10 Wrestling Bookers Who Made Themselves World Champion

[Applause] one of the many qualities that makes pro-wrestling a hmm unique industry in the entertainment sphere is the blurred line between what happens behind the camera and what happens in front for decades owners of wrestling companies have positioned themselves as on-screen antagonists or protagonists and for far longer grapplers running their own promotions have booked themselves to be main attractions let's be honest who wouldn't if I was in charge guess who beat the streak go over Cena and Soddy become champ in the same night at WrestleMania those sort of developments aren't always bad however sometimes ego gets in the way of sensible booking does that remind me off with I mind I'm Adam world Warren from what culture and these are 10 wrestling Booker's who made themselves world champion hey guys just before we begin our list I just want to talk to you about an ambitious RPG project that is taking the world by storm raid shadow legends its immersive exciting it looks incredible 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battlefield number 10 giant Baba a pupil of Japanese wrestling hero Ricky doze an giant Baba soon became a legend in his own right because but look at the bloody size of him after Ricky doze Ann's murder and the subsequent decline of the Japan Wrestling Association Balor formed his own outfit all Japan Pro Wrestling AJPW joined New Japan Pro Wrestling both warmed in 1972 as one of the two major promotions in the country Babur a proven star who challenged with both the NWA and WWE world titles in the US was a clear choice to hold all japan's top title the Pacific Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Championship after all you can argue with this guy not only was Bubba the inaugural champion but he'd hold the belt and other three times in the 70s and 80s for a total of more than 10 cumulative years number 9 Orville brown when a group of regional promoters came together to recognize a single world champion in 1948 their choice was Midwest Wrestling Association champion Orville brown Brown had captured several titles and Papeete in many respected competitors making him a prime choice for the first National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion of course the fact he was one of the group of promoters in her either Brown continued to unify the NWA title with others around the country including the original AWA Championship he was collecting belts like bloody Dean Ambrose but the time Brown was forced to forfeit the belt after sustaining career-ending injuries in a car accident it was considered one of the world's major wrestling championships and for that he goes in my big book of favorite Orville's number eight mitsuharu misawa when giant baba died in early 1999 the position of all Japan Pro Wrestling president fell to the company's top star mitsuharu misawa as Misawa was a four-time Triple Crown heavyweight champion and one of the most talented wrestlers to ever set foot in a ring his feud with Vader and subsequent fifth title win wasn't questioned friction with all Japan owner and Baba's Widow Motoko Baba led Misawa the bulk of all japan's roster to leave the company the following year and form a new league Pro Wrestling NOAH though several huge names like Kenta Kobashi akira taue e and jun akiyama made the jump with Misawa the legendary champion was still Noah's best known star he won the company's newly created and epically named global honoured crown heavyweight championship establishing the prestige of the belt before he dropped it to Akiyama he would hold it two more times recapturing it when business began to slump number 7 Vince McMahon if you're one of those people who try and guess the list before watching congratulations you got one I mean no one believes that you wrote your guesses before the video and you're as bad as the people who write first but congrats you got the most obvious answer ever anyway it's common knowledge that Vince McMahon saved his own company by casting himself as WWE's top villain in the wake of the Montreal Screwjob and then feuding with everyman champion Steve Austin unfortunately the McMahon character was never quite as resonant when facing off with anybody besides Austin and when the double W E champion turned babyface in late 1999 who could ever like for this man decision-makers start trying to come up with a new role for him the result was a feud between McMahon and new WWE Champion Triple H and getting one over on the game meant that McMahon defeated him for the title on an episode of SmackDown Vince as WWE Champion was brief curiosity he relinquished the belt the following week and it was poured for grabs in a six-pack challenge match which Triple H won well that was bloody pointless wasn't it all in all McMahon's reign did little except devalue a still relevant championship number six Jeff Jarrett when WWE purchased WCW in 2001 many wrestlers were concerned about their future business prospects none more so than Jeff Jarrett who'd left WWE under let's just say acrimonious circumstances two years earlier though opinions varied as to who was in the right regarding the Jarrett's McMahon conflict it really didn't matter when Vince was running the sole business in town and hated him as much as nodding Jarrett's options were limited so he and his father promoter Jerry started a new company total nonstop action