhere politics quiz who would you pick as the mascot for a brain training style on the go grilling on all things Japanese politics well obviously hardcore wrestling legend an innovator of the deathmatch concept at sushi Anita yet it's not actually as unusual as it first sounds after years of bloodying and bruising a variety of opponents with a variety of weapons the fmw founder decided to go on the violence free diet as he aimed for a seat in the Japanese government of the same name and do you know what in 2001 he bloody well did it talk about a career switch right that'll be like fill chambers going on a well anyone who takes a bath career path however Anita's political career ended in suitably ridiculous scandal when it was unearthed that he'd used a government building to host a threesome absolute lad nevertheless that didn't damage his integrity enough to stop him being the face of this D s political fever dream and number one akhada night Otonashi and more in Yakuza 6 right the accuser series is utterly brilliant and still despite having so many games under its belt is very very underappreciated it's been labeled as kind of the spiritual successor to games like Shenmue yeah that's how I pronounce it by the way or at least the parts where you're just pissing about with melodrama but what the accuser games really are are absolutely bonkers where else can you beat up a dude with a bike not not on a bike with a bike hell you can even use a shark if that's a bit too mundane for you therefore it's kind of both a surprise and a factor that makes total sense when it turns out that six members of New Japan can be found in Yakuza 6 a cada Tana Hoshi Knight o toreano Kojima and Tenzin all appear as opponents for Kazuma to overcome and each of them has their own special moves brought over with them however the best bit is when a carder literally makes it rain money it is deliciously ludicrous and another example of why you need to give this series some much-needed attention and there we go those were nine wrestlers who appeared in non wrestling games that you might not have known about and as always I've been Jules you have been awesome usually I use this end segment here to just like plug the shop and merge that we do but you know what I'm gonna go a different route and just say I hope that you are well it is the start of 2019 it is a fresh start and I'm hoping that we're all getting a brand new lease of life that probably some of us need just you know take care of yourself both mentally and physically don't let anyone put you down and if they do send them this way and I'll beat the crap out of them or as much as I can verbally you do matter and you are important as always I've been Jules you have been awesome never forget that and I'll speak to you soon bye