12 Killed In Mass Shooting At Borderline Bar And Grill In Thousand Oaks California TIME




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Again where to go off it's the new I stayed out of mangoes they could be good And then shooting kept guard. They were throwing smoke bombs and then kind of I disappoint windows broken For the last polite Nice read we're shooting everything from the speakers to anything. So at least really saw was Just smoke. Give me just sold shots taking off So you just try to get down as fast as we couldn't get out of there I heard the shots and I took we all everyone kind of just got down and started freaking out running around I just told her to get down get out Let's just move we need to get out of here before, you know, anything gets happened We don't know where he's coming from was a semi-automatic. Yeah, I just heard, you know, 18 to 20 rounds at a time That's all I heard before. I got out You