100 PEOPLE DROP TILTED TOWERS This is what happened Fortnite Battle Royale




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oh my god oh my god oh my god good luck everybody good luck everybody [Music] Oh well why 100 people landing tilted towers oh my god 100 people it's ours no one's jumped yet oh my god and go go go oh my god I'm scared I'm so scared right now Oh oh my god oh my god oh my god go go go good luck everybody good luck everybody oh my god go go look at it look at the insanity bro I need loot holy jesus Christ you gotten I'm alive come on how my life right now ring-ring you fiends took every weapon Oh God oh [Music] [Laughter] [Music] my god dog there was soap look at this guy look at look at Cameron my god oh no Cameron oh no Cameron next game I think I'm gonna try to get off oh snap this was the stream sniper guy formerly alright bang this dude was the stream sniper from earlier this is why I had a switch to the age of servers this guy's name is chronic oh my god this product I can tell right now you're on stretched res dog your name is chronic homie and you're dead wow look at the map 14 players 14 players alright yo should be reset now and should we drop again how about we do a few games of dropping tilted and then we do a few games of dropping uhh we go to the volcano what do you guys think hundred players drop in the volcano thoughts so we do a few more tilts of games see what happens and then we have everyone drop at the volcano what the heck am I watching what am I watching look out of bushes here there's a bush he's burning every mad you've no mats fool just pyramid himself go push come on come on push come on good try good try alright alright alright that was Game one that was Game one we're dropped we're going a hundred members of the courageous a hundred subs landing tilted hundred ten players were starting the game boom oh yeah how fast that was there we go you know fast that was run it back here we go Jackson Thank You Mady deep thank you alright chat this time I'm gonna try to get kills here we go 100 players landing till two towers game to go go go go go go oh my god oh my god good luck everybody good luck everybody nope No there's so many sounds oh my god I'm doing it buh-bye breathe out I'm gonna hamster ball here Oh no 7ro yo my trap did hit him alright we're two games in of having a hundred people and took the towers running it back again we're running it back again dude alright here we go 100 players dropping tilted towers good luck to everybody go go but it's never gonna hold why does this never get old seeing this many people drop in ohh oh my god ohh let's go someone here I'm winning this game damn it ooh no no no no no no yeah my AR my god there's still so much going on no no no they're infiltrating my stronghold no d-dead just get killed so life so wide no no SP up chat what oh my god I can win was that will that was will by will you win this there was an epic trap dude wiser random trapped I almost won tilted with a hundred freaking people in it I almost won tilted the hundred people [Music]