initially it seemed like Jarrett was willing to take a backseat ken Shamrock and Ron are truth killings with a group's first two champions so after a good start before long though Jarrett was on top as champ and that was the promotion status quo for much of the next four years too many would-be fans who didn't view Jarrett as a true superstar his prominent position was more of a turn-off than number five Vince Russo Vince Russo's two separate ten years as head booker of WCW are among the most maligned creative runs in wrestling history and among many other transgressions he broke a rule he'd once set for himself about never appearing on camera in fact he just shattered it becoming an obnoxious New York version of Vince McMahon's heel boss character Russo's on-screen presence turned off as many people as his booking especially in a ridiculous feud with Ric Flair who might know was rather good haha Russo didn't stop there though this stupid wife on the 25th of September 2000 episode of Monday nitro Russo faced WCW world heavyweight champion Booker T in a steel cage match pockety seemed to have the match won which would make sense when he escaped the cage but Goldberg whom Russo hadn't agonized for weeks speared the challenger through the cage wall and the WCW Bukka hit the ground first becoming the new WCW champion really like McMahon Russo relinquished the world title days later but unlike McMahon Russo's company wasn't strong enough to weather the asinine decision number four Ric Flair Ric Flair is roundly considered to be one of the best wrestlers of all time but is tenure as Booker of WCW is far more polarizing flair is rumored to have had a hand in booking his legendary programs with Ricky Steamboat and Terry Funk in 1989 and was given creative control of WCW outright in 1994 at 10 you didn't last long but flair who was already world champion continued to hold the title until the summer feuding with Steamboat once more Flair's created contributions to the undercard which continued after he lost control of the main events were let's just say less popular Mick Foley who as Cactus Jack experienced Flair's tenure firsthand criticized him in his first autobiography famously stating Flair was every bit as bad on the booking side of things as he was great on the wrestling side of it ouch number 3 Verne Gagne after dispute with the NWA in 1960 Minnesota based wrestling starred Verne Gagne and promoter Wally carbo founded the American Wrestling Association kanya a serious accomplished mat technician was declared the first champion of the new group would spend the next 20 years as the promotion's top draw even Hulk Hogan would tell you calm down appear unless someone else our go mate in 1980 the 54 year old ganya retired as AWA World Heavyweight Champion marking the end of his tenth reign with the title though ganya was a great talent and a legitimate superstar to his core audience it can be argued that he overstayed his welcome from 1960 to 1980 you think can you spent four thousand six hundred and seventy seven days as world champion a record that stretches across all of wrestling obviously number two Triple H now to be fair Triple H has never been in the position of head Booker for a company in which he's competed he currently holds the slots in NXT of course so this is sort of cheating but it's my list so though suckered Casa pose he has as a result of friendships and romantic relationships and himself with a great deal of backstage influence though just how much of Triple H's success is due to his familial relationship with Stephanie and McMahon will always be debated even to the uninitiated I though the game has clearly spent a decade and a half as a focal point of WWE TV often at the expense of more popular superstars since 2013 Triple H as settle into a position as a flip-flopping heel authority figure but those who closed the book on his time as champion were sorely mistaken in 2016 Triple H won the Royal Rumble catcher in his fourteenth world title in the process but it all worked out in the end our number one Kevin Nash yeah sorry to all the national politics out there like our very own Michael hum flirt look at his little face but look sometimes when Booker wrestlers put the title on themselves is a good decision sometimes it's questionable and other times it's Kevin bloody Nash Kevin Nash became Booker of WCW in early 1999 but even before then the wheels were in motion for him to take the reins and he was wielding creative influence in November of 1998 he won the 60 Man 3 ring battle royal known as world war 3 in the following month he pinned Bill Goldberg to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in a match finish most would describe as bollocks Goldberg who is still undefeated until the nash match had been WCWS biggest draw throughout 1998 and after losing he was still WCW biggest draw but that just didn't carry the same weight that it once did he was no longer able to keep the company in contention with WWE Nash killed WCW 's Golden Goose to line his and his friend's pockets and it was one of the largest nails in what would become WCW scoffing and that's our list did we miss any out let us know in the comments section below and don't forget to Like share and subscribe and check out our wrestling podcast by searching for what kocha wrestling on either iTunes or Spotify thanks for watching I've been out of from what culture and I'll see you soon