1000 Zombies vs Mutant Enderman

servers spawn 500 zombies and 500 skeletons oh my god let's see who would win 500 zombies or 500 skeletons zombies are just bum rushing wait the skeletons are shooting each other idiots oh friendly fire oh my god it's not even close zombies together strong oh oh this is the last one as you can see the zombies were better by a little let's go zombies servers spawn another 500 zombies but this time to a mutant skeleton wait what is that this is what i call mutant skelly oh my god whoa cheating gentlemen pick who you think will win mutants kelly are 500 zombies zombie gang mutant game gang carl pick i'm on zombies i guess server drop the glass let's see who is correct oh oh my god what are you doing don't do the punch move oh my god yeah he don't care come on get up get up use your punch move it's more damage oh he's ruined he's a tank oh my god come on zombie back into the corner yeah let's go ahead wait this actually might be close oh no we did it we did it carl and chandler currently have one point and me and chris have zeros whoever has the least amount of points at the end of this video has to give away their couch to a random subscriber what my couch my couch has dog hair on it i just bought a new couch i'm not losing i'm in first on this side will be a wither and on this side 500 bees i don't know about you guys but i'm picking the weather i got bees with their baby bees baby bees are beating with their servers spotting it let's go bees oh whoa whoa wait wait look at them they're so adorable oh he hit one i'm starting to change why did i pick the wither are we losing look these bees aren't even mad yet so they don't all get wiped out by one attack bees are smart bees are smart wither don't die to bees come on do something oh the health bar hasn't moved though and while we're watching this weather mercilessly slaughter bees i want you guys to play along as well oh here we go here we go here we go here we go look at the damage yeah it's oscar b how is he healing so much wait he got his health back what he got his health back the reason why its health is going up so much is because it regens when it does damage i just like bees okay oh he's in the corner the bees are doing damage turn around you idiot get off the wall oh all the bees are on the wrong side oh my gosh go bees go my cat loves that couch i can't lose it oh he's going spin mode oh my god he's ain't fun these are the last four bees all right i got the child i will feed him the child no oh he says oh the child and with that the wither won me and chandler just got a point which means chris is the only person not to score so far up next is 20 mutant zombies versus 20 mutant enderman i'm going enderman's bobby i'm going with enderman whoa look at those endermen it's gotta be enderman it's enderman did i pick the wrong one look at them what what are they doing the zombies are so confused holy he just lost that dude he's just chilling taking a nap on the battlefield please enderman this is for my couch isn't it funny to think that these mutant endermen have the fate of our couches in their hands as well as giant stone blocks apparently belly flop on them come on get up i'm gonna get close to them and listen to their screeches this is a haunt you it's looking like the endermen are winning i could be wrong oh oh oh it happened so quick it happened like the blink of an eye poor guy poor guy my couch is looking better oh i'm two in one everyone has two points except chris sadness this next one is actually a brain teaser one wither or 500 skeletons take your pick i'm picking the wither because i got screwed last time yeah i'm gonna pick wither i'm actually picking the skeleton we're there screw it oh wait no it's definitely gonna be the wither you're going against your own logic that you had that one time because it regions when it does damage oh darn it the bees had a better chance you didn't see how dumb the skeletons were when they faced the zombies they're just owning them the skeletons are killing themselves nerds they literally are the weather hasn't done a single damage yet just don't vote for skeletons at all skeletons are literally just the stupidest thing in minecraft chandler and carl are tied for first with three me and chris are tied for last there's a chance for my couch i'm doing this for you baby my couch is now in jeopardy 100 blaze versus 500 snowmen all right pick your side snowman snowman i'm team blaze wait all three of you grow in snowmen yeah all right drop the gates let's see what happens oh my gosh oh snowmen are getting hit oh no oh we messed up bad i should have chose blaze they're melting why do i twist chris it's like a freaking war zone here wait we might not lose yeah i think i might lose fire go go go what it sounds like when you're in between one million snowballs oh we are gonna win it's not even close