14 Hidden Meanings Behind WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Attires

[Applause] hello there everybody what Culture wrestling's Adam clear here to answer a very simple question a lot of you asking us during the livestream do you guys like actually sleep on these nights where you stay up until 6:00 in the morning to record things and then somehow have videos ready the next day yes we do we sleep for three hours and then we drink all the coffee oh that's nice and then we come back in and we do more content so yes quite rightly I'm going slightly insane so we'll move on with this as quickly as humanly possible welcome to attires our little breakdown of all the cool in-ring costumes and their hidden meanings because wrestlers you see like to tell us things even when they're not directly telling us things and this day and age with these elaborate costumes the kind of budgets they have to play with they do all kinds of fun stuff with their in-ring attire fun stuff you might miss this stuff before I start with is a massive massive heartfelt thank you to Michael Hamlet who actually stayed through the night to write most of the script for this and do all the really hard work and the research while I went home and had a decadent three hours Kip so he's in bed now and I'm back here reading this for you and just go read his article because he says on it we here at the always stylish wat culture Towers somehow conspire to miss a minister always stylish isn't that like want to do a quick few honorable mentions before we start because these aren't exactly what you would call hidden meanings because they're way too on-the-nose and first of all we had kalisto with a fortnight larvan if you're not play the game for tonight it's very popular amongst young young boys and girls and also us here at what culture without really wanting to omit make sure the up game everyone runs around a big thing and shoots everybody open you get these llamas we can crack into them and get loads and loads of fun it-it's a bit of a pop culture thing close to a brought one of them sadly he didn't open it and get any items but still likes also a few people tweeted us to say the Rousseff had a dashing red and yellow stripe on his trunk which is quite the accoutrement for a man who represents Bulgaria now is this somehow to do with Hulk Hogan is it a little nod to the Hulkster to say hey Hulk man I still love you we don't know maybe I'm gonna say no though but Shinsegae Nakamura coming out in a full velvety leathery plethora body suits too even when his entrance makes him sweat was no no it looked cool definitely but I can't get the image of him having to take it all the way down to his knees to have a piss out of my head anyway number 14 Gabbar just gonna start off here with the highest slice of banter absolutely possible and I'm just want to make sure I'm right in saying this Cesaro used to make all of his own ring gear didn't he so don't if he makes it all for the bar now but whoever made it was absolutely Wow chefs Wow chef kiss fingers whatever you call that it was absolutely brilliant even though we are nearly a year removed from Marvel's Avengers infinity war we've got a few months left to go until endgame you can watch our other channel what culture main I think we call it which has only going Avengers stuff on it I'm there as well - you're you can treat yourself the bar they had this take a look squint zoom in what do you think knives we were like oh purple trunks how how very interesting didn't really make sense without the context of the jacket it was all Thanos theme they were the Infinity Barney I think Finnick gauntlet with all the all the gems on the back that is one me it's not hidden meaning is it everybody knows what was in the Infinity Gauntlet but still really really good if you didn't catch the jacket you wouldn't have understood the trunks that's what this video is for number thirteen The Miz and Shane McMahon now I'm gonna do star ratings a little later on and which I'm going to get to talk about the Miz and Shane McMahon versus the bar in Soho so much so much depth but for now we're just gonna concentrate on the costumes because wasn't it adorable they had matching baseball tees now once like thing I did notice here was that the Miz had Miz and Mac and Shane McMahon only had Shane o Mac and yes there is a hidden meaning there because either a that's showing Shane's arrogance or be it showing his mistrust in this fragile fragile partnership they've got which does now admittedly have the tag titles on it I liked it number 12 Sasha banks alright this is the first really really really really really really good or know Sasha banks husband you may or may not know is a ring costume ring attire designer and a bloody good one that I should follow on Instagram because he post loads of pictures of them they're absolutely cast now Sasha banks was having what you could argue is one of the biggest matches of her entire career against Ronda Rousey for the war war what role Women's Championship and she donned in it her costume a massive upgrade from her old chaotic wrestling days that is a direct homage to the origins of her as a performer on what was one of the biggest stages she's ever taken a tuna that is absolutely beautiful storytelling and costumes beautiful realized by her husband so full marks all around there number 11 Ronda Rousey her opponent across the ring was of course none other than Ronda Rousey and she had a costume made by sara khan as well now we first picked up on this on the live stream and i'll hold my hands up here I thought that was some Dragon Ball Z stuff I thought was a reference to the old saying costume he over 9000 t-shirt she had when she first made her appearance at WrestleMania alongside the rock but no we studied it a little bit a little bit more detail a little finer detail that worked out it was actually the white ranger yes Tommy from the Power Rangers you can see the black and the gold detailing on on the white apparently she was paying on to the Power Rangers which I don't know taking a pic for the reasons for that is she Mighty Morphin is she teenagers without a chu'lak remember any of the catchphrases anyway look sick number 10 Mandy rose now don't throw him in front of the bus here but my farm all alone and colleague Michael Hanford has held his hands up for the Mandy Rose costume and admitted this one is admittedly a bit of educated guesswork we don't release want the definite but he thinks that given she's been teaming with Goldust and the deed has been learning from Rhodes himself that Mandy roses costume at the Rumble was designed to reflect the old-school