15 Outrageous Try Saving Tackles


Andrew Forde


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[Applause] and for all money you think he slid in brilliantly but underhill slides himself and uses his strength to deny a certain choice unbelievable just gets on top of scott williams his legs drags him to the touchline he's in scots in there but the momentum of underhill just carries his legs over the line that's a great shackle so hands it to aaron smith this worked in the first half of brilliant catch justin colby hold these away one on one against richie [Applause] [Music] oh one hand he's on his own momentarily but he waited to give the ball away to care and care being chased down by declared always held him up a brilliant job i think he's been turned and this is what [Applause] three points up attacking with 15 against 14 still men out there now and haskell is through richie gray tries to seize him then his ashton [Applause] [Music] [Applause] ankles made all the distance to do that what a tremendous work power and wilson that is a save by dragon as wilson went for the match winning try little george squigging knocked it out of his hands and lorry mains can only look aghast they've got men over here that's a great break popped over the top what an attack from fiji another attack the ball is under the wrong arm that's the problem he's out he's held it's no try great defense peterson how important was that tackle just the ball under the wrong arm from the big man well that was uh a small winger up against one of the biggest men on the field eferemi rawanga of south africa oh my goodness gracious me it didn't touch the ground at all did it and north harbor on their own 22 here's barika probing and he's got away too now can he find anybody he's looking but there's no one in sight he's still going this could be one of the best individual tries you'll ever see can he make it wow a beauty he's on it that's tremendous just let me know when you're there at the screencast sure at the moment you know the foot's out of there he hasn't got it yet yeah foots on the line he hasn't got the ball down you've got to give it to him [Laughter] maybe a chance out wide being shipped on scarab to poco now let's see the pace of the left winger decided to go around oh good running from poco one to beat now what a hit going in there past the 15 but it's the covering winger i think who makes this excellent hit look at that in goes wilson crude one of the smallest if not the smallest on the park and cory james drops it and to it he's picked it up and he should go here two and like he's got mike brown with him across comes ben smith to eleni needs to see him off with a big hand off good tackle by ben smith brilliant from the fallback and smith was brilliant in front of his home crowd there tua lange wanted him to come high he wanted to defend him but ben smith was quite brilliant there he waited he made the tackle he's on his feet try saving defense there well this is going to be a fantastic thing for will harry's but coming from the clouds trying to wrap him up wow what happened there the touchdowns the assistant on this near side has got the flag up well what about the couple tackle from senator have a look on the face he was the surprises anyway watch the touch judge in the background he stops he over balances whoa i'll let you sort that out look at the tiger's commitment of these japanese defenders russell goes wide space finally for seymour and look at the tackle [Applause] for all money seymour looked to be home and host the japanese full-back had other ideas here's a tackle finn russell knows his face is now looking at he's got 50 meters gora maru not only does he make the tackle has the power to drive seymour young welsh flanker [Music] now this is a nicely weighted kick going early after it was dunchy straight ahead now he's got support if he needs it and he gets support from fener sliding can't get it down referee goes on the deck as well ran him down from behind timed the tackle perfectly but turned him and got his body underneath his hands around the ball then got the support that is number eight play at its very very best come down that's the side they do come down and papalangi gets that nicely away to feyano again it's malouf infield instead it's robson and robson has passed the stricken daily tate's coming [Applause] [Applause] fiona makes the offload he reads it really well at this point here that's a try but tate's got him angled up he turns on the gas in the last few yards it's one of the best try saving tackles i've ever seen i'll be honest i made quite a few two minutes of red time and still scotland have an outside chance russell can't quite free himself not held back to his feet and slips it out to duane van der malden tackle trying to hold the knock on the the tracking by walking to get there was just superb great effort brilliant effort because he's done he's done that because what's happened is just watch he gets him [Applause] [Applause] and a great tackle he lays it back