10000 World Height Jump Challenge

i have hundreds of minecraft players here and we're going to attempt the highest jump ever here's how it works we have seven extremely challenging free falls the players are gonna drop down like this and if they do that they'll teleport them to obstacle course number two and whoever completes the final free fall jump first wins 10 000 that's me carl yes chandler yes go to a different discord call you guys are competing server drop those barriers begin the challenge everyone free fall oh my gosh look at them all falling this freaking pull man i'm gonna attempt it chris i'm gonna attempt to do it go for it oh oh oh oh oh boom and then you get teleported over here to course number two as you can see quite a few people have already beaten the first course easy easy oh my oh i'm insane yeah i'm gonna tp to carl chris promise me this video you will not kill carl i promise you i will not but i will watch him die we have a few stragglers left on the first course but whatever screw them we're going to move on without them open the gates server drop the second gate oh my gosh i could just picture the screaming chant as they all jump in right now oh let's go let's go open the third gate baby if you die on the second course you don't come back to the second course here you go back to the first course and you have to beat that to come back here to redo it you gotta go around the loop oh my lantern come on i don't understand that's my thing i'm just watching all these kids slap the concrete i'm gonna attempt it all right so you fall here you fall here wait all right so i would have died if i wasn't in creative they're all getting stuck up there look they're not even making it down here dude there's a decent amount of people already at three oh chandler's over here on the third one what do you think chandler's talking about right now he's probably talking about how good he is and how bad carl is carl if you don't win you get kicked wait what you have three minutes to get where to the third yes oh no trumpets engraving oh he just got to the second one and died yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah before we open the third gate i just want to show you how beautiful it is look at these planets so if you're a player you're going to walk to this edge and you're going to jump and you're going to fly past whatever planet that is and that planet and that planet and boom you're going to hit this this is kind of like what i do every day driving your tesla yeah my tesla that i have but what about your old tesla that you lost in this clip oh wait no way and it comes with all his clothes all right server open the third gate go let's go i'm gonna let people jump oh oh i hit the corner ah no no let's go why am i messed up why am i all messed up they're dropping into the deep abyss of space dude oh from this angle right here this looks really cool everyone's dying no one's making it go go to station number four see how many are getting through no one's making it oh one person made it what the heck i gotta go back to the beginning i'm gonna pour water and make them all fall in get pushed in oh no no wait wait and they're using my water against me they're riding the water down the water stops here wait no it got bigger no way we have to contain it they're falling in a crash i'm david dress it's going in and you just have to check it's going on how is there a bunch of water down here how's there a bunch of water down here who did this yay i'm actually doing very good yeah because you rode the water down you cheater what am i thought it was there chris this person who cheated even has beast merch on my own kind and now that we dealt with those cheaters it is time for course number four uh-oh oh this is beautiful but hard carl i'm gonna just tell you this now there's no way you beat this carl you're not making it through this i can barely beat the first one i'll beat it first try i'll beat your first try all right server open the gates a lot of people are hitting this right here and the people that survived trailer um put you back at the start for bud oh i was so close to it and like we said before if you die on a course you go back to the beginning all right so chandler's on floor number one carl's on floor number two let's go ahead and open up the fifth floor let's get on let's get further ahead open the gate oh there's a decent amount of people that made it i guess the other people who didn't just aren't good open the gates oh there's so many people are you close to this one oh he made it first try all right chandler are you gonna catch up to everyone let's see all right chandler dropped he dropped oh oh god all right chandler beat it let's go jimmy this guy sir cookie noob made the hardest drop ever in one try all right chandler just dropped let's see does chandler make it does he make it oh girl died on level one what a nerd stop leave me alone they keep pushing me oh my god so far only five people have made it to level six out of a hundred oh six people now hey contestants can you hear me i just wanted to remind you that ten thousand dollars is on the line i have no idea what you're saying i'm gonna leave dude level six has like hardly anyone added where are you guys there's a level six there's a level seven can someone tell me where the water is on level five so i can jump oh there he goes there he goes i didn't see that piece of gray oh that tree at the bottom i'm gonna cry oh my gosh planet trees i'm taking this shirt off as you can see a lot of people are struggling with level three there's a few people on level four a few more people on level five and these are the people waiting for us to open level six so i think we should reward the people who've made it this far and go ahead and open it up hike if these people die on this part of the course they have to go all the way to the beginning jimmy this is evil oh my gosh so many of them are dying they're gonna have to restart chris have anyone scored oh one guy there's three guys here at seven three people have made it this forest is insane no no what if this is the guy who made this map yeah what if he's one of our builders dude there's people already on level seven they're just having a good time over here i think i think carl's cheating i think he is too cause i've been helping him i'm sorry you told me not to kill him so the opposite of kill is hell bro you gave me no choice no cheetsy deetsies i've said from day one no cheats [Music] it wasn't me we have strict no cheating rules in mr b's challenges you can take my pride you can even take my dignity but the second you take my right to be in the server that's when you take it too far this is the seventh and final drop chris let's see how hard it is all right all right hold up all right i would have died there and i would have died oh if i wasn't in creative mode i would have died three times yeah this is hard the drop so far it literally takes me five years to climb back up my beard is growing border welcome to the discord call can you hear me oh yeah so border you were the first person to complete the first six levels congratulations well so here's the deal this is the seventh and final level and since you were the first to get to this level we wanted to let you drop first so when you drop if you land in that water you win ten thousand dollars in cash no pressure he went from looking at me to looking through the glass trying to strategize all right border make the ten thousand dollar drop oh oh he dropped he dropped he dropped where where oh oh oh oh oh you were so close it was so close dang border that was close i watched that whole thing sink graves saltine you two are the second and third people to reach forward number seven which means you guys get the honors of dropping second and third also if saltine lands five seconds before you sink he wins the ten grand just so you're aware nothing tell me when you're ready and i'll go why would you go at the same time jump before him whoever lands first wins oh he wins oh he win he wins he win oh my gosh he was half a block away baby milks and jakes you guys are the fourth and fifth person to get to the seventh level so we're gonna give you guys an exclusive jump before everyone else you're the last exclusive jump you know how much baby milk you can get with that oh oh all right don't go the lava no all right baby milk don't do that oh he dropped oh he's going he's going high speed not even close all right server open the seventh and final round ten thousand dollars is on the line all right let's do this everyone is dropping again the border is not dropped yeah there he goes he's getting ready making it close i see lots falling are they falling close everyone just jumped from floor number seven and not a single one of them scored the ten grand is still waiting to be claimed oh border is here and it's vin okay we got three people on floor number seven all right border jordan border dropped border drop oh i can't even keep up with him he's so good did he hit it did he hit it he did not oh i'm big sad a few people are about to drop this is hard oh george ii church who did it jertsu did also won this challenge jutsu zero zero five pick the ten thousand dollar block jersey you have won twenty thousand dollars in two months is this like your new full-time career or maybe i'm not gonna work anymore congratulations on winning another ten thousand dollars i don't know how jared zu keeps winning thank you so much hit that subscribe button goodbye