Goldust makeup and that would make sense for a number of reasons namely because well they're pals and it's always nice to omars your pals but also because then I owe me story which is now kind of going in some actually interesting directions rather than just rip here are my breasts is a good tribute to the way the bizarre wall used to approach his rivals and I'm making this one is a little bit on the weaker side it's not quite as concrete as you the ones we've got for you today but if true very interesting number nine Candice Lorraine I know yes and I get to take all the credit for this one me me me me me me me me Hanford had obviously written the brilliant article but I having an herb on Instagram before I came into the office spotted this on tagging Knox's Instagram story she shared candies the Rays Instagram story from the night where she pointed out that she taken and I'm just gonna demonstrate what that would look like she'd taken one of taken Knox's knee pads or one of her leg things and put it over her arm to go into the room but now of course as we all know taking knocks was very sadly injured in the mayor and classic she was scheduled to win it if stories are true but she busted knee in the semi-final against Roy Ripley and thus was not able to win now it's no real stretch of the imagination to imagine had she won she would've then been in the rumble so this was a really nice way for candy slow rate to effectively bring her into the match when she couldn't actually be in it herself we're all we're all waiting for a speedy recovery again take and please you're gonna be so good at this number eight Selena Vega not really too much to say about this one is very on the nose Selena Vega takes part of her name from Vega the character from Street Fighter who wore a big scary hockey mask and had a big massive coach I thought was a little bit weird in Street Fighter because everyone else like hits you with a fist or with the their energy stuff and he's just bringing in a massive fork on the end of his hand which seemed a bit bit weird to me especially I said that one character wear the boxing gloves as well putting him at a disadvantage I still put anyway I digress he basically came out as Vega the Street Fighter character referencing her own name and just just a bit of fun that although obviously when she got under the ring and found Hornswoggle she probably wish it left left the old chloral and Adam she that was weird number seven Sonya deville now long-term viewers of Hamlet's what did the attires mean article we'll always know that Sonya Deville wears something that represents the LGBTQ community her costume at WrestleMania was in my opinion the absolute best one on the entire show and this one was also also really nice as well you can see from the detailing the rainbows the pride symbols it's all just all very sonya at this point that's what she likes to do and just nice doesn't it have a little bit of something progressive and an organization that's kind of seen as being a little bit regressive so well done Sonya it's good that number six finn balor we enjoyed this one on the stream a little bit of gallows humor I thought it was if you ever heard of the expression dress for the job you want not the job you have yes you're right I do wish I was a background character on the original Star Trek now Finn was very much dressing for the championship he wanted not the championship he was going to win wasn't he because just take a quick look at this shall we it's red and it's white and it's gold and it's all nicely detailed and he has effectively come out dressed as the actual Universal Championship the belt he initially held the inaugural holder of that belt the one he was competing against Brock Lesnar full at the Royal Rumble he came dressed as that and that is that cute isn't it especially as he didn't didn't win at a still at least when he got home he looked in the mirror he'd have kind of seen the belt their warranty because he himself looked like it bless him number five Jeff Jarrett now I would be doing my close personal friend Michael handful a disservice here if I did anything other than just give you his exact take on the Jeff Jarrett costume because Jeff Jarrett is his favorite thing in the whole world he's his Becky Lynch as far as I'm concerned so he's gonna tell you exactly exactly what hampered said because it's gonna come from the heart that way and not not from the brain the former king of the mountain and chosen one was all things to everybody during his fabulous Royal Rumble cameo alongside contemporary comparison allies isn't that nice all things to everybody how adorable Jeff Jarrett spotted the burst cut sported the buzz cut beard and very 1999 yellow shades from his Attitude Era reboot but embodied the double J Vince McMahon always deeply adored I guess fitting that he was effectively a jack-of-all-trades of appearances over the last twelve months at the Hall of Fame WrestleMania all in and now the Royal Rumble his ability to work the wrestling world remains remarkable not as remarkable as his ability to work Michael hamper tarp but nonetheless dies that's great basically that costume that thing which made him look I thought like Chinese London was just a nice throwback to all his all costume he had back in the day and well if Jeff charity thing and you're gonna love that number for the new day ah this is the best one by an absolute absolute mile list now wasn't very apparent from long distance or where you watched it on the TV but we got word of this ahead of time so we were looking out for it and if you were looking out for it you could see precisely how brilliant it was every single member of the new day had a different comic-book adaptation a retelling of the stories of Kofi Kingston's Royal Rumble escapes every single one of them had a different event detailed in comic book styling across their waistcoats that trunks their boots everything we will put some pictures of here so you may better look at them in all their wondrous detail but that is that is so good and I will say I didn't think Opie's two escapes at this removal perhaps on the part of these ones he's done in the past the brony thing was quite good there what was the other one just oh I'm out but four doesn't touch the floor it's just I mean when you saw how good Casey was in the women's role run with coffee maybe maybe need to up that if they're gonna do this costume again but the detail on this was brilliant well done boys number three johnny Gargano and Tommaso Champa okay so the eagle-eyed amongst you I'm sure will know it's the Johnny guard gone and when he made his surprise Rumble entrance