15 Coolest Car Gadgets That Are Worth Buying


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hey guys missed a set of gadgets for your car get ready you're about to take a step that will alter the idea of how the world works there's also something less groundbreaking yet impressive for your start button and for your wheels and we'll also show you the safe way of using your phone while driving and streaming music at the same time switch on the light can't find the usb port all the links to the products are given in the description below here we go dash cams are a helping hand in case of any car accident nexar beam a high resolution dash cam that includes everything a driver needs first of all it shoots incredibly crisp full hd video to capture every detail with a 135 degree angle thanks to a wide dynamic range this camera perfectly handles any lighting conditions the sd card allows up to 32 gigabytes of storage for all your footage not that big huh well here comes the coolest part just download the dedicated app and pair it with your smartphone the nexar beam dash cam automatically streams live footage to your device every time you drive so when needed video evidence is just a tap away on your unlimited free nexar cloud but there's more if anything happens to any member of your private group the app will let you know about it immediately nexr beam is compatible with iphones and top android phones at the tap of a button nexart can create detailed post collision reports that save you time money and unnecessary stress when dealing with insurance claims what's more this thing will help you find your car in the parking lot oh and the compact body makes the cam almost invisible stay safe when you're on a long trip or simply traveling with a group of people you definitely need more than one charger since the number of chargers is limited in most vehicles we have something cool for you this charger can power up to five devices at once and it'll do it twice as fast because it's intelligent recognition technology identifies your devices adjusts to its capabilities and delivers the fastest charge to your gadget there's a quick charger 3.0 usb type-c and three additional usb ports five foot cable and a detachable hub included in the package which means the passengers are also able to power their devices up tangle and hassle free there are several color combinations which one will you choose so it's become quite common to charge your car but what if your house is in need from now on it's a matter of several taps on your phone screen or a simple gesture this is the first charger with the advanced bi-directional charging technology it charges and discharges through a unique vehicle connector and is available with a maximum power of 7.4 kilowatts there's more it also measures how much electricity you use and gives the rest to your car turning the lights off in one room power boost automatically adjusts the power and provides you with the best possible charging experience there are some other cool features but the main idea sounds insane you can charge your house now it's a convenient to have an ashtray in the car and it's a combo if the axe tray doubles as an interior accessory it's sturdy and durable thanks to premium quality materials and it fits most car cupholders there's a special holder for a cigarette and the rubber ring inside of the lid blocks the smell which is cool this ashtray is easy to disassemble and to clean but the coolest part is the back lid of course when you lift the lid the ashtray starts to glow with those beautiful led lights looks mesmerizing this device is bright and functional at the same time first of all it's a phone holder just clip it to the car's vent and you're ready to go an adjustable swivel ball with 360 degree rotation add several points to safe driving now all the needed info is right in front of your eyes so-called wings open automatically as you bring the phone close and fix the phone firmly there's no chance it'll fall a built-in smart chip turns the holder into a charger that supports the most popular qi standard delivering 10 watt power and the glassy surface makes it look even cooler it's time to get some accessories for your car interior to feel a little bit more special this start button cover fits 99 of the models which is suitable for car interior decoration and making your car high-end made of high-quality aluminum alloy it's anti-scratch and durable the installation is quick and easy plus it doesn't affect the original car button since it's 180 degrees rotatable the accessory is quite useful because it also protects your child from accidental touching the car start button and there are several options to choose from you might be interested in this iron man button cover or maybe you'd prefer transformers or even decepticons all of them look stunning do you want your tires to look cool it's quite easy with these led wheel caps you don't have to be a mechanic to install the device just take off the original hub and press in the led center hubs that's pretty much it your car's ready to illuminate streets and highways with precision lighting the device is waterproof and the strong seal design will keep out harmful dust what's the best part no batteries required get up to 15 miles per hour and the hubcaps will produce their own energy to run without fault they'll stand vertical with an incredible 83 