12 COOLEST Car GADGETS That Are Worth Buying


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hey guys it's time to upgrade your car with some really impressive gadgets we bet you've thought of a functional mirror screen cool socks and a cleaning tool for your iron steed and forget about your smartphone we've got something with a light touch of nostalgia all the links to the products are given in the description box let's get started if your car lacks a large and handy coat hanger this one's for you the clean wood design will certainly fit any interior the hanger is almost 18 inches wide which makes it suitable for coats and jackets of any size it easily attaches to the removable headrest with metal supports unlike the smaller hangers this one will keep the shoulders of your jacket in place it's also strong enough to handle multiple coats or jackets at a time this thing will free up at least one of your passenger seats echo auto is the gadget that finally brings alexa to your car thanks to the eight built-in microphones this thing will always hear you despite the road noise music and all that stuff alexa is aware of the latest news or the weather forecast she'll play music or an audiobook and make calls so you can focus on the road the gadget is fairly compact and can be easily mounted to the air vent overall setting it up is just a matter of a few minutes you have to connect the echo to usb and aux port so it can use your car speakers then just pair it with your smartphone via the alexa app maybe it's not that awful to be stuck in traffic anymore [Music] this is the thing you always need even if you didn't know it existed the nightmare of cleaning dust inside your car is finally gone this cleaning gel with its unique texture easily gets inside all the nooks like the vents cup holder and all sorts of crevices just press the gel to the surface give it a little roll then gently pull it it's that easy special skin friendly material ensures the gel won't stick to your hands the piece might seem too small but it actually extends to more than nine inches each piece can be used multiple times until the color gets dark the package includes four of those with different colors and fragrances blueberry grape strawberry and lemon i bet this thing is super pleasant to touch if you always wanted to have an old-fashioned radio transceiver in your car this is the one to start with designed specifically for amateurs the gadget is super compact and easy to install it's equipped with a long power cord and a removable face plate the frequency range is fairly wide for an amateur radio the tuner supports vhf and uhf standards large and ergonomic tuning dial allows comfortable and precise switching with either two or four kilohertz steps the palm-sized hand microphone is attached with a fairly long wire thanks to the dsp noise cancellation your voice sounds as clear as possible you can also upgrade the radio with a wide range of additional accessories and tuners upgrade your car interior with this bright and unusual accessory for the cup holder it's a whole new way to show off your favorite car brand these coasters match virtually any taste with dozens of logo options to choose from they're also rgb enabled which allows this beautiful glow in the dark moreover the lights support a variety of seven bright colors along with different lighting modes you can easily switch them with the built-in buttons the special sensor automatically turns on the light when it senses vibration and when there's no movement it just turns off another crucial feature for a coaster it's absolutely waterproof it's also easy to charge using the micro usb interface one charge gives you up to 15 days of use each package includes a set of two pieces this electronic mirror will turn an amateur into an experienced driver instead of just showing you the rear view it covers each side of the car eliminating all the blind spots the mirror is connected to the set of four hd cameras quite a big touch screen provides you with a clear image and all the settings feel free to adjust the angle for each camera change the video quality and access all your recordings by the way the mirror is equipped with two 32 gigabyte sd cards what's more it automatically triggers the right cam when you either turn or change lanes lexus has recently added similar functions to their high-end cars take a closer look both side view mirrors are replaced by high resolution cameras each of them is connected to its own large monitor such a helping hand when parking [Music] when it comes to heads up displays the first thing you need is clear and glanceable info but this gadget is much more than that plug it into the obd2 socket and it'll bring you all sorts of useful data aside from speed and fuel consumption it's also possible to monitor water and oil temperature and even turbine pressure moreover this thing allows you to run instant diagnostics in case of any engine errors plus using the gps mode you can perform speed up and brake tests to check your car state the built-in lcd display gets really bright even in the sun and there are several cool interfaces to choose from by the way mazda has also developed a cool concept which may be used in their cars one day their solution is definitely no less elegant winter is the most challenging time for driving ice and snow may cause serious problems even for skilled drivers the solution is really simple tire chains on your wheels it's the easiest way to significantly improve traction without any special equipment all you need to do is put the chain into the right position according to the illustrated instruction these self-tightening ratchets will automatically adjust the chain to the tire it centers really quick as a result you'll get smooth and silent driving the only compromise is the speed limit but that's the last thing to worry about the chains are suitable for different types of cars trucks and suvs and these cute snow socks add several points to even smoother driving experience they're easy to install plus the package includes special gloves and a storage bag now the weather can't stop you another major issue for car owners is low visibility on rainy and foggy days here's a power laser light that'll help you to become more noticeable this one is easy to install with the included mounting bracket you're free to choose any place in the rear of your car bright red color makes the light clearly visible in the toughest conditions on top of that it supports a warning pattern for risky situations and if you'd like to have more of a creative lighting then you can also consider this cool animated option with six different patterns to choose from it's useful and stylish at the same time the rotatable design makes it easy to switch modes with a single twist most importantly the gadget is fully waterproof it perfectly suits bikes as well this gadget is a helping hand in case of any car accident it's a high resolution dash cam that includes everything a driver needs first of all it shoots incredibly crisp 4k ultra hd video to capture every detail within a 170 degree angle thanks to wide dynamic range this camera perfectly handles any lighting conditions the gadget is also equipped with a fairly large 2.4 inch lcd screen that you can use for instant playback the sd card support allows up to 256 gigabytes of storage for all your footage and when the card gets full new recordings just automatically overwrite the older ones what's more this thing is wi-fi enabled so you can transfer videos to your smartphone compactbody makes the cam almost invisible for other drivers but they better be careful if you want to inspect your car engine pipes or any other place where the human eye is helpless you need a good endoscope check out this one it supports both full-size usb and micro usb connection to work with smartphones tablets and pcs the flexible structure allows you to easily expand the cable length up to 16 feet the 5 megapixel hd camera module ensures clear and detailed image so you can see the tiniest pins on the chip moreover this thing also supports autofocus it perfectly handles dark environments thanks to the built-in led with six brightness levels to choose from the gadget comes with accessories like mirror hook and magnet which is extremely convenient plus the endoscope is completely waterproof now there's nothing you can't see you