1000 ft Drop Test iPhone 11 Vs Samsung S10 Vs Nokia 3310


How Ridiculous


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three two one now here 3310 it's a beauty I'm actually playing some snake you would believe it top school they are unbreakable it's said to be true now I'm gonna start the obvious and so I got a chopper yeah we can go up high yeah we can go toe-to-toe with the singing in the iPhone Ivan and in the good old fashioned drop test from what's hello hi [Laughter] now we all have iPhone Elevens hello and none of us want to use ours come up with a game yep I drew a circle on the ground here we're gonna close our eyes editor Jack's gonna hide our phones within 30 meters of here any directory the last phone back in this circle is the one that will be dropped from yeah this is a good thank you if you see a phone but it's not your father watch it don't touch it all right no peeking boys in three two one three two one oh hey there's a fine big big big big big big big come on 30 May is quite large 30 mazes huge wow man this is fun I saw refine come on where are you find that my glove found my gloves it's a win if I was a wallace where when I hard where are I have we don't fan won oh I've definitely seen a phone Stanford have yeah yeah I say the fine was not mine where are your maxi boy Derek seen one oh I know it's time for this my where's mine I found every phone mat mine my just blonde or Stanford you're selling me some some candies yeah Stanford times where are you my Percy my phone so I'm safe everyone hold the phone what's that I'm in real trouble i night saw hearings you on the wrong way have you seen mine gone since I thought I was done I thought I was toast where are you harren same on come on oh and you're cooked Oh No Norse debt nor Stanford where's the circle there is a and they're real big for me boys my phone is getting dropped from the chopper that's a real shame happy go may take your box of phones and get the spot please oh my Rexy we're going up drop test style three different heights to the Nokia's and then when we get to the top we're going all phones that 150 feet in it survived can't we play smack too to the screen it sort of disappears in the cracks but it's still function it still works eat that yeah so this is the thing though Scott like this could have just you know fell funky that's why the screen is broken everyone knows that iPhone you drop it meet up sometimes it smashes sometimes doesn't be interesting to see how this goes on six drops from six fights compared to the other smartphone so we're going up a hundred feet a hundred feet up we go there you go right and we need to say that this ground is actually really solid it's not an easy test to pass you know you could drop it in a bucket of sand and like whoopee Dover this is hard as a rock oh honey drop number two is from 250 base Oh big hit see this is the thing even though came apart it's still working battery didn't even come here hey well she's really come back together humbly unbelievable first two drops bro big one of these and this one interestingly enough we run up a hundred feet and the spring didn't break this time so it shows really kicking goals the Nokia and it doesn't have great into the axis but what it does offer is durability [Applause] I'm saying a recurring actually cracked screens hard are the lights working for noises lights are on so it works the screens just broken correct which I'm gonna give half points yeah cuz you replace that screen and you're in I could probably make a phone call if I could remember how to get to the oh yeah just the dial all right well yeah will give at least a half mark for that one and it could still survive from high the way it felt funky maybe that just fell right on the screen I think they go on a 750 next I mean these are all hugely unrealistic figures the higher than our world record basketball shot 750 of my size 10 foot I really got taken by the winds in the big way oh it's in the classic fool peach position Oh perfect Nick this is a snake drop this is worth trawling for snake okay snake to a new game 50 feet ladies and gentlemen top score baby we're gonna get the chopped up for a thousand fate next crazy could it survive all right everyone here we go Nokia [Music] [Music] it landed somewhere over there it could be a bit of a hide-and-seek I saw a glisten everyone this is the iPhone from a thousand feet [Music] that's unreal fading can work it's broken on the back cannot believe it's working that is insane I say that yeah a freaking long why I've been here really like there it is everyone Oh completely works and if you can see that camera copter it's the only piece yeah we'll say one error we did make cuz we should have hit record on the phones yeah it's not a hard thing to do heron that was insane error we made which we just thought of is why the heck didn't we not record video on those two phones so that's incredibly stupid because you know what here let's show you the phones that's the only damage under Samsung so what is great do we drop them again then if both the cameras still work and the phones still work and we forgot to press record do we just go we're gonna try and find this Nokia see if it actually is alive Oh found it it's not even in for patients does it have a SIM card in it yeah I'll find snake in one piece be continued yes that's my god that is a phenomenal result thousands feet they're all working so we still got think I'm round of applause for people who make phones everyone so what we're gonna do now is we're gonna send the iPhone and the Samsung back up super high and we're gonna film it and see could they survive two drops from a thousand down below for a fine drops good Scott is just really keen on dropping those things and we're gonna press record this time what did Derek wanna be as a kid when he grows up what was the dream job and if you're correct you know first that we've got the Samsung Candide film after already copping a drop from a thousand feet growling hey [Applause] let's have a selfie of the video sometimes you watch drop test videos alike well that sucked but today has been remarkable results thank you very much everyone for watching hope you enjoyed it hello great video for the middle of nowhere 44 cloud flippin yeah thanks for watching to the end you probably anyone see ya make sure you do all those things that people ask you to do as you're on YouTube yeah yeah