miles per hour that's awesome stay safe and drive in style here's one more accessory that'll take care of your safety while showing you the road these door lights will also alert the following traffic to avoid the opened car the work principle is easy when you open the door the logo projects to the ground illuminating the surface and it'll turn off automatically after two minutes or when you close the door the projector can be easily installed in a few moves just peel the protective film off the adhesive and fix the device on any car door panels that are straight and flat near the bottom no drilling no wiring no special tools fantastic as for the patterns choose the one you like the most transformers maybe a star any logo you can take all of them since it's possible to change the film the pre-installed dome lights are usually kind of boring and plain but changing them seems too difficult for an amateur well in fact there's a great option that's extremely easy to install no matter the car model with its adhesive back the lamp simply sticks to the ceiling no screws or mounting brackets whatsoever the large power button is all you have for the controls aside from just turning on the lamp it allows switching between three color modes this is the coolest part because now you can adjust the light for your needs it can either be warm white or cold blue and there's also a mix of these two colors the rechargeable battery allows up to 4 hours of use the good news is it charges via usb [Music] if your car lacks smart multimedia features it's easy to fix with this little accessory you can seamlessly stream music from your phone to the car speakers just plug the gadget into the aux port and place it somewhere by your side it pairs with your phone tablet or player through bluetooth so you won't need any additional wires the whole thing is basically just a huge play button which always stays visible thanks to the led light ring you can pause a track or answer a call while keeping your eyes on the road by the way the built-in echo cancelling mic is great for phone calls and here's a similar transmitter with even more cool features it uses the latest bluetooth 5.0 for uninterrupted music playback phone calls and voice assistance plus it features two quick charging usb c ports along with a standard usb to keep all your devices charged some will definitely appreciate the dedicated bass boost button not your neighbors though some things are quite crucial to know when driving a car the tire pressure for example here's a device that'll provide you with that info this tire pressure monitoring system is a real catch the installation is quick and easy just fix four smart sensors on each tire and install the monitor that's it every time you start the engine it runs automatically and you'll get all the data right under the screen speaking of that the display can help you to monitor the condition of the tires it can be placed anywhere stably the device supports both usb and solar charging and the battery has a long endurance each charge can be used for one month the coolest feature is that the gadget has five alarm modes this way you'll know exactly what type of problem has appeared cool when your phone battery gets low it's a problem but when it's your car battery even more so thankfully there's this great portable charger that can literally revive a dead battery it's compatible with a broad variety of different modes to choose from whether it's 6 or 12 volts lithium or agm this charger will handle them all even if the battery is completely drained this thing will bring it back to life moreover it automatically repairs damaged batteries by detecting sulfation and other major issues the charging status is clearly visible thanks to several backlit indicators this charger also allows universal clamps that suit all types of battery terminals then there's a thermal sensor that adjusts the charging cycle according to the ambient temperature this thing has your back in any weather a good movie or series is the best way to pass the time on a long drive if you're in the back seat of course so these headrest monitors are a great entertainment solution for any car owner so you'll get a large 9-inch screen that's capable of playing 1080p video content as for the input options there are plenty of them this thing handles virtually anything from the old-fashioned dvd and cd disks to usb flash drives in addition you can easily stream content from your mobile devices via the integrated hdmi port even a gaming console can be connected this way there's no need for additional speakers since they're already built into the monitor the package also includes a remote control and a detachable faux leather cover when it's on it looks like a regular headrest a flat tire is the nightmare of every driver however there's nothing to be scared of if you have the right tool at hand this compact tire inflator is extremely powerful yet really easy to operate all you have to do is plug it in then attach the nozzle to the inflated tire the lcd display shows you the chosen psi level which is quickly adjustable thanks to the variety of included tips the inflator can be used not only with cars but also bikes sports balls and mattresses the integrated ultra bright flashlight might be extremely helpful in emergency situations the gadget comes with a special case that makes it easier to store and carry you