100 PEOPLE DROP VOLCANO This is what happened Fortnite Battle Royale

oh my god oh my god oh my god good luck everybody good luck everybody down [Music] we need the wife right now pickaxe back out to play [Music] all right here we go we're gonna do three games of everyone landing in the volcano go down through the hole of the volcano everyone here we go good luck everyone good luck everyone go through the hole of volcano everyone go go go go go oh we got the what gun he got the one gun slinger it's so loud it's so loud there's so much going on my god how does that guy hit metal how does that guy get metal how do these people have metal dog oh there's 87 people if there's no one can die I placed 93rd it'll lobby my own subs holy hell this sounds outrageous dog damn it I wish you didn't kick me out all right we're gonna go back to a normal soul leftist so doesn't kick me boom solos bang all right we're running it up again here we go who gets the weapon first the age-old question look at how high up high up from some of these people dude what how high up first some of those kids bro wait am I gonna make it we calculated Go Go Go Go Go Go Go oh look at how many people have these chests looking at Roane pickaxe it book why does it Bonanza look at us it's the banana cock avoiding blinking the banana guy don't kill the banana don't yes BC go my little banana p3 you wonderful fruit Oh yelling it's just trying to fight in the corner ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the four night World Cup ten people now pick ax e each other for one a k1 player is one and he's gonna go ahead and drop the reload right now pick ax back out two players fighting it out out one player Congo lining again as you can see another one now in the background starting up another cargo behind will anyone else join them here looks like three or four starter the emotes continuing to dance all around back now towards the top side you see everyone floating around 75 players remaining no deficiency with the elimination on the pan of GB Burridge now hiding with the Umbrella gonna go ahead and drop on in here will he go look for the engagement bananas back we know it's the different Ana where's your how did you get a baller where's the original banana how did you see me how'd I just get it for 50 HP how about I just lose 50 he'll go go go go go go go go go go go go No hey hey and we're on this guy's got nine kills he's got a full load out this book homies about two homies worth it homies been slaying out kill that dog oh my god all right this one this next one I'm getting a kill this next one I'm landing volcano and I'm getting a kill 100% one more time landing volcano all right jump into the volcano here we go here we go that a chest so two chests no I didn't get the gun get me out of here well land No nobody but now nobody will know nobody will know Chad hey how did you know oh oh Hey Hey look at everyone get me to the bananas yes we finally get a dance party look at how good this is five pogs hope oh it's so fun and cute and harmless give up No I'm gonna put my got a pump up or shot with me Chuck I just forget to do this we've got weapons here we've got weapons here here we go oh my god yo Jack you gotta say 200 IQ though hunch at 200 IQ for Teddy how many go guns gold punk wait what is that pathetic gold pump shotgun hey what's going on right now it's a bug what why does it shock of a Joe love ice cream oh my god oh my god that was great Olli geez one more alright one more will do one more will do one more because these are going so quick these games are going so quick so we'll do one more okay I'll turn off my anonymous of mode yeah one more time everyone dropping in the volcano here we go is your big moment Jackie's your big moment Oh Chester was a freaking scope pistol No No 97 I got 97 young didn't wanna be exposed this is your big moment jack [Music]