12 Times Animals Took Revenge On Humans


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[Music] revenge is a dish best served cold but what if the animals are warm-blooded and hot-headed well then you get instances where a llama alpaca hybrid jumps on you and chases you out of the pen and other times you get instances where man's best friends brings its pack and completely destroys your property sometimes revenge is well deserved especially if it involves trophy hunters who kill lions and invade their space other times it's just a poor kid getting into a difficult situation here are 12 animals that took revenge on humans 12 leopard takes matters into her own paws it's no surprise that big cats are ferocious predators but when they attack out of pure anger that's something that shocks everyone this leopard has started to eat people's livestock so the local park rangers capture her and relocated her to another place however the leopard refused to get out of her cage one of the rangers alexander rono tried poking at her so she would leave but he didn't know he had just stepped into his own defeat needless to say the leopard did not like the gesture and when she finally did get out she wanted to attend to some unfinished business she got out and ran to alexander c and clawed his face off the poor man couldn't close his windows fast enough and had to get 21 stitches to close up his wounds alexander said that he learned a very painful lesson he will never forget neither will the internet alexander before we move on we've got a speed challenge for you if you subscribe to facts junkie and hit the bell icon in the next 5 seconds you'll win 10 years of incredible luck give it a shot it actually works number 11 hangry sheep fights back if you tease a hangry person even they'll bite you so a bighorn sheep is no different the caretaker of this herd decided that he wanted to mess with one of the sheep by making it run for some extra food but he chose the wrong day typically bighorn sheep are wild animals and though they're not usually aggressive to humans they will attack if you tease them like this thankfully the man had a big plastic bag in his hands as a shield otherwise he could have been ripped to shreds at first it's just one angry sheep versus the man in the orange soon enough his friends join in and back up their friend after all a friend's in need of friends indeed wait till the man scolds the sheep and all of them run away like scaredy cats man one angry sheep zero number 10 man's best friend turns into worst enemy dogs are a man's best friend and that is until man betrays the dog and the pooch goes rogue sometimes people forget how smart and menacing dogs are in chongqing china a man had to face the wrath of a single stray dog that took its sweet sweet revenge a man parked his car in the usual spot except a dog was sitting there and he kicked the dog aside to make room for the car how rude obviously the pup didn't forget and absolutely thrashed his car for him to see the next morning this time the dog brought friends who left deep dents bite marks and even completely tore out one of the wheels who knew dogs were that powerful folks there's a lesson to be learned here karma always bites you back and sometimes it bites your wheels number nine mama cow to the rescue giving birth is an awfully difficult task not just for humans but for all animals too especially mama cows usually cows are sweet gentle beings but when it comes to their calves they will do anything to protect them it makes sense since cows are actually very emotional creatures and when their calf is taken away from them the mothers often cry and grieve over the loss of their children but this lady didn't want to hurt the cow or the calf she was just trying to clean up after the cow who had just given birth all she did was move forward to clean her off but the cow thought otherwise and greeted the woman with a big kick to the face the cake is so powerful that the woman falls on the muddy ground number eight detective kangaroo tracks down opponents if there is a match held between a human and a kangaroo kangaroo would take home the winning trophy and leave behind a kick worth 759 pounds of force however this particular story is based solely on luck the man in this clip is out pig hunting with his dog and somehow his pet got into a headlock by a large kangaroo when the man approached the kangaroo it got startled and let go of the dog but the man wasn't sure if his dog was safe so he did what any local pet owner would do he punched the kangaroo right in the face after such humiliation the kangaroo left promptly that's what you would think it retreated to the bushes for a while but when the man came home the kangaroo was waiting outside his doorstep ready to continue the match we knew that marsupials were smart but we had no idea they were smart enough to track down their opponent number seven trophy hunters get a scare for life [Music] trophy hunting is a very controversial activity and for the most part it's completely wrong too it's actually a serious threat to the survival of many species a couple of hunters killed a poor lion for no reason and his friend wasn't going to tolerate this at all they even tried to take a picture with their saddening trophy which also served as the perfect opportunity for the lion's friend to get some revenge he ran straight towards the hunters chasing them out of the frame and then came right back to the body of his lost friend now this was revenge served right number six magpies swoop on cyclist magpies are simple birds they see shiny things and they take it they're definitely not bloodthirsty monsters at least for most of the year if you live in a place with lots of magpies then you surely know about the swooping season this australian cyclist was used to the swooping season but what he had no idea was one of them was out to get him when it's time to make a nest in the springtime they'll do anything to get little pieces of junk to make the nest a home and this time the poor cyclist was the unfortunate target number five octopus gone wild out of water octopi are bafflingly smart they're not even remotely related to primates but can do many tasks that primates can despite the fact that they're cephalopods in recent years mukbang the trend of eating ridiculous foods in front of the camera has gained popularity this streamer tried to eat a live octopus probably for some views however she chose the wrong octopus to munch on since this cephalopod refused to die today in defense it stuck to her face like it was super glued the streamer kept screaming it stuck it hurts but it showed no mercy maybe next time she'll cook the meat number four misty doesn't want company is it a llama or an alpaca what's even the difference between them this is misty and it's actually a hybrid between the two already similar animals and misty just wanted to be alone today you can't even blame the worker since he was just trying to do a little cleaning but that's when misty decided to give him a beating he won't forget after literally jumping on him the angry hybrid chased him out ouch number three kangaroo shows off his boxing skills you've already seen an aggressive showdown between a man and a kangaroo but this one is very different these marsupials might look like calm animals hopping around australia in reality male kangaroos can get quite aggressive towards people how aggressive you might ask take a look for yourself you don't need to be teasing them or disturbing their peace to get them all riled up just being too near them will take them off and the way they will stand up and box like their muhammad ali that's just impressively scary this kangaroo was so angry that he refused to let go of the boy number two mama cow protects and attacks we've already told you how emotional cows can get when it comes to their calves even after a few hours of separation these animals become visibly distressed and often cry but this cow was not letting another human take its baby away from her when the man picked up the baby calf she attacked him right in the chest which is unusual for cows she didn't even notice that he had dropped the calf after that big blow and still ran after him this cow decided that revenge wasn't going to be served cold instead it was going to be served right now a mother's love is tough much tougher than you thought number one poor boy gets in mama's way llamas are cute children are cute too what do you think would happen if you were to put the two of them together well it's not as wholesome as you think a little boy a very cute one at that just wanted to ask the llama what it was doing the poor boy even tried to pet his neck but was too nervous so he just stood in front of him but mr llama here didn't like the boy invading his personal space and instead of being nice it did this spat right in his face well now the boy has enough bad memories with llamas to develop a phobia out of alright let us know in the comments below which of these animals caught you off guard don't forget to like the video subscribe to facts junkie and we'll see you in the next one