was wearing the exact same clobber he wore for Saturday night to take over that's accenting rank by the way but will not mention that it was this lovely deep red and gold and had this nice comic-book font along the base and I will hang on okay so straight up this is some big big big big big nerd stuff and I am only a very specific type of nerd minor areas in various different fields it's not in comic books sorry but whose it is its Comics Editor Ewan from what culture comics what culture Wrestling people I'm what caused the comments Ewan you remember him from the non wrestling fans I'll put a link in any way Johnny Gaga on his ring attire yeah the red and gold thing was based on Dark Phoenix yeah what's that that's the next men thing so in the AES Jean Grey she got possessed by a cosmic entity called the Phoenix and then they got corrupted and went a bit done I didn't go went a bit dark and then Wolverine who I imagine is the other guy that the golden master champ is blue and blue and yellow little pan is a blatant reference to Wolverine and obviously you've seen the film's doing knowledge of the comics list but you know that they can't have a little bit of a romance so I have no context they are they are they romantically they were tag-team partners for the longest time closest of brothers and then champ had betrayed him and he did I beat him up and about all these wars now the kind of both bad and getting sort of back together with the mutual accomplishments and my prediction for the next take of a show is that probably gonna so also we had the cool little x-men formation yeah what was that about just like the old font from the old comic and then there was also the Wolverine font on it as well so so chamfering are gonna effectively cosplaying as Dark Phoenix and Wolverine or Hugh Jackman and femp Johnson as most normal people they're gonna shine cool thanks Ian that was great just gonna give a quick too long didn't read on you and they're basically the character of the Dark Phoenix which was embroidered all over Johnny gore gore nose gear is a character from the Marvel Universe who slowly but surely embraces their dark side embraces the evil to become considerably stronger than they were if that's not a perfect perfect representation of God gone with the minutes I don't know what is and the fact that during that Dark Phoenix angle there only uneasy allied was the equally problematic and admittedly elaborately facial head Wolverine for them to stand at the end of take over that is that is visual and wrestling poetry number two under are a bit of a two for one here because you can't fully appreciate just how clever Andrade's in ring attire is unless you consider the second part which comes that I'll explain immediately after this first part basically remember how good I am is what our dryer is trying to say remember when I was in NXT and I got that actual 5 star match well here I am emblazoned with the colors of developmental the famous yellow and black just to remind you just how good I was and how good I could be no that's clever enough in its boom right but what followed my word was excellent now if you've been paying attention to all the wrestling rumors and God knows that's about 80% of my job these days you will have heard there is the potential that they're gonna put Andrade and Rey together in a stable possibly with one other to really help elevate Andrade to the main event level now the fact that these two been having excellent matches on Smackdown together the chemistry they've got the fact that raising alt and you can help and Riley get to that kind of level on Smackdown is all well and good but then ray came out didn't he in exact the same color scheme now now I'm not I'm not like I'm not conspiracy no I don't think the rain is making frogs gay or whatever whatever the new one is but that's a bit of a coincidence for me isn't it the two rivals he was supposed to be getting together in the future have so much in common coming out in identical color schemes going on there and Plus you know even if that's not a big tease about the fact that they're going to be getting a stable together the fact that he just did it anyways and nod to the chemistry they've gotten the good combinations they've been having is in of itself very very clever number one Seth Rollins last I'm by no means least with the 2019 men's Royal Rumble match winner Seth the architect burn it down Rollins now his gear was very different we never seen him in it before which was well I mean that catches the eye doesn't it when someone's wearing something new now the color scheme will have been immediately obvious to anybody from that part of the USA it was that deep blue and that bright orange we normally associate with the Chicago Bears Rollins his hometown and favorite team but it didn't just end there the what number did Seth Rollins come out in the rumble I'll give you a second yes that's right it was it was 10 yes very good and what number is the quarterback of the Chicago Bears he's number 10 yes that's right now I don't really watch American football but I'm told that both a the quarterback is very important and B the Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch L true Biscay Travis Keith got up so sorry if I've got that wrong he is very good so it's a lovely little homage to both the team and their star player plus Rollins alluded to the team's coach on Instagram who I'm told he's not very well as a minute so a lot of a lot of lovely synergy going on there between Rollins and his hometown team number zero AJ Styles no hidden or deep meaning for AJ Styles at all in this one as far as I'm aware unless I don't know his grill it was a highlighter pen or something would you want to draw attention to this absolutely incredible tweet that did the rounds last week Whitfield was showing the Daniel Bryan promo on Smackdown it almost like wow this is what wrestling's like and one person said why does his opponent look like a rollerblader you're not helping yourself there AJ so there you have it that is our roundup of all the best tires over Royal Rumble weekend and what their hidden meanings were some incredibly deep some so deep some incredibly good some admittedly not so good let's do what you made of them all in the comments below I meant me back in the middle here and of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe you can follow us all on Twitter what culture WWE stay tuned for more Royal Rumble coverage over the regard noses a lot to talk about but in the meantime thank you very much for watching have of course without unclear with no hidden meaning to my attire I guess I'll see you soon