it's not even close what's the heck frosty the snowman just saved my cow fire melts snow no kill fire yeah up next is a really hard one 1 000 zombies or 50 iron gold golems baby golems golems column all right i'm going zombies this is the time i'm smarter than them yes let's go start chucking them babies up they're getting engulfed chris they're taking a lot of damage quick they're getting a goal they're hurting each other they're hurting each other he's getting a point oh the zombies are so smart go yeah is that a boy i don't want to lose my couch wait look it's actually gonna be close i think i got the dove get out of here i hate you all i'm no longer in last place i am now tied for last place i honestly have no idea what the answer to this next one is 10 giants or 1 000 skeletons your mind's like skeletons right but they're stupid oh my god i didn't mean to go to the side come on giant baby wait so we're all team giant i'm from new york okay i gotta be a giants guy the giants are just decoys ah they don't even attack wait i was on the skeleton side no but wait will the skeletons just kill each other oh god what the heck oh one mutant creeper or 1 000 zombies take your sides it's about the explosive damage because if it blows itself up it's all over i'm going with zombies dips i don't know what a mutant creeper is i'm going zombies i'm going zombies i'm gonna go zombies the creeper's done for bro oh my god he's watching about that we all got it right but we're lame 100 skeleton horsemen or 1000 zombies one thousand zombies thousand zombies horsemen i'm picking horsemen chandler me and you got this yes chris we got this we got this we got this i thought skeleton horsemen would have like whoa let's go baby oh you're done for it we don't got this we don't got this chris what was that zeus just blessing your couches right now yes massacre dude this slide show is amazing wait are we gonna win we actually might win this chris we're gonna win chris look at me in the eyes i want to be looking at you while we win i don't even need to see it i know we're gonna win oh my god turn around last one he's dead we won i did it so i am now in dead last again hey r.i.p your couch buddy 50 snow golem or 1000 zombies bobby i'm going with zombies oh wait wait we might lose we might lose oh dear god oh the massacre i muted my headset i was so excited i didn't know we were talking about this kind of snow goal they're like what are you doing you slackers always trust in the zombies zombies are open generally won what about me i also won we don't stop winning yeah we can't lose all right me and chris are tied for last place me and jimmy who's gonna lose our couch 500 llamas or 500 zombies llamas llamas i i will give up my couch to choose llamas i trust my llamas i guess i'll go zombies uh yeah i'm gonna go zombies why do llamas look like that it's a coffee cup oh my what are they gosh are they spinning on the zombies the power of spit even if we lose it's worth because i love my llamas so intertwined oh my gosh it kind of looks like a country if you look down oh yeah it does whoa whoa i'm not seeing as much green oh my god oh my god no they're going off yeah love us love us wow i'm in dead last i am now in last place and chandler and chris are tied for second to last yeah let's go up next is 500 pillagers versus 500 zombies fine i'll go zombies because i'm not a chic they're skeletons but smarter oh the zombies are dying that's right that's what happens when you're not a sheep i'm not a sheep i'm just dumb car you're too far ahead leave okay the three of us are tied for last place with one more challenge left yeah we're all losers together pick your side before you even know what it is yes no no no no you guys paired against me 100 mutant zombies and 100 mutant skeletons oh no we got this up all right i'll see you guys later i'm gonna go figure out what to tell my wife about the couch all right drop the glass let's see what happens no whoa holy whoa there's arrows coming from the sky look at this look they bounce up and they just shoot from the air that's hilarious oh he just dropped my man he just dropped him it looks like the skeletons are winning by a lot yes i don't gotta get rid of my couch oh my gosh look at the arrows i deleted him chris got a point which means now me and chandler are tied for last place let's go chris let's go it is now me versus you 1v1 huh we don't know what's going to spawn in each side are you picking that side i guess so here we go good because i wanted this side 1000 zombies versus two mutant creepers yo oh my god you're about to lose your couch oh oh oh and i don't see any zombies i'm so hurt right now chandler i hope you don't like your couch because uh a random subscriber's getting it uh so i lost the challenge and i have to give away my couch and i just need your address so i can send it to you oh my god